Evaluation/Argumentative Essay

Write an evaluation/argumentative essay on a topic of your choice. Several possible topics are listed below, but you are free to come up with your own. Develop your evaluation/argument in an essay of about 500 words. If you wish, use statistics, examples, or quotations from sources you find helpful and supportive. Possible topics: * A review of a book you have read or a movie or television show you have seen. An evaluation of a work process with an argument for how to do it more efficiently. * An evaluation of a course you have taken that includes either an argument for why other students should take it or for how it could be made better.

* An exploration of any controversial issue of interest to you. Note: This assignment may require some research. If you need information about documenting sources and avoiding plagiarism, consult information in one of the following sites you’ll find by clicking the links below or the icons at right.The third site is devoted to documentation issues. * General Writing Reference Site.

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The Writing Center: University of Wisconsin-Madison * General Writing Reference Site. The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue * Research and Documentation Site. Research and Documentation Online (Diana Hacker) Note: In addition to submitting your evaluative essay, you are also asked to do the following relative to your Final Project Portfolio Assignment: 1.Choose for revision any three of the essays you have submitted in previous assignments sent to your mentor before the midterm examination. 2. Review the feedback you have had from your mentor and the information within the “Guidelines: Portfolio Assignment” heading of the Final Project area of the course Web site.

3. Begin to revise the three essays to make improvements and keep notes on the decisions that influence your changes.You do not have to resubmit your three revised essays until the end of the course, at which time you will also have to submit an essay detailing the decisions and processes you used to make your revisions. For details about the portfolio assignment, see the Final Project area of the course Web site.

| When you are ready to submit your assignment, click the View/Complete Assignment link at the bottom of this page, and then use the Browse button to locate and submit your assignment file. Consult the course Calendar for the assignment’s due date.


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