Everything needed for a party is within reach … right in the dining room Essay

Some people put away their best dishes, silver, and glassware so
carefully and completely that it’s a chore to assemble things for
just about any occasion.

Before she began a remodel of her dining room and kitchen, Mrs.
Richard H. Riddell of Seattle decided that she wanted to have all her
treasures near the dining room, ready for immediate use for a large
gathering or just coffee with a friend.

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She first catalogued and measured all of the items she intended to
store. Then she and architect Vern Cooley of TRA worked out detailed
storage. by taking advantage of two windowless walls, they gained
nearly 19-1/2 linear feet of new storage space.

In the dining room, a 13-1/2-foot-long wall houses several cabinets
and drawers, faced with grain-matched walnut. Cabinet doors have hidden
hinges and touch latches, so no hardware shows. Concealed lights in the
8-1/2-foot-long glass-fronted cabinet make it a showplace for china,
glassware, and larger silver pieces.

The dining room wall stores sets of dishes, flat silver, serving
pieces, and glassware, as well as tablecloths, place mats, and napkins.
Two drawers with built-in plywood racks hold bottles of wine and soda.

The other storage wall serves both the dining room and kitchen,
offering 6 more feet of built-ins. These include a niche for
coffee-making gear, pull-out tiers of shallow panty shelves, and several
appliance garages.


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