Errotic Love Essay

Chapter 1 I tried to open my eyes but it was as if they were glued shut, After struggling for what seemed like hours i gave up and realised there were people talking around me. ‘’Are you sure it’s her’’ ‘’I’m positive’’ ‘’So how are we gonna tell her’’ ‘’I don’t know, we’ll figure it out’’ I didn’t recognise any of the voices, I finally opened my eyes but instantly closed them again when the light hit them, my head was throbbing. I felt like I had the worst headache in the world. ‘’Quiet she’s awake’’ Wait what? How did he know I was awake ‘’Are you ok? ‘’I squeezed my eyes tight then opened them slowly blinking a few times to focus. There were 4 people hovering over my face, 3 guys and a girl, I winced slightly.

‘Back off, give her some space’ I took a deep breath as they all took a step back and i shuffled up in my… bed, why was i in a bed. I looked around and it looked like i was in some sort of medical centre. ‘Where..

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.. What the..

. ‘ I scrunched my face up and shook my head in confusion ‘Calm down your safe, Its Emma right? ‘ I looked at the girl speaking to me and nodded slowly ‘Im Allie, Do you remember what happened before you woke up? She asked I closed my eyes and tried to think back. ‘I was walking down the alley behind my house..

. then i felt my chest tighten and i couldn’t breathe, then someone hit me… on my head’ I said remembering ‘Yeah sorry about that’ I snapped my eyes up to my left and faced one of the guys ‘Im Leigh, sorry for bashing you’ He shrugged I opened my mouth to reply but nothing came out but a groan ‘My head is killing’ I moaned holding it in my hands A lady in a white uniform shuffled over and shoved 2 of the guys out of the way and gave me a glass.

‘Here drink this it’ll make you feel better’I took the glass and eyed it wearily, I don’t even know these people they could have put anything in this drink. One of the guys burst out laughing. ‘What? ‘ The girl asked ‘She thinks we’re trying to poison her’ He chuckled I opened my eyes wide at him and my jaw dropped, how the HELL did he know what I was thinking. He instantly stopped laughing when he saw my face.

‘Way to go idiot’ The girl spat throwing a screwed up piece of paper at his head. I rolled my eyes and winced at the pain in my head again, oh screw it I drank the drink down in one and handed the glass back to the woman.I sat silent for a few minutes until I realised the headache had gone. ‘Wow’ I said touching my head ‘Pretty amazing stuff huh’ I nodded at the lady and she scurried off with the glass ‘Ok so now you’re feeling a bit better let me explain, I am as i said Allie, This is Jake, Leigh and Tom’ She said pointing to each guy ‘Ok sorry but where the hell am i’ I asked sliding my legs out of the bed And why am i wearing pyjamas, I wasn’t wearing pyjamas the last i remember. ‘Oh we changed you into your pajamas’ I looked up at the guy and grit my teeth ‘How the hell are you doing that’ I spat Jake STOP IT’ The girl scolded ‘Sorry, ok so im going to ask, have you felt strange lately? ‘ She asked What the fuck sort of question was that, Then again come to think of it, every time I walk down the alley by my house lately i have a panic attack, at least i think it’s a panic attack. ‘No i’ve felt fine’ I shrugged ‘Liar’ I narrowed my eyes and growled at Jake ‘DUDE What the hell is your problem’ I shouted ‘She has the breathless symptom everytime she walks down her alley’ I stared dumbfounded at Jake who had just recited my thoughts to the girl.

‘Sorry but you can’t lie’ He shrugged ‘Jake…

Out’ The girl saidHe gasped and raised a finger ‘She would have lied and you would have never known if i wasnt here’ He grunted ‘OUT’ She shouted pointing at the door He grunted again but left through the door as instructed followed by Tom. ‘I know you’re freaked out but just try to be calm’ Leigh said softly ‘Ok I’m sorry if i sound rude but how the fuck does he know what I’m thinking and how in hell do you know what I’m feeling’ I growled standing on the cold floor. ‘Right ok calm down, let me explain, Emma, Jake is a mind reader, he can literally read minds, And Leigh is an empathy he can tell what your feeling’ The girl saidI stared at them for a minute waiting for them to burst out laughing, Nothing. What the devil. ‘Ok then, I’m just gonna go home’ I said heading for the door ‘You can’t the girl snapped I turned on my heel and frowned at her ‘Why cant i’ i challenged crossing my arms over my chest ‘Because this is now your home. ‘ She said mirroring my actions ‘Like hell it is, I’m going home to my parents’ I said turning back to the door again ‘Their dead’ I swear my heart dropped to the floor, literally, i actually couldn’t feel it beating all i could feel were my limbs shaking and my knees connected with the floor, Then came violent sobs. Allie, that wasn’t very sensitive’ I heard Leigh scold ‘I’m not here to be fucking sensitive Leigh I’m here to tell her the deal’ She growled What fucking deal. What the hell was going on I felt an arm snake around my waist and i was being pulled to my feet, I looked up through my tears at Leigh, he gave me a sad smile and led me over to a chair which i sat on.

I buried my face in my hands and sighed the tears slowly stopping. Leigh crouched in front of me and handed me a tissue. ‘So.

.. is this like a home? ‘ I asked hoping they’d know what I meant The girl laughed and Leigh shot her a filthy look as i frowned No this is a school’ He said looking back at me ‘Either way I don’t need it, I’m 17 years old’ I shrugged wiping my eyes with the tissue ‘You.

.. You do need it’ Leigh said quietly ‘What? ‘ This was way too confusing ‘Oh for god sake, this is a MAGIC school Emma have you not figured that yet’ Allie snapped stomping over to us I scoffed and shook my head ‘Right and im queen latifa’ I said rolling my eyes ‘Its true’ I looked at Leighs face and frowned. I gasped a little as a little voice popped in my head. He’s telling the truth. I looked around searching for where the voice came from.

‘Who said that? ‘ I asked Who said what? ‘ Allie asked confused I was about to reply when someone burst through the door, I looked up at the boy and nearly fell off my chair, He was BEAUTIFUL, Floppy hair a sandy colour, Deep brown chocolate coloured eyes and flawless tanned skin, Before i could take anything else in he dropped to his knees and started clutching at his chest. ‘Leigh Get him out of here’ Allie screeched pointing at the boy Leigh flew to the boys side and dragged him out of the room closing the door. ‘WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ALL ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO ME’ ‘JUSTIN CALM DOWN’ ‘LEIGH DUDE, WHO IS THAT, WHAT DID SHE DO TO ME’I looked up at Allie wide eyed and had a sudden urge to punch her, anger seered through my veins and i stood up balling my fists by my side, she looked down at my hands and stepped back.

‘TAKE HIM AWAY LEIGH NOW’ She screamed I heard shuffling then as quickly as it came the anger was gone and i was again on my knees. ‘Whats happening to me’ I whispered This was actually scaring the shit out of me ‘Ready to listen and believe? ‘ She asked I nodded and sat back on the chair. Chapter 2 So heres the deal, apparently i have powers, nobody knows what they are yet not even me, but im now stuck in a magic school and my parents are dead.ALOT of information to take in in the space of 3 hours but this is what i was told. ‘Are you ok? ‘ I was dragged out of my thoughts by Leigh, i looked up at him and nodded.

‘I guess, well as good as one can be when they’ve just found out their magical and parentless’ I shrugged dragging my feet ‘Im sorry about your parents’ He said tilting his head ‘Nobody has told me what happened, just that their dead’ I sighed ‘Im sure someone will tell you when they think your ready’ He smiled placing a hand on my shoulder ‘Ok so this is our dorm’ He smiled opening a door ‘Our? ‘ I asked ‘6 of us share’ He noddedI took a deep breath and followed him in. ‘Hi everyone look who joined us’ Leigh grinned at the people scattered round the room. I blushed as all eyes were on me. ‘Ok so this is, Jake as you know, Tom, Lola and Justin’ Leigh said going round the room I nodded and smiled at each but my eyes stayed on Justin longer than the others and i took in the rest of his appearance, He looked a little taller than me and wasnt skinny but not fat either, he was wearing really tight jeans a baggy hooded jacket with the hood up over a blue hat. He looked up and noticed me staring and i blushed and looked away. Jesus’ I heard him whisper I looked over again and saw him fanning himself ‘Dude what the hell? ‘ Tom laughed ‘I just went like really hot’ He panted pacing the room a bit ‘So.

.. so you all have..

. well… uh you know’ I said quietly ‘I read minds’ Jake grinned ‘Yeah caught that one’ I said rolling my eyes ‘I read minds too’ Lola shrugged not looking up from her book ‘I can make you do anything i want’ Tom winked My jaw dropped a bit and felt a bit uneasy ‘DUDE dont be a sleaze your scaring her’ Leigh growled ‘Shit sorry, im just kidding i would never make you do bad stuff’ Tom smiled Oh just good stuff then’ I laughed He nodded and laughed too then everyones eyes fell on Justin ‘Oh yeah me, I can uh go unseen’ He smirked I frowned confused and he chuckled ‘Like this’ ‘What the…

where did he go’ I gasped looking around ‘Right here’ I jumped as i felt hot breath on my face then Justin reappeared beside me ‘Christ’ I said Justin frowned and placed his hand on his chest as he walked back to the sofa. I spent most of the afternoon getting to know my new room mates. We were listening to a story Jake told us when someone burst through the doors and i heard a high pitched screech.All eyes snapped up to the blonde stomping her way towards Justin who sat like a deer in headlights.

She stormed right up to him and dragged him to his feet then stood on her tiptoes so she was in his face. ‘WE ARE OVER’ She screamed I felt a pang in my heart as i watched and i felt like i was going to cry ‘What the hell? What did i do? ‘ Justin spluttered ‘You have NO time for me anymore, you were suppose to come to see me last night, did you? NO, then you were suppose to come and see me this morning, did i see you? NO’ She screamed pacing back and forward ‘I had to study last night Lexi and today i just… dont know what happened, i was in the medical block’ He said pleading with his eyes I felt a lump rise in my throat and a tear escaped out of my eye, i quickly wiped it before anyone saw me, what the hell was gong on.

I looked up at the girl and as her eyes connected with mine i felt like i was in a cinema in front of a big screen i could see her but she was outside…. kissing another person, I blinked really hard and gasped as i refocused on the room and noticed Justin standing shocked staring at me. I turned my gaze back to the girl and felt anger again, just like back in the medical room, I stood to my eet and screamed ‘BITCH’ at exactly the same time as Justin did. I sat back down shocked.

‘What the hell, who are you? ‘ She spat ‘You cheated on me’ Justin said yanking her arm so she was facing him again She shook her head and stuttered ‘No.. no i didn’t Justin’ ‘Yes you did, i dont know how, but i just SAW it with my own eyes’ He spat He saw that too, this was too weird. I looked around the room and saw that Lola and Jake were looking at me just as shocked as i felt.

Uh can you’s two hear me? They both nodded and i widened my eyes Did you just see what i saw? No what was it? ‘ Jake whispered I saw her kissing another guy, and i think from what he just said Justin saw it too, can he see things? is that my power can i see things? ‘You know what SCREW YOU JUSTIN’ I snapped my head up and saw the girl spin on her heel and stalk out of the room slamming the door. I was about to reply to Jake when i heard loud stomps. I looked up and into Justins face. ‘Uh hi’ I said weakly ‘What the hell are you doing to me, why did you make me see that’ He growled ‘I… i didnt.

.. i didnt even know i could….

ahhh i cant do this’I was so confused, i ran from the room and kept running until i came to a door that led to a green, I jogged to the middle and screamed as loud as i could then sat on the grass sighing. ‘Letting off steam? ‘ I looked up and saw an older guy standing over me. I shrugged and he sat down next to me. ‘Im just confused’ I sighed picking at the grass ‘Your Emma right? ‘ He smiled ‘How did you know? ‘ I asked ‘I bought you here, I was nearby when.

.. it happened’ He said ‘When my… parents..

. you know’ I mumbled He nodded and looked up at the sky ‘What happened’ I whispered Nobody has told you? ‘ He asked looking shocked I shook my head ‘All i was told is they are dead and i have powers, im pretty sure i know what they are now though’ I grunted ‘Really? What? ‘ He asked with a hint of excitement in his tone ‘I thought that i could hear voices earlier and then i saw something through someones eyes’ I said ‘Does that make sense’ I asked ‘It does, makes sense you’d have more than one power too considering… ‘ ‘Considering what? ‘ I frowned ‘Nothing… So why are you confused’ he asked ‘I think i have another power.

.. I can feel someones emotions.

.. ut only this one person, like he was angry earlier and i felt so angry too, and im pretty sure he can feel my emotions too’ I explained When he didnt reply after a few minutes i looked up at the guy ‘What? ‘ I asked looking at his surprised face ‘Who is it? ‘ He asked ‘Erm Justin? My room mate’ I said He stood up dragging me up with him and led me towards the building ‘Wait where are we going? ‘ I asked as he dragged me down a corridoor ‘Wait here’ He said abruptly stopping outside of a room I stood outside the room for a good half an hour before he came back out smiling ‘What? ‘ i asked Nothing you can go back to your dorm now’ He said I frowned but walked back anyway, it was dark out and i was feeling tired. Chapter 3 I walked into the common room of our dorm and it was empty, i didnt even know where my room or bed was so i just sat on a sofa and stared into the fire thinking. I miss my parents so much i have to find out what happened to them.

I pulled my phone out and noticed it was off and no matter how many times i pressed the button it wouldnt turn back on, i got frustrated and threw it across the room but to my surprise it stopped before it hit the other sofa and dropped to the floor.I frowned but shrugged it off. ‘If i get a bruised knee now your gonna pay for that’ I jumped to my feet and looked around until Justin appeared sat on the sofa.

‘How long have you been there’ I growled ‘The whole time, your phone wont work here by the way’ He shrugged tossing it back to me I put it on the sofa next to me and sat back in a huff ‘Where is HERE’ I spat ‘This, my friend, Is Red oaks’ He shrugged ‘Ugh i hate this place’ I growled ‘No offense but im going to bed, you freak me out’ He said pulling a  face ‘Offense taken asshole’ I scowledHe scoffed and took off up some stairs. ‘Are you alright? ‘ I jumped and turned my head ‘I wish everyone would stop sneaking up on me’ I growled at Leigh ‘Sorry, Do you want me to show you your bed? ‘ He asked I stood up and nodded I sat on my bed in darkness, I shared a room with Leigh and Lola. I pulled my knees up to my chest and began thinking about my parents again which made me cry. I sniffled and made my way back down to the lounge, i didn’t want to wake the others up. After about an hour i heard the dorm door open and in walked the guy from earlier. ‘Hey are you ok’ He whispered No, no im not ok and i wish everybody would stop asking me that i just found out im a freak with powers and my parents are dead would you be ok’ I snapped ‘No probably not, Will you walk with me? ‘ He asked ‘No offense but im not in the mood’ I grunted ‘Thats kinda tough cos the headmistress would like to see you’ He shrugged gesturing to the door I grunted again but got up and followed him.

‘I dont understand, your saying i have a connection with him… like a twin connection? ‘ I frowned at Mrs Howell ‘Yes but your not siblings’ ‘No shit’ Justin rolled his eyes ‘Language Justin’She scolded ‘Sorry’ He mumbled Your connection is a soul mate connection’ She smiled I burst out laughing and Justin shook his head ‘I dont think so, I dont even like him let alone love him’ I spat ‘You will in time, Now off to bed you two’ She smiled ‘Dont hold ya breath’ Justin mumbled as i followed him out ‘I dont wanna feel what you feel, and im pretty sure you dont wanna feel what i do, so you stay out of my way and ill stay out of yours’ I spat as we re-entered our dorm ‘Not. A. Problem’ Justin snarled Its been a week since i was sat in the heads office and i have successfully avoided Justin since.

I downed the drink in my hand and grinned at Jake. Jake, Yooou are my bessst friend okkk’ I slurred hanging off Jake’s arm He laughed down at me and took the glass from my hand ‘I think you’ve had enough’ He shook his head ‘Nooooo Jakey gimme back’ I said making a grab for the glass  ‘Nope’ He laughed holding it above my head I took a step back ‘You not my friend no more Jake’ i said poking my tongue out As i continued to walk back i stepped on someones foot ‘Oopsie sorry’ I giggled turning round ‘Uh no im not’ I poked my tongue out at Justin ‘Jesus how much have you had’ He winced pushing me arms length away ‘Nunya business Justiin’ I snappedI held my head tightly as i walked down into the common room of my dorm and saw Justin laying on the sofa also holding his head. ‘Have too much to drink? ‘ I asked moving my hands quickly ‘No but YOU did’ He growled sitting up I frowned then remembered ‘Oh right, Sorry’ I shrugged sitting on the sofa opposite him I searched through my bag for some tablets.

Something fell out but i ignored it for a minute i NEEDED a tablet. ‘Are these your parents’ I snapped my head up and looked at Justin looking at a picture, I snatched it off him and felt a pain in my chest and a familiar lump rise in my throat. Oh no, no no no dont cry. im sorry i shouldnt have said anything’ He said quickly I growled as tears formed in my eyes and i shoved the picture back in my bag. ‘I cant get used to this you know, you being able to feel what i feel and vice versa’ I said leaning back on the sofa He took a seat on the one opposite and rubbed his hands over his face ‘Me neither, The only power i’ve ever had was being invisible, but when im around you i can see when you have visions, i feel what your feeling, its doing my head in’ He sighed ‘I haven’t really had a vision since..

. hat girl’ I shrugged ‘Bitch’ He spat ‘Pardon’ I scowled ‘Not you, Her’ He said rolling his eyes ‘Yes im packing right now mum…. yes i am…

.. YES i am, ill see you tomorrow’ I looked up at Lola and saw her shove a phone in her pocket ‘How come your phone works’ I moaned ‘Oh go to Mrs Howell she will have a phone for you’ She shrugged standing on the stairs ‘Not much point really’ I huffed sitting back again She shrugged and skipped up the stairs ‘Going home for christmas? ‘ I asked Justin ‘Nobody to go home to’ He said monotone Great just me and you then’ i said rolling my eyes ‘Fun’ He shot back repeating my actions Chapter 4 I wondered through the quad and listened to the snow crunching under my feet. It was christmas eve and there were only about 40 people that stayed here instead of going home for christmas, some by choice others didn’t have a home to go to. I pulled my phone out of my pocket, yes i gave in and got one from Mrs Howell.

I saw i had a new message and opened it while sitting on the cold bench. Hello trouble, Hope your ok, I miss ya 🙁 Jake xI smiled at the text and put the phone back in my pocket, Me and Jake had become quite good friends over the last few weeks, i felt like i could talk to him about anything… not that i had a choice he could live in my head that boy. I was snapped out of my thoughts by a sharp pain in my knee. ‘Ouch’ I hissed grabbing my knee I looked around but didnt see anything and shrugged it off.

I stood up to walk back to the dorm room as i was getting cold and noticed i was limping in pain. I sat on the sofa and pulled up my trouser leg to look at my knee, it was clear of any signs that something had hit it.I pulled my trouser leg back down and heard the dorm room door fly open and bang against the wall, I looked up and saw Justin practically hanging off the handle, I saw him take a step and i felt another sharp pain in my knee. ‘CRAP’ We both shouted at the same time ‘Jesus what did you do’ I gasped looking at his white trousers that were now red from the knee down on his right leg.

‘I was… walking…

and i slipped… i smashed it.

.. ouch on a rock’ He said as he tried to limp over to the sofa I shot out of my seat ignoring the pain in my knee and helped him to a seat. Let me see the damage’ I said bending down and holding his trouser leg I pulled it up slowly as he leant his head back and hissed in pain, i winced as i looked at his knee.

‘Uh we may have to get you to the nurse, that looks pretty nasty’ I said trying not to gag ‘I think im gonna be sick’ He mumbled covering his mouth I closed my eyes and sat up on the sofa ‘Ill call the nurse see if she can come here’ I said grabbing my phone ‘She said she’ll be an hour’ I scowled ‘K’ He said forcing the word out ‘Should probably stop that bleeding’ I said quietly ‘Uh huh’I jogged into the bathroom and grabbed a towel off the rack and took it back out to Justin. ‘K this is gonna hurt’ I said hovering it over his leg He didnt answer just squeezed his eyes tighter, I took a deep breath and began wrapping the towel round his knee trying hard to ignore the stabbing pain in my knee, if it hurt me like this then i hate to think how much it was hurting him. I looked up and saw a tear pop out of his tightly closed eye, but just as quickly as it came he wiped it away, i focused back on the towel. ‘Your gonna have to hold this until the nurse gets here’ I said He dropped his hand to the towel and held it Thanks’ He mumbled The hour passed pretty quiet except for the odd hiss of pain from Justin. When the nurse came rushing in the room i stood to give her some room to examine his leg, Bad idea, As soon as she put a liquid on his knee i fell on my arse screeching in pain.

‘That fuckin stings’ I hissed gaining a confused look from her Justin raised his eyebrows ‘Yeah what she said’ he said through gritted teeth ‘Ok your gonna have to keep weight off this for a couple of days’ The nurse said standing up ‘So i just gotta sit on my ass for 2-3 days’ Justin groaned Or you could use crutches’ She shrugged ‘Oh ill just magic some’ he hissed sarcastically The nurse mumbled something under her breath and left the dorm. I followed her out and smiled. ‘Ill say thankyou for him, can i get some crutches? ‘ I asked ‘Uh why would you need them? ‘ She asked ‘Not for me for him’ I chuckled ‘Sure’ She smiled I followed her to the hospital block ‘Why would you help him, he was nothing but rude’ She shrugged ‘Because i feel his pain and id rather not’ I laughed taking the crutches off her She gave me a confused look but shrugged it off and shoo’d me out of the blockI limped back to the dorm but Justin was no longer on the sofa. I guessed he would have gone to his bed so i walked up the stairs. I walked into the room and looked around in awe, his room was so much better than ours, more room and more light. I looked and saw Justin laying on his back on a blue bed under a huge window. ‘Nice room’ I mumbled walking over and laying the crutches on the floor next to his bed ‘Yeah’ He sighed looking down ‘Oh thanks’ He said forcing a smile ‘Your so cheerful’ i said rolling my eyes I just smashed my knee up would you be fucking cheerful’ He snapped ‘No but.

.. you’ve been moody for the last week, before you hurt your knee’ I shrugged sitting crossed legged on the floor ‘You aint exactly been a barrel of laughs’ He spat ‘My parents just died whats your fuckin excuse’ i snapped back standing up ‘Your not the only parentless child in this place Emma for fuck sake’ He growled I gasped as i caught his eye. ‘Mum….

mum please wake up, dad, look please help me dad….

please’ ‘STOP IT’ I tore my eyes away as a tear trickled down my face ‘Im… m sorry i didn’t mean to… it just happens and i..

. im really sorry’ ‘GET OUT’ I run from his room and straight up to mine and curled up on my bed. That was a horrible vision. I cried for ages, I didn’t even know why i was crying.

.. unless Justin was doing exactly the same then that would explain why i was so upset, there was no way i was going back over there to check though. I sighed and laid back against the headboard closing my eyes. A while later i felt my bed sink and i sighed again, it could only be one person seeing as there was nobody else here. Go away Justin’ I whispered ‘Im sorry, i know you cant help it’ I shrugged ‘How did you know it was me? ‘ He asked ‘Your the only one here and i heard your crutches clang together on the floor’ I sighed opening my eyes I instantly looked down at my hands after i saw his red eyes.

‘Im… really sorry… about your’ ‘Yeah ok’ He cut me off ‘How did you manage to get up here on them things’ I asked raising an eyebrow He shuffled back further on my bed and a sheepish grin spread across his face ‘I bumped up the stairs’ ‘You did what? I asked confused ‘You know when you sit on the stairs and bump down them, well i did that but up them’ He chuckled I could help but laugh a little bit too ‘I would have paid to see that’ ‘Mean’ He huffed ‘Thats me’ I shrugged ‘Wanna know my theory? ‘ He blurted ‘What theory? ‘ I asked ‘I think the same guy killed our parents’ He said I sat stunned and pulled myself up to sitting position ‘Why would you think that? ‘ I asked He shuffled back even further so he was leaning against the wall on my bed and i made sure my feet were nowhere near his knee.

So when i said i was walking earlier i may have been lying’ He said quietly I frowned and looked over to the door ‘Maybe i should shut that’ I said getting up Chapter 5 Justin watched me close the door and waited for me to sit back down before he took a deep breath and stared at the door. ‘I was standing outside Howells office, I wanted to see if i could get reassigned to a different dorm’ He said ‘Oh thanks’ I scoffed ‘Shush, anyway i heard her talking to Libra’ ‘Who’s libra? ‘ I asked Another teacher, anyway, they were talking about us’ He said I leaned in closer to show i was now even more interested and rested my arms on my knees and my chin on my hands. ‘I didn’t hear much but i heard Howell say and i quote ”He’s knows about their connection and if he finds them, their dead” then my stupid belt made a noise and i bolted, i dont think they heard me but when i got outside i slipped on some ice and blah blah the rest is as you would say painful history’ He said ‘Uh back up…. DEAD, someone wants to kill us? I gasped ‘The guy that killed my parents did it minutes before i arrived back at my house, they were non magical and im magical, obviously he knew this, See the thing is if i continued to live with my parents my powers wouldnt have kicked in, they nuetralise them’ He explained ‘But why would he want you to be magical so badly’ I asked ‘Im not entirely sure on that part yet, but we have this connection right? What if he knew that if he killed both our parents we would have this connection’ he said ‘But what would he get out of our.

.. onnection’ I asked confused ‘Ugh Emma keep up, When were around eachother our powers are stronger, have you not noticed? ‘ He said I shrugged ‘I guess’ ‘Right, My ONLY power was invisibility, but when im with you i can do that along with feel what your feeling and see the visions you see’ ‘Right’ I frowned ‘And this is just the beginning, students in the years above us have more than one power, so if we’ve already got more than one power when were together now, imagine how much power we will have in a couple years time’ He said I processed what he said in my head Ok so i can see why that would benefit him, but how would it benefit him if were dead’ I frowned ‘Thats what i haven’t figured out yet’ ‘Justin…

. are you scared’ I whispered holding onto my legs tightly He looked at me and i saw him swallow hard ‘No’ He shook his head and looked away from me He’s lying. I snapped my head around the room again, oh right, powers, forgot i had that one. ‘Justin…

Did i mention that i have a power that tells me if your lying or not’ I whispered He looked at me shocked but sighed ‘Ok im scared, who wouldn’t be, but a part of me doesn’t care because if im dead… hen at least ill be with my parents right? ‘ He said ‘Yeah, I dont understand how i have more than one power already though’ I frowned ‘You dont, The truth/lie one is your power, the other two only happen when your around me right? ‘ He said I thought back and realised that yes i only had visions when i was around Justin. ‘Yeah’ I nodded We sat in silence for about an hour just thinking over what we had learned.

.. well what justin figured out.

All of a sudden a thought popped into my head and i sat bolt upright. ‘Justin… this Libra guy, is he about 20ish dark hair quite tall..

. he one that bought me to Howells office with you that night’  ‘Yeah thats him why? ‘ Justin frowned ‘I spoke to him in the quad before, and he said he was there when my parents were….

‘ ‘Killed’ Justin finished for me I winced and nodded ‘Ok, where are you going with this Emma? ‘ He asked ‘When were together we get visions…

What if we tried to get a vision off Libra of that night, maybe we could find out who the guy is that killed our parents’ I watched as Justin seemed to think it over in his head ‘But how are we gonna guarentee we will get a vision of that night? Justin asked ‘Reinforcements’ I grinned ‘Huh? ‘ ‘Right, I know a certain someone that can make people do what they want them to do and i believe you do too’ ‘Tom? ‘ ‘Yes Tom, What if we get Tom to try and make him think about that night, then maybe we could get a vision off him’ I said Justin nodded ‘Yes, Yes that could work, then all we gotta do is find a way to stop this guy’ Justin nodded I looked over at the clock and yawned, it was 1am. I felt Justin shuffling to stand up and instantly fear seered through me, god knows wether i was scared or he was scared but i knew one thing..

.. Justin… promise you wont laugh if i ask you something’ I said quietly ‘What is it? ‘ He asked dropping back onto the bed ‘Sleep here tonight? I dont wanna be alone’ I whispered shakily I searched his face but saw no amusement at all. ‘Ok, I’ll stay in Leigh’s bed’ He shrugged I gasped and sat up straight and waited for my eyes to focus in the dark, I darted my eyes around the room and sighed in relief. ‘Jesus you scared the shit out of me, that was some scary dream’ I jumped a little then remembered Justin was in the bed opposite ‘Justin im scared’As soon as the words left my mouth i burst into tears, I felt drained yet wide awake.

‘Dont cry please, Im a guy, guys dont cry and your gonna make me cry’ Usually that would have made me laugh but the sobs came harder and faster. I felt a hand on my shoulder and jumped. ‘Its me stop jumping’ Justin whispered pushing me over to the wall and sliding in the bed next to me.

I took a deep breath and waited for the tears to stop falling. Justin squeezed my shoulder and i laid back down curling right up in the corner of my bed against the wall. Chapter 6 I woke up the next morning tangled around Justin. Crap’ I mumbled trying to untangle myself I stood up on the bed and stepped over Justin then jumped quietly onto the floor.

I took a quick shower and wrapped a towel round myself and my hair then walked back out into the bedroom. ‘Shit’ Justin blushed ‘Crap sorry i thought you’d still be asleep’ I said rushing over to my wardrobe and grabbing clothes out ‘Sorry’ I turned round and chuckled, Justin had pulled the covers over his head and all i could see was his fingers above his head gripping the blanket. ‘Dont suffocate yourself, im not naked’ I laughedHe slowly pulled the blanket down and stared at the ceiling. I rolled my eyes and slipped into the bathroom to get dressed. ‘Ok im dressed, your turn’ I smiled He looked down at his knee and then back at me ‘Oh are you allowed to get it wet? ‘ I asked He shrugged ‘Just… try not to get it wet’ I shrugged I dried my hair and waited for Justin to get out of the bathroom.

My phone vibrated and i pulled it out of my pocket. MERRY CHRISTMAS MY LOVELY. I know todays gonna suck for you but im thinkin of ya, Miss ya Titch. Jake x I scoffed at his ridiculous nickname for me, I wasn’t that small.Merry christmas Jake.

YOU SUCK Im not that small. Miss you too see you next week k 🙂 Em x ‘I have a problem’ I looked up at Justin but immediately closed my eyes ‘Why are you standing in your underwear? ‘ I asked ‘Now who’s blushing’ he chuckled ‘Put your trousers on’ I snapped waving my hand at him ‘Thats my problem, I cant bend down without my knee hurting, help’ He whined ‘You… want me..

. to put your trousers on’ I said opening my eyes and looking directly at his face He pouted then nodded ‘Please’ I grunted but stood up and snatched his trousers out of his hand ‘Sit’ I said pointing at the bedHe sat on it and i took a deep breath and knelt in front of him and slipped his feet into his jeans. ‘Why… so…

tight… grrrr’ I growled I got them up past his knees then helped him stand up ‘Take it away’ I sighed letting him pull them the rest of the way himself ‘Thanks’ He smiled doing the button up I rolled my eyes and opened the door ‘Im hungry, coming for food? ‘ I asked He nodded and clumsily followed me on his crutches I sat in the lounge on the sofa and jiggled my leg checkin the time for the millionth time that hour. ‘Chill out’ Justin groaned Shut up’ I hissed It had been a week since christmas break finished and Tom had agreed to go along with our plan, we had a lesson with Libra in 20 minutes and i am absolutely shitting a brick.

‘You’ll be fine’ Jake smiled I frowned at him ‘Stop gettin in my head’ I said narrowing my eyes He shrugged and laughed ‘Strawberrys and its her hair’ Jake randomly blurted I pulled a face and looked over at him again ‘DUDE’ Justin shouted ‘S’true’ He shrugged ‘Alright… ready? ‘ Tom asked I could tell he was nervous, his voice sounded a bit shakey. ‘Tom… ou dont have to do this’ I said pulling him back slightly ‘WHAT’ ‘Shut up Justin’ I snapped ‘You.

.. He..

. What the fuck’ Justin growled ‘I feel bad… dragging him into this’ I hissed ‘Its fine, honestly’ Tom smiled I nodded and took a deep breath and we all left and headed for Libra’s classroom. I sat and watched Tom with a concentrated look on his face. Mr Libra was sat at his desk spaced out while everyone else were supposed to be doing worksheets, god knows how this was suppose to help us ”develop” our powers but at the moment i didnt care.

I looked at Justin and he nodded, We both looked forward towards Mr Libra and waited… and waited..

. and waited The class was going to be over in 10 mintues and we still got nothing. I growled in frustration and quickly flicked my eyes over at Tom, His eyes were watering and he looked so tired. ‘Tom forget it, its not working’ I whispered nudging him He grunted and shook his head I looked back at Mr Libra. I watched as a man towered my parents, He had short spikey dark hair and bright blue piercing eyes, he cackled and mumbled words i couldnt hear at my parents, they squirmed on the floor.Libra shouted something storming in the room and the man fled. I blinked hard and looked over at Justin, by the look on his face he had seen too, Libra panted as he shuffled about with papers on his desk.

‘You can go early…..

OUT’ He shouted Everyone scurried out and i trailed out behind Justin and Jake I sat on the sofa staring at my feet, Tom had gone to bed he said he felt drained and Jake was off somewhere with Leigh at another class, I hadn’t seen Lola since everyone got back after the christmas break. ‘So what now’ I snapped my head up and looked at Justin. ‘I… I really dont know…

I want to ring his scrawny neck for killing m parents’ I growled shocking myself ‘I thought that’ ‘I know’ I said rolling my eyes ‘I felt it’ ‘This didn’t help at all, it did nothing but fuel our anger further, all we know is what he looks like, we dont know any names’ Justin growled clenching his fist and hitting the sofa cushion. ‘What if… What if we just ask Libra’ I said Justin laughed then stopped ‘Wait..

. That could work, IF we take Jake, maybe if he doesn’t tell us his name he might think it. ‘ Justin said standing up and snapping his finger ‘Genius… Lets go’ I said standing up Where? ‘ Justn asked I rolled my eyes and grabbed Justins hand dragging him out of the room. ‘Right, What class has Jake got right now’ I asked ‘Uhhh Oh hes got Miss Lilo’ Justin said her name dreamily ‘Eew perve, Ok lead the way’ I said ‘Hello Miss Lilo, Would it be possible to borrow Jake for a moment, Mr Libra would like to speak with him’ I smiled sweetly The blonde teacher nodded and waved Jake out of the room ‘Whats going on? ‘ Jake asked as we pulled him towards Libras office Justin explained the plan.

I knocked firmly on Mr Libra’s door and opened it when he yelled to go in. Hi mr Libra’ I smiled ‘Emma, Jake, Justin, What do i owe this pleasure? ‘ He asked clasping his hands together on his desk ‘Mr Libra im gonna get straight to the point, I want to know who killed my parents’ I said placing my hands on the desk and looking into his face He shook his head and looked down at the desk ‘Im sorry but i cannot tell you that Emma, Its too dangerous’ He mumbled I sighed and looked back at Jake who nodded. ‘Fine’ I spat turning on my heel and stalking out of the room. Chapter 7 I sat in front of the computer and shivered slightly. Its creepy in here at night’ I whispered to Justin He nodded and looked around us.

I looked back at the computer and typed in the name Jake had told me earlier today. Jacob White. Jacob White, Born Friday January 13th 1961. ‘Thats it, thats all it says? ‘ I sighed throwing my head back and groaning ‘Of course thats all it says, I dont want everybody knowing too much about me’ I instantly felt ice cold as i slowly looked over at Justin, He looked the opposite, He was bright red and breathing heavily i followed his eyeline and saw the face of the man that killed my parents.What i did next shocked me aswell as everyone else, I lifted my hand and went to point at him to shout but a fireball flew from my hand and missed his head by inches. I gasped and shoved my hand in my pocket. ‘Good, the connections working’ He sneered I looked over at Justin confused and his face went from angry to confused also, I turned to look back at Jacob but he was gone. ‘Where did he go’ I gasped ‘Dissappeared’ Justin said not taking his eyes off the spot where Jacob was stood ‘Do you think hes.

.. still here? ‘ I gulped looking around Justin shook his head and ran over to the door. ‘Its locked, We’re locked in’ He said in a panic Dont even try breaking out kids, Ill be back’ Jacob was on the other side, We heard footsteps becoming faint and i sat on the floor with my head in my hands. ‘Justin, What do we do now’ I whispered ‘Emma, When is your birthday? ‘ Justin asked sitting opposite me ‘Jesus Justin, Really? Your asking me that now? What you gonna do buy me a present when were DEAD’ I snapped ‘Answer the damn question’ He growled ’13th january…


. 13th january’ I said wide eyed ‘the same as Jacob’ I spat his name ‘Emma….

my birthday…

. its january 13th’ Justin said slowly ‘Friday? ‘ i asked ‘Friday’ Justin confirmed ‘So thats the connection with us..

. ere both born friday 13th… 1993? ‘ I said Justin nodded ‘Freaky’ I shivered ‘You threw a fireball..

. i dont know anyone here that can do that’ Justin said breathy ‘I could hear your thoughts too’ I whispered ‘So were more powerfull when were around him… do you think its a 3 way connection? ‘ Justin asked I shrugged and looked up at him ‘But what does he want’ I said standing up and pacing ‘I dont know but whatever it is, he needs us to complete the 3 way connection’ Justin said rubbing the back of his neck I bashed into a chair and hissed in pain. ‘Uh ouch, be careful’ Justin groaned I saw him rub his leg across the room BE CAREFUL YOU IDIOT’ I jumped at the sudden boom of a voice outside the door ‘Jacob’ Justin whispered I swallowed hard and closed my eyes. The door clicked open and i felt Justin at my side within seconds. ‘Ok listen up scrotes, You will do as i say or i will kill you’ Jacob sneered oh my god im gonna die im gonna die Emma he wont kill us, if we die.

.. he dies I gasped and looked at Justin who seemed to have read my expression. ‘What do you want’ Justin growled ‘I want the ultimate power, and you have to give it to me’ He sneered ‘What if we dont’ I snapped Where the hell did this bravery come from ‘Then you will die’ He cackled So kill us then..

. do it now’ Justin said stepping forward ‘STUPID BOY’ Jacob roared making me jump He turned on his heel and fled out of the door slamming it behind him and locking it again. I sat back on the floor and Justin went over to a bookshelf. About an hour later Jacob came storming back in. ‘Ready to give up your powers’ He spat I closed my eyes and looked down at my shaking hands.

Emma, Listen to me, I have a death spell, I want you to repeat what you hear me think, while looking at me, if im dead, he cant have the power WHAT? Justin if you die…

he’ll just kill me and get it another way Its our only option Emma, Please do it.Justin… I dont hate you Just do it I gripped the chair behind me and looked straight at Jacob.

Before Justin could say anything i swung the chair round and cracked it over Jacobs head, He fell to the floor. ‘Emma, You cant kill him you idiot’ Justin hissed running to my side ‘Why cant we read the death spell to him’ I whispered staring at his still body ‘I guarentee someones already tried that’ He whispered back ‘Then we both have to die, to stop him’ I said turning to face Justin ‘No you dont, Just kill me’ He said grabbing my shoulders I shook my head ‘No’ I said firmly He grunted and gripped my hand pulling me over to a cabinet.He picked up a chair and smashed the glass.

‘This… will kill me’ He said holding a green liquid filled bottle I gulped and took one exactly the same from the cabinet. ‘Ready? ‘ Justin asked My heart was pounding and i knew Justins was too since i could hear it thumping in my ears. I grabbed the collar of Justins jacket and pulled him towards me crashing his lips into mine.

We took one last look at eachother before pouring the green liquid down our throats. The last thing i heard was Jacob screaming, The last thing i saw were the chocolate brown eyes that i will never forget, wherever i end up.


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