Establishment of Unique State Language in Office Work Essay

RecognitionWe want to admit our parents for take parting and assisting us to carry on a questionnaire in the province establishments in Astana.

Besides we would wish to thank Saltanat – secretary of caput of authorities – for distribution of questionnaires among respondents and operate actions in presenting consequences to Almaty.AbstractionNowadays the issue of linguistic communications is one of the most existent. debatable.

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That is why authorities tries to better the conditions of province linguistic communication. This twelvemonth new jurisprudence was created ; it states that all certifications must be written in Kazakh. This alteration cause many differences and treatments and becomes more popular.

As an existent issue this job was chosen by the writers of research. The research inquiry: what is the point of view of Astana citizens to establishment of alone province linguistic communication in office work? Research aims are to ask into positions of people to this jurisprudence. happen the advantages and disadvantages of alteration. to specify the impact of passage on the procedure of work. After analysing possible effects.

following research hypothesis was made: people would hold negative point of position on the constitution.In order to accomplish more efficiency the instrument of study design – questionnaire – was chosen. It was conducted among 20 people – the dwellers of Astana – who work in the province establishments. because alteration of linguistic communication in the office work impacts them straight. Convenience sampling was used. because writers chose simply closest individuals as respondents.

At the base of consequences of questionnaire it was found that 70 % of people have positive. 25 % impersonal. 5 % negative attitude to the alteration.

Therefore. the consequences of questionnaire shows that the authors’ hypothesis was non justified: it was defined that people have positive point of view on the constitution. besides there is no about any troubles connected with the alteration and it does non impact on the procedure and quality of the work.I. IntroductionA.

Reasons for Undertaking Research
For about 300 old ages Kazakhstan was under the force per unit area of neighbour Russia. so since it was happened our cultural wealth began to eliminate. Language was about lost. and cipher knew what would be in the hereafter.

Unfortunately. the most powerful and developing state – Soviet Union – fell to pieces ( Akishev. 1996 ) . So. since from 1990 twelvemonth there were born new states. And Kazakhstan was non exception.

Like a newborn babe. state started to make its first stairss. In this manner new fundamental law was created. “Kazakh is a province linguistic communication. and Russian is official” says the fundamental law of Kazakhstan. But this twelvemonth new jurisprudence took topographic point: “since 2007 twelvemonth all certifications must be in Kazakh” . it states. But is the state with lone half Kazakh-speaking inhabitations ready to this alteration.

how the transnational population will respond to it? This is our issue. The authorities made a determination. but can we pull off with it?Merely 1000 civil retainers of 5000 can talk Kazakh in progress or can make office work in it. certification today executes in Russian and merely after that it translates into Kazakh. It is right to inquire a inquiry: what will follow after this constitution? Consequences may be different but more obvious thing that there will be many troubles because of ignorant linguistic communication. With this hapless status the process of work will detain. accordingly.

the criterions. the value of work will diminish. The alteration of linguistic communication of office work will take to favoritism of non Kazakh-speaking population. Because of this it’s of import to look into this issue. After analysing possible effects. following research hypothesis was made: the attitude of major population of Astana has negative point of position on this alteration of linguistic communication of office work in Kazakh.B.

Research MethodsIn order to accomplish more efficiency from research study is utilizing here. To look into exact attitudes of people the work demand statistics. numerical information. besides the point of views. place.

suggestions of Astana people must be considered in the work. So. study design is the best manner to achieve the most consistently organized point here. Besides questionnaire is being consumed as instruments of research. It was chosen because.

in order to find the positions of people and state of affairs in the state. quantitative method will be helpful. The information and facts that they will give may assist to work out partially our job.As it is written in old. statistics is necessary. and questionnaire may give new informations and Numberss.

so it is helpful in this country. specific inquiries in questionnaire ( open-ended ) the chance to find the exact point of position of people and their suggestions. The questionnaire consists of two parts. The first 1 is written in order to look into societal position of people and give demographic informations. The 2nd section’s purpose is to determine the attitude of the individual to the constitution of alone province linguistic communication in the office work. The questionnaire was held on the period 14-16 of June in Astana.

20 people working in the province constitutions were respondents of the questionnaire. The type of the research was primary. convenience technique was used.Ñ . Research StructureThe research paper is divided into the six following chapters: Introduction – this portion of the research presents brief description of the research. grounds for set abouting it and methods which will be used during this research. Review of the literature — this portion of the research is dedicated to information that was found in appropriate literature in order to depict jobs of constitution the alone linguistic communication in the office work. Field research consequences – is a descriptive portion of work.

where writers should give lone description of consequences that they receive from questionnaire or/an interview. Analysis and treatment – in this portion of research paper all information presented earlier will be analyzed and will be tried to specify future mentality of the industry and investors determination that can be taken. Conclusion – writers make a sum-up of the research paper.Bibliography – beginnings that were used in composing research. Appendixs – include the questionnaire paper and interview paper.II. Literature reappraisalA.

Historical background of Kazakh linguistic communication
The gilded book of history of Kazakhs includes following pages: at the beginning of Eighteen century west portion of present district of Kazakhstan started to fall in to Russian Empire. In malice of opposition of Orta and Uly Juzes during following hundred old ages all parts of state entirely became a piece of neighbour province. Since that clip by the order of imperator Russian Empire Alexander I commenced the alteration of governing power: they chose the caputs of juzes. In the 30-40es of Eighteen century fortresses were built at the lodgers of Kazakhstan. Russian-speaking people started to immigrate into the Kazakh land.

So. these were the first stairss of colonisation policy and active exchange of civilization. widely distributing of Russian linguistic communication and decelerating down of Kazakh. ( Kozybayev. 1995 ) .After formation of the Soviet Union in 1917.

the favoritism of all states with their civilization and linguistic communication that existed on the district of USSR took topographic point. Politicss of province was the creative activity of incorporate society. where were the one fundamental law of USSR. which named Russian the individual linguistic communication of communicating. From that period in different parts of the biggest state of the universe the policy of ingraining of Russian linguistic communication started. This procedure was the political orientation. which was considered by authorities of Russia.

Following 70 old ages lead to the about entirely losing of native linguistic communication. As an illustration of it in 1954 when virgin land started to construct up 640. 000 people from other states of Union came to KazSSR. As a effect of it new educational constitutions were built. but with this in-migration merely in south part of state 700 Kazakh schools were closed. kids stayed without needed instruction.Besides the names of water-lands were changed in Russian.

in order to do more comfy the life of our “guests” . With this job of obliteration of common people wealth faced non merely Kazakhstan. but other 12 states of USSR. particularly Moldova. Azerbaijan. Latvia.

Georgia. etc ( Akishev. Baipakov. 1996 ) . So. after colonisation for about 300 old ages immature independent Republic of Kazakhstan had to face with job of entirely Reconstruction of society. policy and economic system of state.

As a effect of this dependance became following information: harmonizing to Agency of Statistics from 01. 01. 2004 the population of state is equal to 14. 952 million people: 57. 19 % Kazakhs. 27.

24 % Russians. 3. 14 % Ukrainians. 2. 74 % Uzbeks and other 120 nationalities. For the present clip about 3 million Kazakhs do non cognize their native linguistic communication. 64.

4 % of population possess with Kazakh. when 84. 8 % speak Russian ( Agency of statistics of RK. 2004 ) .B. Status of Kazakh linguistic communication presentsWith acquiring sovereignty in 1991 Republic of Kazakhstan got chance to raise its national wealth. So.

the new fundamental law from 30th August of 1995. in the seventh article of the first portion ( general commissariats ) of it states: “1. the province linguistic communication of the Republic of Kazakhstan shall be the Kazak linguistic communication. 2. In province establishments and local self-administrative organic structures the Russian linguistic communication shall be officially used on equal evidences along with the Kazak linguistic communication. 3.

The province shall advance conditions for the survey and development of the linguistic communications of the people of Kazakhstan. ” ( Constitution of RK. 1995 ) .C.

Problems and treatments on the issueHarmonizing to B. Omarov ( 2005 ) – the caput of Committee on jobs of linguistic communication of Ministry of information. civilization and athletics – in letter writers of State programme of map and development of linguistic communications for 2001-2010 old ages. affirmatived by edict of the president of RK from 07. 02. 2001 ¹550 in all parts of republic behavior steps of halting-placely alteration of office work on the province linguistic communication. Because of this office work of 5 parts ( Kyzylorda.

Zhambyl. South-Kazkahstan. Atyrau. and Mangistau ) was to the full translated on province linguistic communication. On the base of agenda of stagely interlingual rendition of office work on province linguistic communication cultivated republic docket and brought in consideration of Government of RK. In conformity to this graphic from 01.

01. 2010 is expected to the full interlingual rendition of office work on province linguistic communication. Due to this jurisprudence at that place have been appeared jobs of favoritism of not-Kazakh-speaking people in the state.Nowadays bulk of people ask inquiry. such “what this alteration will take to? ” Harmonizing to Martha Brill Olcott ( 1997 ) . there is a strong sense of disquiet among many of the country’s cultural Russians. who feel that the break-up of the USSR has turned a familiar state into an foreign 1.

and has left them as second-class citizens in what they themselves perceive as their native land. And the interlingual rendition of linguistic communication in office work will perchance turn spread between Kazakhstan’s Kazakhs and European communities. But specializers advise non to confound. As Dariga Nazarbayeva provinces ( 2006 ) . the alteration of linguistic communication will non take to favoritism of not-Kazakh-speaking people. Russian will remain as an official linguistic communication. What merely people should make – to larn about hundred of words and do certifications establishing on them? Akim of Almaty I. Tasmagambetov ( 2005 ) and deputy.

poet M. Shahanov ( 2005 ) go confidant in the sentiment that universe experience of provinces shows that presence of native linguistic communication impact on stableness. security of independent state.Our chief purpose is to raise the position of utilizing Kazakh on the degree of Russian.

That is why akims actively accept the new jurisprudence. They claim that the wealth that our ascendants gave to people should be kept. But there are some opposite points of position on this subject. Some non-Kazakh parts of population of RK think that authorities attempts to slowly eliminate other states from the land of Kazakhs. Some people. like O. Suleimenov ( 2005 ) – the representative of RK in UNESCO – thinks that democracy is non yet ready for this alteration. This alteration may do jobs of go forthing the state of other states.

At first. believe this portion of state. we should fix the basis. prepare people – to animate grammar of linguistic communication. to type dependable text books. in order to do easier the analyzing deeply and expeditiously the linguistic communication.At that clip the curate of instruction and scientific discipline B.

Aitimova ( 2006 ) states that province plan of Kazakh linguistic communication for 2001-2010 is developing. She claims that 77 % of schools are in Kazakh or assorted. But province Secretary O.

Abdikarimov does non hold with that by stating that 500 million tenge was given from budget. however. there are no consequences. The curate civilization and information – Y. Ertisbaev ( 2006 ) – he offers to do societal polls. So. after some clip.

the job will be partially solved. DrumheadTherefore. there are many positions on the issue of altering linguistic communication of office work in Astana. Arguments of both sights are really strong ; they were confirmed with statistics and forecasts of the critics. In treatments of the job drama function all societal categories of Kazakhstan. because of this issue relates to all citizens of our state. Although there is no exact reply at the present clip. but research will give it in the close hereafter.

III. Field research ( Questionnaire consequences )A. General informationThe research inquiry of present work is intended to happen out what is the point of view of Astana’s citizens to the constitution of alone province linguistic communication in office work.

Therefore. in order to obtain utile statistics and happen out what are the precise attitudes of people on this issue. given questionnaire was conducted by researches. The field research was divided into three parts. which will let to the reader comfortably happen utile information ( indirect informations – common information. direct – specific stuff ) .

At the period 14-16 of June in province establishments of Astana 20 people. who have full-time work topographic point. have been asked by researches. Target population of the research is grownups from 18 old ages old. in which 11 are female and 9 are male. As respondents were the closest available people. convenience sampling was used.B.

Demographic ( indirect ) informationsAt the procedure of work the class of age of respondents was divided into four parts: 18-25 ( 10 % ) . 25-35 ( 35 % ) . 35-50 ( 50 % ) .

over 50 ( 5 % ) . 80 % are Kazakhs and 20 % are Russian respondents. From chart 1 it can be seen that the degree of knowing of Kazakh and Russian linguistic communications among 20 people: [ movie ]Researchs have investigated that 50 per cent of people know Kazakh in progress. 35 conversational and 15 % do non talk on province linguistic communication. while 90 % of people know Russian in progress and 10 % conversationally. Table 1 shows the per centum grade of people who knows foreign linguistic communications and what are that linguistic communications.

|Language |Percentage | |English |25 % | |German |25 % | |Belarusian |5 % | |Don’t know other linguistic communication |45 % |Table 1.The one-fourth portion speaks English. another Germany.

while 5 % know Belarusian and other 45 % do non cognize any foreign linguistic communication. It was investigated that all 20 people have high instruction. from which 14 people studied in Russian ( 70 % ) and 6 in Kazakh ( 30 % ) . The chart 2 shows the in what linguistic communication people largely communicate with each other:[ movie ]One-half of respondents communicate in Russian. when 30 % talk in Kazakh and 20 % of people speak on both linguistic communications. At the procedure of work it was defined that all 20 people have full-time lasting work topographic point. 19 ( 95 % ) are province workers. and 1 ( 5 % ) is a member of join-stock company.

C. Attitudes of people ( direct information )The chart 3 demonstrates the place of people toward the constitution. [ pic ] 80 % of people think that it is right to set up such invention. 15 % has impersonal place and 5 % are against the jurisprudence. 70 % of respondents have positive point of position to the constitution. 25 % are impersonal and 5 % have negative attitude. From 20 people.

who was asked. 12 ( 60 % ) are expressed willingness to make office work in Kazakh. while 8 ( 40 % ) people are non ready to such work. |Percentage of people who faced with office work in Kazakh | |Faced |60 % | |Don’t faced |40 % |From table 2 you may see that 60 % of respondents have faced with making office work in Kazakh while 40 % do non. Table 2From table 3 you may happen out the per centum degree of sorts of spreading of information about the constitution of alone linguistic communication in the office work. 36. 4 % of respondents have got information from work. 20 % from relations.

18. 2 % from friends. 15. 6 % through mass-media. 3. 2 % from another beginnings. while 6. 6 % do non cognize about this jurisprudence.

|Kinds of |Percentage | |Spreading of info | | |Relatives |20 % | |Friends |18. 2 % | |Mass-media |15. 6 % | |At work|36. 4 % | |Other |3. 2 % | |Don’t know about this jurisprudence |6. 6 % |
Table 3.It was investigated in table 4 that alteration of linguistic communication of office work for half of respondents has non any impact. 40 % did non give replies.

5 % do non cognize and on 5 % has influence. |The influence on work |Percentage | |No |50 % | |Yes |5 % | |Do non cognize |5 % | |Do non give replies |40 % |Table 4It was defined that 45 % of people have non faced with any troubles on work because of this constitution. 15 % have some jobs.

and 40 % did non give replies. It was investigated that the disposal of province establishments have provide some conditions in order to fix forces to the constitution for 40 % of respondents. and 60 % have non got any programmes. Peoples have mentioned such conditions like supplying Cadmiums. fixing lessons. electronic portal.

programmes. 35 % are satisfied with conditions that authorities provides. 15 % non utilised. 10 % is impersonal and 40 % did nit give replies.To the open-ended inquiries 90 % respondents have given different replies.

10 % preferable do non advert any suggestions. The bulk of respondents suggested making of classs. which will give chance to workers better the degree of cognizing Kazakh. 20 % of people were for constitution. but it was mentioned that this reform should be executed bit by bit. Another 20 % have demonstrated desire to set up this jurisprudence. because it is the clip to raise the authorization of province linguistic communication.

Person was against constitution. and other. frailty versus. suggested compulsory alteration linguistic communication from Russian to Kazakh.

D. SummaryIn spite the fact that most of people know more Russian that Kazakh. and that they communicate in Russian.

it was investigated in by and large that people have positive place to this constitution. There is a deficiency of preparing classs. but people disposed good.IV. Analysis and treatmentUnivariate analysis
The research inquiry of present work is “what is the attitude of Astana people to the constitution of alone province linguistic communication in the office work in Kazakhstan? ” After analysing possible effects the hypothesis stated that people would hold negative point of position on the alteration of the linguistic communication in the office work.

a. Analyzing demographic informations. As the alteration of linguistic communication takes topographic point in the province constitutions. 95 % of respondents were chosen from them. At the procedure of work it was investigated that the degree of cognizing Russian of 20 people.

who were conducted the questionnaire. is higher than Kazakh: 100 % know official linguistic communication. while 15 % do non cognize province linguistic communication at all.In spite the fact that everyone knows Russian and the major portion – 85 % – of people know Kazakh. merely the half portion speak in Russian and 20 % usage merely Kazakh. while 30 % speak on both linguistic communications. Therefore.

disregarding the fact that the bulk people know Kazakh. linguistic communication of communicating among people still is largely Russian. b. Analyzing attitudes of people to the constitution ( questionnaire. literature reappraisal ) . The chief mark of given work was to happen the point of view of Astana people to the constitution. From the tabular signifier of frequence distribution we may see the chief consequence of research.

Table 1. Attitude to the constitution office work in Kazakh | |Frequency | % |Valid % |Cum % | |Positive |14 |70 |70 |70 | |Neutral |5 |25 |25 |95 | |Negative |1 |5 |5 |100 | |Total |20 |100 |100| |
More than half portion of respondents have positive point of position on the alteration and merely 5 % were against it. so Astana people largely are for constitution of province linguistic communication. Analyzing the consequences of questionnaire.

it was discovered that the major portion of people think that it is right to alter the linguistic communication of certification and they are ready to the passage. Writers made a anticipation that the alteration of linguistic communication may take to struggles among states. it would be the favoritism of not-Kazakh people. the procedure of work will detain and quality of it would cut down. But the consequences show opposite thing: chief portion of people province that they have non faced with any troubles. that the alteration does non impact on the done work and its’ efficiency does non diminish. 80 % of respondents were Kazakhs ; perchance.

this is a ground of positive consequences in the questionnaire. Anyway. every adult male lives in Kazakhstan. may be that is why they have to reply positively. and may be. they had non other pick.Subject is really sensitive and both sides – Kazakh and not-Kazakh people – cognize it.

Nowadays there are many issues on the subject of developing of Kazakh. and people do non respond on them similar: person is for raising the position of province linguistic communication. person afraid of this. because of ignorant Kazakh.

Already 15 old ages Kazakhstan is independent state. it is obvious that Kazakh linguistic communication should hold specific position. it should hold its ain of import topographic point.

and people should cognize it. It is already clip to raise Kazakh. but non to eliminate Russian.

because it is still the linguistic communication on which all transnational population of state speaks. in which we communicate with our neighbors on international sphere. Peoples. by understanding it. should better province linguistic communication. by non upseting official linguistic communication.

So. besides. based on the consequences of questionnaire. it was found that authorities develops such things as classs. phonograph record. electronic portals. programmes to fix forces to the alteration. but people largely dissatisfied with these conditions.

because about all people suggest making new instruments to better linguistic communication.This fact means that there is a deficiency of the books. particular methods of analyzing. good instruction. etc. O.

Suleimenov ( 2005 ) besides came to this decision. He thinks that this alteration may do jobs of go forthing the state of other states. But there is a nicety: for some inquiries ( about have they faced with any difficultiesmbecause of the alteration. hold establishment impact the work. do they satisfied with conditions that authorities creates to fix forces? ) the 3rd portion of people did non give replies. Does it intend that people are concealing something and expert is right? In the world the issue of linguistic communication is really sensitive: authorities attempts to better the authorization of Kazakh while it seems that Russian is under favoritism. Among the members of parliament.

authorities. besides there are many arguments on this subject.Akims. curates say that they are set abouting steps as preparing forces through the class.

doing privilege to people. who know Kazakh. raising their rewards. but trusting on sentiments of people. we may reason that it is non plenty. because there is no efficient consequences. particularly because the base of classs are really weak.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of this issue: for Kazakh people it is good because their linguistic communication is developing. but for other states it is hard. but they can make nil with it: the jurisprudence already exists. in spite the fact many people do non cognize Kazakh and there are no existent steps that can fix them. The information from literature reappraisal and questionnaire consequences are non similar.

if some governments are against constitution. chief portion of respondents support the alteration. This means that state of affairs is non every bit negative as province the information of literature reappraisal. More people know or larning Kazakh than official statistics show. The province of Kazakh is bettering.V.

ConclusionThe research inquiry of present work is “what is the attitude of Astana people to the constitution of alone province linguistic communication in the office work in Kazakhstan? ” By sing the possible effects and consequences. following hypotheses was made: the attitude of major population of Astana would hold negative point of position on this alteration of linguistic communication of office work from Russian into Kazakh. Harmonizing to the consequences of questionnaire. the anticipation of writers was mistaken: bulk of respondents have positive point of view on the alteration. moreover. the ways to better the state of affairs were suggested by them. There were many differences on the issue. some people think that will look struggle that society is non ready.

but. fortuitously. these were non justified. It is already clip to better the position of Kazakh: people are for the alteration. The lone one job that should be eliminated: to develop the base of preparing and learning people.BibliographyAkishev. K.

and Baipakov. K. .

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