Erickson Integrity Versus Despair Essay

Older grownups pass more clip thought and reflecting about their yesteryear than they use to. They besides tend to be much less critical now of determinations made old ages ago so they do at that clip. They frequently remember dreams they wanted and how close they may hold come. Is this procedure of contemplation something that older grownups go through? This may be in response to retirement. the decease of a partner or close friends. or may merely ensue from altering societal functions. Harmonizing to Erikson ( 1982 ) . a personality theoretician who examined aging as a phase of development. this battle comes about as older grownups try to understand their lives in footings of the hereafter of their household and community. As the older grownup enters late life. they begin the battle of unity and desperation. which is the procedure by which people try to do sense of their lives.

Ideas of the older grownups ain decease is harmonized by the apprehension that they will populate on through their extended household. Erikson calls this understanding a “life-affirming involvement” in the present. Within the unity versus desperation. older grownups encounter a life reappraisal. the procedure by which older grownups reflect on the events and experiences of their life-time. The most of import event at this phase is coming to accept one’s whole life and reflecting on that in a positive mode. Erikson believed that to accomplish unity. a individual must come to footings with the picks and events that have made his or hers life unique. and accepting one’s life for what it is. He believed older grownups that reached unity become self-affirming and self-accepting. and they judge their lives to hold been worthwhile and good. The grownup feels a sense of fulfilment about life and accepts decease as an ineluctable world.

Those people who can look back on their lives with felicity and make up one’s mind that they have lived a well rounded and carry throughing life will derive ego unity and will non be fearful of decease. “People develop self-importance unity and accept their lives if they win. and develop a sense of wisdom a “detached concern with life itself in the face of decease itself” ( Erikon’s Psychosocial Stages of Development. 2009 ) . If a individual looks back on their life and remembers negative ideas and dissatisfaction with life they will develop desperation and see a fright and anxiety about decease. “Too much wisdom leads to given. excessively much desperation to a contempt for life” ( Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages of Development. 2009 ) . It has besides been said that “children won’t fear life if their seniors have adequate unity non to fear decease. ” ( Psychological Theory- Erikson. 1995 ) .

I think that Morrie Schwartz is a great illustration of Erikson’s unity theory. Morrie’s basic nucleus of unity ran deep. more so than any one individual. Morrie showed this when he commented on his ain conflict with Lou Gehrig’s disease “It was really of import for me to do clear to myself that my organic structure is lone portion of who I am. We are much greater than the amount of our physical parts. The manner we look at the universe is fashioned by our values and our ideas about good and evil. things that go into doing up who we are” .


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