Example of Story-Telling Resume/Biography Essay

Short Version:

Juntamon Yampundhu is a MBA scholar in Luxury Business who is passionate about art, fashion, history, and culture. A Thai multi-lingual socialite with an international background. She is open-minded, rational with a modern mindset.

Medium Version:

Juntamon Yampundhu graduated her International bachelor degree from Thammasat International University Thailand in Liberal Art with a major of British and American studies. She is fluent in Thai and English, and is looking forward to learn more French as her third language. Since her childhood age, Juntamon has a chance to travel to many countries. She also has a chance to intern in many fields, from the fashion production company, trade and investment section in British embassy, to the politic side with both democrat party to ministry of commerce, and many more. Juntamon usually participate in all type of social events at least three days a week, regarding fashion show, media press conference, store grand opening, movie premiere, and product launching event. According to her daily lifestyle which involve mostly in fashion and luxury business, she is currently enrolled another International degree of MBA in Luxury Business at ISC Paris.

Long Version:

Juntamon is currently attaining a MBA Degree in Luxury Business at ISC School of Management in Paris, pursuing her dream to have a career in luxury fashion. She traveled to many cities in the world like London, Tokyo, Milan, and Paris many times and by visited those cities again and again has made her become more interested in Fashion and Luxury world. Later on she started to get involved more in fashion, first by pursuing her education in Bachelor of Arts. That has acknowledge her more about all kind of arts, which fashion is one of them.

Moreover by attending to a lot of social events, especially Fashion Show, has made Her life became hardly to avoid trends and movement of the Fashion world. So, she decided to do 6 internships in both private and government sectors. For example she started with AV production company during Bangkok International Fashion week. in charge of taking care of international buyers, Then interned for British Embassy in trade and investment section. looking after British fashion and cosmetic brands, And ended as a personal Assistant of the Deputy Minister of Commerce in charge of fashion industry. Beside that she always find the time to do charity and give back to society. She has been involved in more than 20 charities and philanthropic activities through out her life. It is her belief that those who have more opportunities should give back every time we have a chance to do so.

By growing up in Bangkok attended school of The King of Thailand, where she become friend with her classmate, Her Royal Highness Princess Sirivannavari, who now become one of a young successful designer worldwide. These has given Juntamon more opportunities and chances in life more than others.

General Yoodhana Yampundhu, Juntamon’s grandfather, once said, “It is always an advantage for a person to know a little bit of everything and it is harmful for a person to be closed minded and just focused on only one thing in life.” that statement make her always want to learn more and taught her to never give up her passions which is fashion. Her fortunate opportunities, experiences and achievements have given her the confidence and strength that will empower her to do anything. she strongly believe that by acquire a life skills is beyond the texts, as she already being exposed to some part of the real fashion world. Her ultimate goal in life is to be a fashion promoter with a great sense of style while having a wealth of knowledge in fashion industries.


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