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There is evidence that ineffective advertising in movies has led to a lack of consumerism influence in the UK Consumer behavior is a selection of continuing using or removing the products or services which they have chosen.

Consumer behavior can be defined as an action of a person, family or a group of people who purchase products or services and use them to satisfy their needs, but not resell them for any purposes (Teeth, 2008). According to Bola & Williams (2008) the role of consumer behavior is considered a center part of marketing activities in the I-J.Moreover, it is affected by many factors such as advertising which often have a certain impact on the public. There are a majority of companies which have sponsored for the movies to make their products or services appear in them and appeal their consumers.

‘TV signs series sponsors’ (2008) reports that there are many companies have the sponsorship of television programs and movies produced by TV Network Ltd. Such as Toyota Motor Corp.. , Carling Company and Churchill Insurance Co. Ltd. In Great Britain. However, it is said that ineffective advertising in movies has led to a lack of consumerism influence.One example of this is found in Tobacco brands in movies, which reduced after external enforcement in fact, it also coincided with a decline in tobacco screen time and suggested that limited enforcement on tobacco brand placement; as well as it limits the description of the smoking on the screen (Bereaving, E, Demimonde, E, & Sergeant, J 2013).

This essay will discuss this problem and provide three possible solutions, which are: firstly, the level of the brand awareness; secondly, the effectiveness of advertising and lastly, the product placement.First, the level of brand awareness can make a positive behavior of consumers, and t may produce consumers’ intentions to its brand name. It has been suggested that brand awareness is the first step and plays a major role in a consumer’s buying decision-making process which is an important criterion for measuring the strength of the brand. Brand awareness can be sorted in order into three levels from high to low which are top of mind, spontaneous and prompt. The higher recognition of the brand the more successful it is.On the other hand, there are businesses have prompt brand awareness; it may result in misstatements among the same level brand names from the consumers (Kettle, 1984). Therefore, many businesses have tried to build their brand becomes a top of mind brand to consumers. According to Mining- time Tsarina-OK Leaning-Ling (2007) brand awareness can be enhanced the consumer buying decision, consumers who have bought the particular brand before may have a higher awareness in comparison with the nonuser.

For instance, Hoer & Brown (cited in Baker et al. 986; Hasher & Jack 1986) demonstrated that “people who have the automatic frequency counting mechanism count substantially more instances of communications about brand A than about brand X then in inference ay be made to the effect that brand A is better known than brand X so it is popular and probably better than brand X” (1990, p. 142). As a result, increasing brand awareness is the basic aim of the marketing communication activities which will boost the sales targets and create brand strength.Second, the effective advertising in the movies can lead to the impression in consumers’ mind, and it may make the brand become remarkable. Moreover, Bola, P, & Williams, L (2008) suggest that products and services can be created and become more popular through the movies. An effective advertisement should have clear purposes which are the aim audiences, the appropriate place, the purpose of the advertising, and the right time. Beaten & Shovel (2005) demonstrate that the way of using advertising should be reasonable and logical, and it also should contain a rational explanation for the meaning of the product or the brand.

Besides this, some advertisements contain unreasonable content or appear too much while the movies will cause the negative effect which can make consumers have an unfriendly look with the brand. Thus, companies should be ireful in making advertisements and broadcast time. The aim of advertising is a specific communication task accomplished among defined audiences, and that effective advertising can create awareness to impart information which contributes to the consumers buying decision.Finally, product replacement can give rise to the positive attitude toward to the brands which are presented in the movies. Product placement can be defined as the integration between products or brands which should be advertised with mass media entertainment but not intended for direct rumination products in the movies, from a marketing perspective (Lieu, 2007). Wiles & Dandelion state that “Consumer connections with film can create a strong loyalty for the products in the film, creating substantial switching costs, can also affect consumption trends and styles for years after the film’s release” (2009, p.

6). For example, the significant increase in sales of Red Strip after The Firm and the Mini Cooper after the Italian Job is the potential evidence of the successful product placement to attract consumers to the brands. In addition, product placement is also n attractive method to reach specific audiences who would not pay attention to the brand such as Cadillac placed their cars in The Matrix Reloaded to reach teenager audience, as reported by Wiles & Dandelion (2009).The characters in movies use a brand closely and naturally will bring about the consumers’ impression, and it may persuade them to purchase the products or services.

In conclusion, there is the problem that ineffective advertising in movies in the UK can persuade the consumer behavior. On the other hand, consumers are usually fascinated by the actors’ behavior. In addition, most of their images in the movies are often created perfectly to attract audiences. It is the result that consumers can make buying decisions based on the influence of actors and actress’ behavior.

This essay has discussed three solutions which can help companies create and maintain their image in consumers’ mind. The level of brand awareness can push the sales up and create the strength of the brand; whereas, the effective advertising in the movies can contribute to the consumer buying decision-making process; however, product placement can erasure consumers to purchase the products or services which are presented in the movies. As a result, companies should have cooperation with movies producers to consolidate their brand names.

Overall, these offered solutions will bring about the increasing incomes for many companies.


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