Examples of Crawler Based Search Engines Most of the search engines refers to crawler based search engines and displays the search results via these new technologies

Examples of Crawler Based Search Engines
Most of the search engines refers to crawler based search engines and displays the search results via these new technologies. Example s are:
• Google
• Bing
• Yahoo
• Yandex
• Baidu

DuckDuckGo, AOL and Ask are different crawler based search engines available.
2. Human Powered Directories
Open directory system is also known as human powered directories whis is based on human activities for listing. Working of Human powered directories:
1. A short description is to be submitted by the site owner with the list of categories.
2. The file which was submitted is then reviews and added to is category else it is rejected from listing.
3. The Keywords are matched with the site descriptions which is referred to thecontent of the web pages whis are not into consideration where only description of the content matters.
Yahoo directory and DMOZ are the examples.
3. Hybrid Search Engines
Hybrid word itself explains that it is the combination of crawler and manual indexing for listing the sites in the given search results. The Google search engine uses the secondary mechanism as human powered directories. For example, Google takes the illustration of a webpage from human powered directories and show in the search results.
4. Other Types of Search Engines
• Google News: It is used to search the news from the different databases.
• Dogpile: These are meta search engines which collects meta information of the pages from other search engines and directories to display in the search results.
• Soogle: It provides accurate search results on specific area by understanding the contextual meaning of the search queries.

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Competition Law is the law based upon the solutions where free market system breaks down. During the Competition Act 1998 in the House of Lords debate one point was produced ‘competition law provides the framework for competitive activity. It protects the process of competition. As such it is of vital importance’. Globalized economy and innovations are increasingly the importance of competition. Competition improves customers to get good deal by lowering the costs , increasing the quality, providing incentives and putting downward pressure.
Competition involves a process of competitiveness between the companies that endeavour customers business into lowest levels of cost and prices, developing new products. Competition law does not supports directly consumer protection or trading standards but also benefits from the application of competition law.
In today’s life Competition is important. SO that it forces the organization to be at the low prices and innovative ideas and also the customers should gain best deals at good services and lower costs.
The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) started in April 2014 and since from then they have focussed on competition law enforcement. The CMA saw many illegal behaviours which are:
• price-fixing agreements within suppliers
• market-sharing to allocate customers
• suppliers preventing online retailers from cutting prices by threatening to refuse to supply them with goods
• companies dividing up the market between them so that they can charge excessive prices to customers
In all these illegal issues the customers have faced lot of problems and to avoid these problems, Competition law consists of rules and regulations where companies and businesses compete with each other. This uplifts the firm and organisation to create a big choice for customers which can be further helped to improve quality and reduce prices.
Quality: To improve the quality of goods and services for the attraction of more customers in the competition by which they can expand shares of the market. Quality can mean various things: products that last longer or work better, better after-sales or technical support or friendlier and better service.


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