Everyone in life has goals that they plan and prepare to reach

Everyone in life has goals that they plan and prepare to reach, or achieve in their lives. Setting up goals gives us the long-term view, and the short-term motivation “Setting goals are the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” (Tony Robbins) planning for our goals helps us to organize our time and resources. I have goals that I’m trying to accomplish for the next four educational years of my life; and in order to accomplish them, I need to plan and organize what do I have to accomplish first, make my goals logical, always have a second plan if any of my plans start to fail.
In my current school year which is the 10th grade, I achieved some of the goals that I planned to last year. I joined two clubs for this school year, the Interact club, it’s a service and volunteer club for students to take action through the community, the purpose of me joining this club is to help others and be an active member in the community. And there is the CSF club (California Scholarship Federation) is a nationally recognized academic club that emphasizes community service, the club is a reason to encourage me to work harder on my classes and get better grades and be able to be in the club for the next semester. Some other short-term goals that I already achieved were taking AP (Advanced Placement) and honor classes, which they are the AP European History, Pre-Ap English 10 and Honors Biology. Also, one goal that I did this year was getting out of the English language Development class, which is for students whose English is their second language. And Finally, I took my PSAT (Practice Scholastic Aptitude Test) which it will help me to know what should I focus on to study for the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) My goals for the rest of my Sophomore year are to reach a GPA of 3.5 or higher, get good grades in my classes and work hard on my AP and honor classes. My AVID class would help me to make sure that I’m on the right track, by checking grades every week, checking binders and going to tutorials.

Many of the 11th and 12th graders that I know or met told me that junior year is the hardest year in high school. Because this is the year where most of the students start taking AP and honor classes, also it’s the year where they take the SAT test. The first thing that I’m already planning to is what classes should I take in my junior year, or more specifically what AP classes should I take. The classes that I’m planning to take in 11th grade are; chemistry or AP biology, math 3, Spanish 3, AVID, AP English Language and Composition, and maybe the AP United States History. Also, I want to sign into the same clubs which they are the Interact club and the CSF club. Another thing that I’m planning to do is to get a part-time job if my parents will give me the permission for it, I want to have a job experience before I go to the college and start taking the responsibility of myself. Finally, I want to take the SAT test and work hard to get a good score that could help me to get into good universities.
Most seniors said that senior year is the fun year because they are about to graduate and go to college, some of them might start another life in different places. Most of the classes that I’m planning to take depends on how I will do in my classes in my sophomore and junior year, some of these classes are my AP classes. The classes that on my list are; math advanced or statistic, anatomy, photography, AVID, AP English Literature and Composition, AP government, AP economy, and maybe Spanish 3.

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