Environmental Factors on Waste Management Essay

Social Forces:Waste management is not just for the welfare of one state/society or for specific public but it would work for everyone, this will include different demographics of population. No matter people are young/old, male/female, and rich/poor they all will be benefitted by the work of waste management. Waste management has main purpose of making everything green so it would work for all the religions and make their surroundings clear, this company will obviously get a good praise from cultural value’s. Working of this management will change the attitude and values of several people regarding their environment and eventually people from different states, religions and genders will became value conscious, they will help to achieve the goals and objective of this management as the main purpose is to safeguard environment. So waste management will have no negative impact of social forces as it is for the welfare of society.Economic Forces:Waste management company will have strategies for the welfare of public; this organization will give better services then existing management companies, people will be charged less than what they are paying to organizations which are currently existing. But certain factors like rise in price of fuel or buying transportation means will lead this management to increase their prices still it wont affect because other companies will also have to pay same for fuel and transportation and they will also rise their prices.

In the end it could be easily concluded, that economic organization has not much impact.Technological Forces:Working on large scale is very difficult; to make it smooth we have to be up-to-date in technology field. Necessity of new machineries to dump and collect the garbage of different cities would help to become effective. If we lack behind in technology field, then we can imagine everything going down to toilet. Technology is changing drastically, new machineries and appliances are coming into market in bulk and we have to prepare our organization in such a way, that it will adopt latest, cheaper, eco friendliest to do work more effectively.Competitive Forces:There are many organizations that are currently working for Canada and America, but they are covering only some of states of both countries.

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Large numbers of people are still not satisfied by their work due to high prices and service issue’s. New waste management company, which we are introducing will dominate over all places as we are providing far better services at low prices and covering more parts of both countries. It could be seen, that our company will work for more people by covering large parts so there is no such corporation or organization, which will impact our organization. We hold strong position in marketRegulatory Forces:Waste management will get huge profits but it will also give good service for the welfare of people so there would be no effect of regulatory forces and Acts of protection, which are introduced for the welfare of public. Everyone will have right to get information about this management and have all the rights.


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