“Everyday Use

“Everyday Use: For Your Grandma”
Point: “Yellow gold”
Evidence: “Green emerald”
Explanation: “Blue diamond”
Link: “Fuchsia””
Transitions: “Italics”
Everyday Use showcases various type of dynamic and static characters, for example Maggie, Dee, Mama. As shown in the story Maggie is a dynamic character, in the beginning of the story she is super insecure and shy, and at the end she laughs and is more confident about herself. For this reason, Maggie is a dynamic character, the fact that she was shy and changed in to a confident person shows it. Usually shy people get scared easily than fearless people, that is why Maggie had all those scars, because she froze the time when the house was burning down. However, at the end of the story she met her love, and she talked to him like a brave person.

Dee is a static character which doesn’t change from beginning to the end. Dee had a great education and was very brave unlike Maggie. In addition, she was a very arrogant person, she thought because of her knowledge she was among others. In the end she was the same self-important person. For this purpose Dee is a static character. After all, she didn’t get scars like Maggie, because when the house was burning down she ran outside of the house instantly. That shows how brave she was, at the end she disrespects Maggie by thinking she didn’t know the history of their family, and that shows how arrogant Dee is at the end as well as the beginning.

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Mama is a dynamic character which does have a huge change from beginning to the end. She was a farmer when she was young, and didn’t have any type of education. In the story says that she liked doing man jobs. Also, she always did whatever Dee wanted. In the end she didn’t please Dee by giving the quilts to Maggie, instead of her. This demonstrates, why Mama is a dynamic character. After all, Mama never made Dee sad or unpleased her. However, in the end she told her that Maggie was the one getting the quilts, because she promised her that she was the one getting it.


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