European Union Expansion Essay

European Union ( EU ) started in the early 1950s by an understanding by Germany. France. and four other states to enable them to pool steel and coal resources with the purpose of conveying an terminal the hostility that had existed among them for several old ages. The European steel and coal community was established in the twelvemonth 1952. The Rome pact created a wider common market which was later signed by the member states after five old ages. The first major enlargement of the European Union occurred in 1973. while the 6th and the most recent took topographic point in 2007 ( Ingham. & A ; Ingham. 2002 ) .

The enlargement of the EU is the procedure through which the European Union is expanded by acknowledging other provinces as new members to the brotherhood. The enlargement of EU started with the six states that are the laminitis members of the brotherhood. Over the old ages. the European community has continued to turn and by 2007 it had reached twenty seven states after being joined by Romania and Bulgaria. Currently. dialogues of the accession of other states to go members of the European Union are under manner.

The enlargement of EU allows cooperation intensification of the member states which would so give manner to the harmonisation of the national Torahs in a gradual mode. For any state to be allowed to go a member of the EU. it is required to carry through the political and economic conditions normally referred to as the Copenhagen standards. By and large they require any state intending to fall in the EU community. to be governed by a legitimate democratic authorities. the regulation of jurisprudence must be to the full respected in such a state. together with the corresponding democratic establishments and freedoms of its citizens ( Ingham. & A ; Ingham. 2002 ) .

Standards and procedure of fall ining the European Union Currently for a state to be allowed to fall in EU. the procedure of accession has to be followed. This procedure is comprised of a series of several prescribed stairss. These stairss are fundamentally observed by the committee of the brotherhood. However. all the dialogues are normally conducted by the member provinces to the brotherhood and the state that is meaning to go portion of the brotherhood ( Bruinsma. Hakfoort. & A ; Wever. 2005 ) .

In theory. any state in the universe can use to the EU in order to fall in it. but practically this is non possible since the standards that are set for fall ining the brotherhood automatically bars some states from fall ining it. Once a state applies to go a member to the brotherhood the council of the brotherhood so consults the European parliament and the committee of the EU so as to originate the accession dialogues. The council of the EU can either cull or accept such a recommendation in unison. For a state to have a recommendation that is positive it must run into the undermentioned standards.

The state must be from Europe. the state must esteem all the rules of democracy. autonomy. esteem the regulation of jurisprudence and all the cardinal human rights and freedoms ( Bruinsma. Hakfoort. & A ; Wever. 2005 ) . Furthermore. for a state to fall in the European Union it must run into all the Copenhagen standards that were set by the council back in the twelvemonth 1993. The Copenhagen standards demands that a state wishing to fall in the EU community must hold stable establishments that guarantee democracy. human rights. regulation of jurisprudence and protect and esteem the minorities.

The states must besides hold in topographic point a functional market economic system which should be accompanied by capacity to cover with the force per unit areas of competition and forces of the market within the European Union. In add-on. for a state to be allowed to fall in the European Union the Copenhagen standards requires that such a state must hold the ability of taking on all the rank duties of the brotherhood which includes devotedness to the aims of economic. pecuniary brotherhood and political ( Bruinsma. Hakfoort. & A ; Wever. 2005 ) .

In the mid 1990s the European council met in Madrid City and revised the standards of rank was revised to integrate the conditions for the member nation’s accession via appropriate alteration of its constructions for disposal. Due to the fact that it is important for the statute law of the EU community to be represented in the statute law of the national assembly. it became of import for the national statute law which was revised to be efficaciously implemented via the appropriate judicial and administrative constructions ( Ingham. & A ; Ingham. 2002 ) .


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