Everybody Loves Raymond Sample Essay

Everybody Loves Raymond is a telecasting situation comedy based on a apparently typical modern American family. The show is based around a loving but slightly unequal matrimony between Ray and Debbie. Thrown into the mix is Ray’s overprotective female parent. his tyrannizing male parent. and his insecure brother. Most or these characters play into the American perceptual experience of what a adult male or a adult female should be. Each personality has it’s ain manner of portraying one’s gender. in bend doing the situation comedy more appealing to Americans.

Ray is a depicted as a stereotyped male. He carries all of the traits that we are brought up to cognize a normal. His involvements are golf. work. and sex. It is a reproduction of the media’s phantasy of the “real man” ( tough pretense ) . As the dominant male figure. he strives merely for these few things but seldom succeeds in acquiring them because his married woman makes most of the family determinations. During the full episode. Ray is merely seen making housekeeping one time. Unfortunately. he is wholly clueless as to what to make and Debbie has to take over. This clearly shows that even though Ray is the dominant 1 in the house. he is non required to make thing refering to housework and childcare. In fact. if Ray is asked to make something like that he complains and does everything he can to acquire out of it. This behaviour non merely plays into what were anticipating of a typical adult male. but it besides shows what we are to anticipate for a typical adult female.

Womans tend to pass at least 15 more hours making housekeeping than work forces do ( 309 ) . In the instance of Ray’s married woman. Debbie. she spends all of her twenty-four hours making housekeeping and taking attention of the kids. which you ne’er see during the episode. Every clip Debbie appears in a scene she is turn uping apparels. making dishes. or taking attention of other domestic issues. About 15 per centum ( 15. 7 % ) of adult female on primetime telecasting do non hold a occupation. Another 11 per centum ( 14. 4 % ) of adult females were represented as housewifes or homemakers as their business. Debbie being one of them ( Elasmar et al 8 ) . While homemakers seem to hold no power in the existent universe. Debbie has all of the power at place. She decides when Ray can play golf. what measures to play. and most significantly when to hold sex. This power. which she exercises on a regular basis. is non considered every bit of import as Ray’s power. She may do all of the determinations but because she does non travel out into the work and convey place a payroll check. she will ne’er be considered the most of import portion of the family.

Now when looking at Ray’s parents. we see a mirror image as to what goes on with Ray’s matrimony. Marie. Ray’s female parent. is ever minding to non merely the demands of her hubby. but besides the demands of her two boies. Every clip at tiffin. Frank. Ray’s male parent. expects her to do him a sandwich. She is the ultimate health professional for her boies. about to the point of asphyxiation. Frank. on the other manus. does non take and portion in caring for his boies. In fact. he seems to desire to distance himself from them. He orders Marie about because he feels that it is her occupation to take attention of him inside the house. Even though there are differences because of their coevalss there is one chief similarity. The fact that in both of their relationships. the adult male goes into the universe to supply for his household while the adult female stays place and takes attention of the kids is non a happenstance. It is the merchandise of socialisation through household. Most early socialisation occurs with in a household context. ensuing in how the person will construction his life subsequently ( 95 ) .

We now have two married twosomes that maintain typical gender functions within the American society. However. there is an uneven adult male out. Robert is Ray’s individual brother who apparently ne’er to the full separated from his female parent. Robert strays from all of the gender functions that are so outstanding in Ray. Even though his business as a constabulary officer and his size entirely do him into an intimidating individual. he shows himself as the complete antonym. Robert enjoys making things that would be considered feminine. such as shopping and watching dramatic films. He does everything his female parent tells him to and ne’er seems to desire to divide from her. However. his heterosexualism is ne’er questioned. Robert seems to associate with Debbie better than any other character on the show. This poses an interesting inquiry as to whether or non you need maintain all of the features of a “real adult male. ”

Everybody Loves Raymond in a manner contradicts itself. The show creates stereotyped relationships among work forces and adult female and so merely puts it all out this window with one character that embraces both muliebrity and maleness while go oning to keep his heterosexualism. Everybody Loves Raymond plays into the all American gender functions of a strong and dominant male and a domestic and caring female. Both who love each other in an equal yet imbalanced relationship. They seem to congratulate each other nicely and it is ne’er questioned because of the socialisation they have received while turning up. Ray’s parents taught him that he is to be the caput of the family while his married woman is the 1 that does all of the housekeeping. We can merely presume that with Debbie. she was raised with the same ideals that Ray’s parents placed on him because of how good she receives her position as the housewife and kid attention giver.

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