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One of the most hard things in the condemnable justness field is related to moralss in the condemnable justness profession. Whether it being a corrections officer. police officer. or a justice. The chief end is to guarantee you as a professional are doing the right determination for the greater good and that it falls within the guidelines that are set before you in the Torahs that have been written. In the recent quandary that occurred in Broward County on February 19. 2014 is an illustration of an moralss quandary in the condemnable justness field that happens much excessively frequently. I will explicate to you the nature of the quandary. the ethical/unethical determination that was made. the result of the state of affairs. and suggest some alternate classs of actions that could hold taken topographic point alternatively and why.


On February 19. 2014 a Broward County Sheriff’s deputy of 20 plus old ages on the force conducted a traffic halt of a vehicle going unlawfully in the HOV ( High Occupancy Vehicle ) lane. Once the deputy had the vehicle stopped he was informed by the adult female in the driver’s place that she was entering him carry oning the traffic halt. Once the sheriff’s deputy gained cognition of this he proceeded to coerce his manner into the woman’s vehicle seeking to catch her phone. so drawing her out of the vehicle and dragging her onto the land doing hurts in several topographic points as another deputy stood by with his gun drawn. All the piece this was traveling on he continued to shout at her saying she was perpetrating a felony and stating her “I know the jurisprudence better than you” . and puting her under apprehension. The ethical quandary this state of affairs brings frontward is: was the actions taken by this deputy truly necessary and justified on an ethical footing? ( Miller. 2014 ) .


In this peculiar state of affairs an unethical determination was made based on the fortunes of the incident at manus. The deputy was perpetrating a offense ( felony ) himself by unlawfully coercing his manner into her vehicle. and confining her against her will for a offense she did non perpetrate. All for a simple civil misdemeanor ( driving in an HOV lane ) . that could hold been handled in a wholly different and professional mode. This was the lone jurisprudence the adult female was interrupting at the clip. and the lone likely cause the deputy had to travel on for the actions that he took.


Once the dust settled upon this unfortunate state of affairs. the deputy assumed and thought that the adult female was interrupting the jurisprudence by entering the sound and picture of the deputy. He assumed that he had to give the adult female permission to audio record him. Unfortunately to his disadvantage the Florida tribunals ruled continuing a “expectation of privateness provision” ( Silverman. 2012 ) to their all-party jurisprudence. which the tribunals ruled does non use to on-duty constabulary ( or anyone in public ) . every bit long as you are non interfering with them in carry oning their responsibility. In this peculiar instance the deputy appeared to be uneducated in this alteration to the jurisprudence that the jurisprudence enforcement bureau clearly neglected to educate its section on.


Harmonizing to the state of affairs at manus some of the alternate classs of actions that the deputy could hold taken and the adult female that was being stopped could hold been drastically different. Ethically talking the deputy could hold non taken his actions to the extreme that he did all over the simple recording misdemeanor that he thought the adult female was perpetrating. His life was non in danger nor was there any indicant of any physical menace coming from the adult female. The deputy wholly handled that state of affairs in a really unprofessional and unethical mode.

On the other manus the adult female could hold easy been justified in utilizing lifelessly force on the deputy if he was non a jurisprudence enforcement officer. She would hold been justified good within the guidelines of Florida’s Justifiable Use of Force jurisprudence sing he unlawfully forced his into her auto and violently dragged her out. Fortunately for him he was a jurisprudence enforcement officer or he could hold been killed.

Another class of action for the sheriff’s deputy and the section could hold been to decently educate themselves and their officers of the most current Torahs sing these types of state of affairss. In add-on to doing certain each and every deputy gets a refresher class on the necessary usage of force processs every few old ages.


In decision of this ethical quandary state of affairs. what I can pull from this is several things. One being ever dainty people in a manner I would wish to be treated unless fortunes dictate otherwise ; it is the right and ethical action to take. Sometimes we merely do non acquire that luxury of making such an action when covering with certain types of people and state of affairss and yes certain actions are necessary. Always take the clip to educate yourself on certain Torahs or information you are non certain of before moving on what you think may be right. Just like the celebrated stating. “Ignorance of the jurisprudence is non an excuse” . and this is really true but it does travel both ways for jurisprudence enforcement and the populace.


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