Evaluate the effectiveness of management strategies within Matlock Bath Essay

My main aim for this investigation is to evaluate the effectiveness of management strategies within Matlock Bath.Due to the increased demand for the services within Matlock Bath, traffic is becoming more of a concern to the local residents of the beautiful areas.

The growth in mass car ownership is proving to cause many problems, as there is not enough room to accommodate all of the vehicles. Also, the urban to rural interaction has a huge impact on tourism as many people from larger cities have the desire to visit quieter, smaller and generally more peaceful locations, within their given leisure time.Key questionsIn order to achieve my aim, I have sectioned this study into five main areas of concern.1. Why is traffic an issue in Matlock Bath?2. What is the current traffic situation?3.

What strategies have been adopted to help the management of traffic?4. To what extent are these strategies effective?5. Possible improvements for the areaStructure of investigationPrimary DataType of dataAnalysisReason to include thisBrain StormAn easy and simple approach to highlight tourist attractionsSphere of influenceTo illustrate why the area is popular and relate my theory to realityTraffic CountsRecords the type and amount of vehicles passing a given pointHighlight the main method of transport and illustrate the busiest times of the dayTraffic questionnaireThis will enable me to establish the reasons behind traffic congestion and suggests possible improvements for the areaShow an accurate response to the questions asked and allow an easier overall evaluation of the problemLand use mapIllustrate a variety of management strategies and ‘hot spot’ areas.Shows effective and accurate traffic situations and allows easy evaluationPhotographsRealistic pictures of traffic strategies and problemsHelp to evaluate the effectiveness of strategiesSecondary DataLocationMatlock Bath is situated in the Derbyshire Dales, approximately 18 miles north of Derby. As shown on the map below, Matlock Bath is easily accessible to a car owner by lying in the direction of both the M1 and A6. The area is surrounded by many major cities and has contributed to the growth in tourism rates.

This map shows Matlock Bath in terms of major cities around England.This map shows Matlock Bath in terms of surrounding towns.Again this highlights the ease of accessing Matlock Bath.History of Matlock Bath* Matlock Bath in Derbyshire became an instant tourist resort for the wealthy and influential, when warm springs averaging 68 degrees Fahrenheit, were discovered in 1698* In the early years Matlock Bath was almost inaccessible, but in1818 a new turnpike road was built connecting from Cromford.* Within the next 30 years Matlock Bath began to cater for the middle class, who built their homes on the hillside.* The 1840’s opened up Matlock Bath to the ordinary tourist, along with the arrival of the railway.

* In the last 30 years, roads have been widened, more souvenir shops built, more cafes created and definitely more amusement arcades.* The main road is now split in two parts known as the, North Parade and the South Parade.Key Question One”Why is traffic an issue in Matlock Bath?”The traffic within Matlock Bath is mainly caused by the vast amount of tourists having the desire to visit these types of tranqille places. There are many things to do and attractions to visit whilst in Matlock Bath, and as the summers progress the area is becoming more and more popular with city people. Below is a brainstorm illustrating the main tourist attractions.Tourist AttractionDescriptionAquariumWas a former Victorian consulting room, now home of the aquarium, containing British and tropical fish. It is fascinating and fun for all the familyHeights of AbrahamHigh TorPavilion mining museumCan experience the forgotten world of Derbyshire.

See the tools they used and clothes they wore, and also feel the cramped working conditions of a Derbyshire miner.Gulliver’s KingdomIs a very popular tourist attraction, and is suited for all the family! The prices are exceptionally low


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