Ethical Issues in Health Care Finance Essay

The subject of ethical issues in every industry is normally interesting because it attracts a important figure of bookmans and professionals to reason. This subject becomes even more interesting when it comes to wellness attention funding. Ethical issues in wellness attention financing Begin. when specifying human wellness. Human wellness is a basic demand ( Maharaj and Paul. 2011 ) . It does non count what type of wellness challenges a individual has and whether a individual is in a developed state or non. The issue with human wellness is that. all worlds require wellness appropriate intervention when they need it. However. the wellness attention system seems insatiate when it comes to financing. Health attention financing beginning from an single occurs at the at the point of bringing otherwise known as fees for services does non look to hold a important impact in the needed wellness attention funding ( Hurley. 2001 ) . It is of import to go forth persons as entities that pay for health care out of financing the wellness attention industry and dressed ore on the authorities. private bureaus such as insurances and givers. The ethical issues in wellness attention financing inquiries whether the major wellness attention moneymans: the authorities and insurance companies can warrant paying for intervention for all human in the state.

The statement with wellness attention funding is that authoritiess can pay for high medical engineering development in footings of complicated medical equipments and new intervention engineerings. It is of import to understand that although advanced medical development are in topographic point. there is an issue as to whether single patients will the able to afford intervention utilizing this advanced engineering ( Maharaj and Paul. 2011 ) . If single patients will non afford to utilize new intervention engineerings. so it will be probably that the new promotion in medical engineerings are a direct conserves of those with an upper economic advantage. This is contrary to the equity required in the wellness attention system because wellness is basic demand and therefore should be available for all. High cost of medical technological intervention and a few populations who can non separately afford for this intervention are non the lone issues that raise medical intervention. The insurance industry is the greatest participant in the wellness attention industry.

The insurance industry provides medical policies for every eligible citizen. While the insurance agreement for health care funding is justified through the premise that state work forces and adult females are take parting in sharing cost in paying up hospital measures. However. there is a crisis with the wellness insurance. which has raised important ethical issues. This issues range from being of different types of policies for different people and the issues that. the insurance company instead than the physician determines the type of intervention the patient will acquire because of different categorised policies. Another incidence of inequality sets in even in with the insurance. Just like single patient might non afford to pay high tech medical intervention at the point of bringing. the same is go oning in the insurance industry because insurances now require different policies for different person ( Maharaj and Paul. 2011 ) .

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These different policies characterize people harmonizing to their hazard such that. people of high hazard wage more premiums that people of low hazard. If this policy classification is justified so there will be a new inequality that will put in. This inequality will originate from those who pay for high premiums and might ne’er hold to travel to hospital unless an accident occurs. Health attention funding will look to be a long term argument bombarded with ethical issues that take long to work out. These ethical quandary although exist to offer ready solutions in health care funding. the whole issue boils down to whether the current occurrence in the wellness attention industry offers beneficence. non-maleficence. liberty and justness.

Maharaj. S. R. and Paul. TJ. ( 2011 ) . Ethical Issues in Healthcare Financing. West Indian Medical Journal. 60. ( 4 ) : 31-44 Hurley. J. ( 2001 ) . Ethical motives. economic sciences. and public funding of wellness attention. Journal of Medical Ethics. 27. ( 4 ) : 234-239.


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