Ethic of Care Theory Sample Essay

Ethic of Care is a theory of how we care for other people around us. It prompts us of the value of human relationship. Ethic of Care theory topographic points moral value on communities every bit good as individuals and asserts that one action take topographic point in the context relationship.

Our determinations should see bing relationships and frequently carry out via societal action. However. Ethic of Care does non back up a dependence relationship between people but it is about keeping a relationship of mutualness. Ethic of Care declares that by interacting with a community can be considered vulnerable. We should keep a relationship of common chance and benefits.

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every bit good as see the deductions of our determination and if they have the possible to be harmful to the community. We should seek to make the right thing to others people. live the morally right life.

and honest to people around us. We have to populate honest to ourselves. so we can be genuinely caring for person or something. Caring is a response to the assortment of characteristics of moral state of affairss: demand. injury.

past promises. function relationships.There are besides four chief thoughts in an moral principle of attention: moral attending. sympathetic apprehension.

relationship consciousness. and harmoniousness and adjustment. Moral attending is the attending to the state of affairs in all its complexness. We need to understand all the faces of the state of affairs to do our determination. For illustration. Doug determinations in our talk. He thinks for Susan. but he does non care for her state of affairs when he asks her to direct her to see the client.

Of class. her male parent wants her to travel. but if Doug thinks for Susan and her household state of affairs.

he will non make that. He does non hold plenty moral attending to Susan’s state of affairs. Furthermore.

Doug is non unfastened to sympathising and even placing with Susan in the state of affairs. What it would most likely best involvements for her and run into her demands. Related to the impression of her relationship consciousness is adjustment. As a consequence. we should run into all of these four chief thoughts in an moral principle of attention to be support for people around us. Case Study: Fable of the Sadhu* SummaryBowen McCoy’s “Parable of the Sadhu” is the narrative of McCoy’s journey on walking halfway through his 60 twenty-four hours trip all the manner through the Himalayan Mountains. McCoy and Stephen.

his friend along the journey. found the Sadhu. who the Indian sanctum adult male is bare. barefoot and about near dead from hypothermia and fatigue above 15.

500 while on one of the most hard peak ascents of their whole trip. Climbing the mountain in the environing country of McCoy and Stephen. there were three other mounting parties from New Zealand. Switzerland.

and Japan try to supply some aid to the Sadhu.
They were left the Sadhu behind with vesture. nutrient and imbibe more than two twenty-four hours journeys from the nearest small town after that. The mounting parties were doing their determination to go on on their end ; the fate of the Sadhu was left unidentified. Both Stephen and McCoy were ne’er found out that if Sadhu live or die.

McCoy’s quandary is restrained on retroversion that he should hold done what he did for Sadhu as supply some aid and so maintain mounting to finish his end. or he should hold done more for Sadhu. As McCoy suggests. “Real moral quandary are equivocal. and many of us boost right through them. unaware they exist. ” ( Page 95 ) * Application of the instance survey to Ethic of Care theoryI think that all Sadhu squad members should halt their full program and assist him foremost. His life is possibly in danger.

Even when we see a ill cervid or Canis familiaris. we still halt and assist them. I understand that the Himalayas had their wettest spring in 20 old ages. I besides understand that their last trip may be ruined.

However. they should believe that if Sadhu die because of them. will direct of their life be happy? They. on the other manus. can assist Sadhu acquiring better ; they all can complete their full program together. They should non disregard about him. He may seek to make something look to be unnatural. but he is still a individual and friend.

They should assist him when he needs them. Even other people does non cognize him as Swiss. Nipponese. or Shepas. they are still willing to assist him. Besides. Sadhu squad needs a squad leader to steer them what they should make.

They do non care about Sadhu life is in danger. Harmonizing to moral principle of Care theory. their determination should care about human value relationship. If merely this. it is non plenty.

They besides need to hold moral attending and sympathetic apprehension of Sadhu’s state of affairs. He needs aid from his squad members. but they try to harm it. They instead keep their end coating. than caring for their death friend.

This is unethical of Care theory. Case survey: Ford Pinto* SummaryThe Ford Pinto foremost produced in 1970. They were rushed to bring forth it when the normal clip to bring forth an car is 43 months.

but Ford took merely 25 months for the Pinto. Before these autos were production. Ford engineers found out defects in the car’s design. The issue was found that the gas armored combat vehicle was designed to tear to do a fire and detonation even an impact merely 20 MPH or greater.

It was merely five inches frontward of the rear sheet metal of the organic structure and merely three inches from the rear axle 1. In most rear terminal clangs. the pin lodging distorted the gas armored combat vehicle and crisp bolts punctured the armored combat vehicle. After the clang trials for Pinto.

the decision was the rear terminal construction was non satisfactory. If Ford needs to alter this. it would be cost them about $ 11 per auto.
Ford was to the full cognizant of the jobs.

When applied scientists found this defect. top directors of Ford decided to bring forth the auto. Ford’s quandary is: they should merchandise the Pinto anyhow because their benefit is more than an estimation of individual got killed in an car accident.

or they should halt to bring forth it and wait until the job was solved. The Ford’s direction decided to lodge with the original design and produced Ford Pint. Application of the instance survey to Ethic of Care theory * Application of the instance survey to Ethic of Care theoryFord determination to bring forth a twelvemonth early for their Pinto over the safety of consumers. This is immoral determination. I do non desire to advert about how much net income they can do to bring forth Pinto a twelvemonth early.

Nothing can be calculated over human life. If their childs stuck and got burn to decease in the auto because of unsafely auto. are they still let Pinto coming out early? This is merely one of the illustrations. I believe that there are many more instances than this. It is incorrect for concern to sell a merchandise that is non every bit safe as it could be. Why do they non merely wait until work out the full job? Why do they non merely cipher human life over their net income? Why should they believe of consumers’ household have to endure of their household member as good? There are a batch more inquiries I think Ford should discourse before they sent their green goods to consumers. If they apply the instance to Ethic of Care theory. they should non care merely for their clients.

but they besides need to care for client households as good. They should care for the trueness of the client on Ford. They lost their promise with their client. This is unethical manner for them to make concern.

Case Study: Housing Allowance* SummaryThe lodging allowance is about Wilson Mutambara. who a native Rambian and employed of an American cellular telephone service NewCom. but they sent him back to work for other trade name of the company in Rambia. In this instance Wilson Mutambara. the employee.

received a lodging allowance of $ 2000 per month for the disbursal intent of sing that he lives in a mode that reflects positively on the company. NewCom provides this allowance to their employee because they want their employee live in a safe and convenient country. Furthermore. it is besides complimentary to company image.

Mutambara. nevertheless. take to utilize the $ 2000 for other intents. He merely pays rent around $ 300 for each month. Harmonizing to him. the other left over money he uses to assist his eight nieces and nephew paying for their school fees.

He. nevertheless. maintain directing the $ 2000 statement every month to his company. so he could go on to have it until Dale Garman. one of his coworker. found out about this.

Then. Dale had to describe this to Barbara Weston. who Wilson’s supervisor is. * Application of the instance survey to Ethic of Care theory
First of all. the moral attending can use to Wilson’s state of affairs.

NewCom should foretell or at least understand for his state of affairs. If they try to believe for him. he can non populate in the illusion house when his comparative live in Old Town country.

If NewCom or his supervisor attentions for their employee more. they should give him same sum allowance as others colleagues having it. Furthermore. NewCom should awareness of the relationship between them and their employee. the relationship between their employee and their household. or the relationship between their employee and other relationship with him. If they can aware of these relationships. they can foretell why Wilson may necessitate to make something like this.

Wilson Mutambara. nevertheless. acted incorrect ; and. he should non lie to his company.

There should be a ground why company pays him that much every month for disbursal. NewCom want safety and comfy life for their employee when they have to work oversea. They want their employee to pass of their focal point on their occupation. Barbara should describe this to the company about Wilson’s state of affairs. She should non go another employee prevarication to NewCom. I think NewCom should merely give him the warning non end him for falsified his lodging reception.

NewCom should give him another opportunity to demo their attention to their employee’s state of affairs. Barbara can give a private talk to Mutambara to explicate and do certain he understand what he had done to NewCom is unethical. Case Study: One State under Wal-Mart* SummaryWal-Mart is one of the largest shops in retail in the universe and America. They have about 138 million trueness clients to see 4. 750 of their supercenter hebdomadal.

There is about 82 per centum of the families purchase an point from Wal-Mart annually. Wal-Mart is besides behind the importing of 10 per centum of all goods from China to United States. Wal-Mart. nevertheless. is one of workplace that workers remain uninsured and underinsured. Wal-Mart is antiunion and their employees pay lower than other those of nonionized supermarket.

Furthermore. 46 per centum of their 1. 33 million workers are uninsured or on Medicaid. They are spread outing it fast.

so some of little local concerns have to traveling out of their concerns. * Application of the instance survey to Ethic of Care theory
I think Wal-Mart is immoral in making concern. First of all.

Wal-Mart does non desire to fall in the brotherhood. It is non issue because they have the right to make so. I.

nevertheless. inquire why they do non desire to fall in the brotherhood. Is it anything they are making incorrect in their concern? They besides try non to give the maximal benefit particularly the wellness insurance for their employee. Their employees have to work hard because Wal-Mart shops are ever highly busy. Second.

Wal-Mart is turning quickly and expands all over the US. As a consequence. there will be hold a batch of people work for them. but they will non have a benefit most of the people all over the universe want to come here and work. Wal-Mart’s employees get treated as persons someplace in Asia.They have to work hard. but they do non acquire the benefit they should hold in the US.

Wal-Mart should listen to all voices of people when they do concern. such as. their employee or local people from country near their supercenter. They should pay their moral attending more to their employee than merely seek to do a net income for their concern. Their employees are people assisting them to do money for Wal-Mart. Why do they desire their 44 per centum employees to discontinue their occupations every twelvemonth? Why do they desire to pass clip and money to engage and develop 44 per centum of new employees every twelvemonth? If they put this on computation. it would non be an first-class thought to set up for a big company. Furthermore.

Wal-Mart should pay attending on their relationship with the local community. Case Study: Blood for sale* SummarySol Levin. laminitis of Plasma International.

has a concern like any other concern in the universe. His company is rather different from other ; he is purchasing and selling human blood. Plasma international purchased blood from a hapless state as South African people for 15 cents per pint.

Then. they sold it for up to twenty five dollars in the United States. There are few instances of hepatitis found in receivers. Blood can be bought and sold here in America. but it does non happen in The United Kingdom.

Economist Richard Titmuss showed that the United Kingdom theoretical account makes more realistic significance of the relationship between human. Peoples have a better sense of love and attention. Another issue in the United States is organ gross revenues particularly Kidney. There is five people need kidney to one kidney available. As a consequence.

the hapless people try to sell their kidney for rich people. Furthermore. if the hapless people need the kidney. they would non hold a opportunity to acquire it. * Application of the instance survey to Ethic of Care theory
Blood is something should non sell or purchase.

When we want to give one blood to person. it means we care for that individual. We want to assist that individual life.

If we have some company as Plasma International to purchase and sell human blood. it will do other people do non desire to give their blood for free anymore. Why do they give it for free when they can sale it for money? Furthermore. if person does non hold money to purchase blood when he or she needs it. that individual will be deceasing. This instance is a free market political orientation.

How we can put a bound on sell a merchandise. but we still can keep the thought of free market. The United States is a capitalist economy state. We should anticipate the concerns have a pick to take what they want to sell.

Even in a free market. we. nevertheless. want to populate in stable a society.

For illustration. when patients need a blood transfusion. they can non acquire off their bed and ask for blood for themselves. They need to be attention for their demand have to be met. From moral principle of attention. we should hold some blood in high quality and safe ready for them.

If we compare the United States and Great Britain. we see they have available of blood with high quality for their patient. A free market of blood is clear for people need attention. African people sell their blood for 15 cent of a pint. but Plasma International sells it for 25 dollar in the United States. Plasma International need to include the other disbursals as transit.

but it still looks as they are doing a batch of net income. We should inquire ourselves about people from Africa ; do we care for them excessively? They are salvaging one life. They. nevertheless.

acquire wage for highly low monetary value for their blood. Do we pay moral attending to them? They need one attention excessively. They need money to back up themselves and their household. so they do necessitate to sell their blood. No 1 attention for them.

they merely pay small for them and make non care how they feel. Furthermore. no 1 ask why they need to make that. I do non cognize much why African people need to sell their blood.

I know a batch of people in my Vietnam state ; they need to sell their blood to hold money to purchase nutrient for their childs or their parents. They. nevertheless. can non to hold adequate money to purchase nutrient for them to retrieve after they sell their blood.

In my sentiment. we should care for those people excessively. Those people need aid from us excessively.


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