Ethics Essay

In comparing the similarities and differences in ethical theories. the ends of each theory and the ethical motives and values that can be observed in the procedure. While the undermentioned ethical theories appear similar on the surface virtuousness theory. utilitarianism. and deontological ethical will be discussed and their differences will be defined. Virtue Theory relates to the chase of excellence in everything you do. As one commercial put it. “Be all that you can be” ( U. S. Army 1981 ) . One must hold the thought that if they want to maximise their greatest potency. they must work hard to bring forth it.

To the Utilitarian this may look selfish. but self-discipline and self-government is cardinal to accomplishing the end. Oxford dictionary describes utilitarianism as one who patterns the philosophy that produces the greatest felicity of the greatest figure. For illustration. a busy female parent gives great forfeit of seting her demands aside to take attention of her three kids who are home ill with the grippe. At this minute. the female parent. who is besides ill with a temperature of 102 F. is non practising virtuousness theory because ; the female parent has presently put her demands aside.

The female parent is practising forbearance and compassion to guarantee that her kids get the attention that they need. Boylan ( page 171 ) describes Deontological moralss as a moral theory that emphasizes one’s responsibility to make a peculiar action merely because it is right and non through any other kind of computations. An illustration of this would include showing an stock list sheet to governments turn outing that deceitful activity has occurred purchase a company that has been bear downing clients excess for supplies.

The distinguishable difference of these theories suggests that practical theory focuses attending toward making illustriousness within one’s ego. Utilitarianism focuses attending by making illustriousness toward the multitudes. Deontological moralss relates to making what is right whether it be for one’s ego or for the multitudes with the apprehension that felicity is non the end but a moral duty is. A personal experience explicating the relationship between virtuousness. values. and moral constructs includes a deontological experience that I had several old ages ago.

One Friday afternoon I walked into a bank to hard currency a cheque in the sum of $ 527. 28. The Teller cashed my cheque. but I did non trouble oneself to duplicate look into the money until I got place. After look intoing and double-checking the money that flushing. I came to the realisation that I had 627. 28 hard currency in my envelope. The Teller accidently gave me an extra $ 100 dollar measure. I could non travel back to the bank to turn to the job because the bank had closed for the twenty-four hours.

I could non with good witting maintain the money because my household has instilled strong ethical motives and values of honestness. unity. and self-respect within me. The money must be returned for it is the morally right thing to make. Saturday forenoon I drove back to the bank and asked for the director and explained what had happened. I handed over the full envelope as it was presented to me and I explained that two really sharp one hundred dollar measures were so tightly stuck together that it appeared as one measure.

The director surprised at what had transpired the twenty-four hours before. thanked me for my honestness and finding to see that the money was returned. I told the director that I appreciate her sort words but it was genuinely the right thing to make. Though comparing the similarities and differences with these moral criterions. ethical theories along with ethical motives and values can be observed in the procedure. While it is clear that these theories may look similar in nature the undermentioned ethical theories. virtuousness theory. utilitarianism. and deontological ethical will be discussed and their differences will be defined.


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