Experience in class Essay

According to my foundation English class, it’s been a pleasure semester for me. My instructor was Madam Elizabeth. She is a great and experienced lecturer because she has 35 years experience of lecturers.

She told us she has a lot of students has became a university lecturer. Furthermore, I met new friends at there. This is because of my lecturer commanded us into groups and choose a group leader. I was very lucky to be appointed as leader of the group. At the same time, we also appointed a class rep and his job is responsible to notify students about lecturer’s instructions.In my official first day of class, my lecturer taught us how to distinguish a sentence error.

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So that, we can better understand how to make sentences and reduce mistake. After that, Madam Elizabeth taught us about easily confused words. In English grammar, there are many words pronounced the same or sounds.

In the lecturer’s teaching, we have learned to distinguish more words that will make us easily confused. Before the end of that class, lecturer gave us homework and that is to find the meaning of English words. Besides that, lecturer also commanded us must bring the dictionary in every class to facilitate us to look for the meaning.In the second class, requirements of lecturer want us to pass up our homework by say a meaning of vocabulary.

However, many students are not prepared and let lecturer feel very disappointed. This is because of lecturer think that reading the dictionary will increase student learning vocabulary meaning. After that, lecturer taught us about parts of speech. It makes me have been better understand and identify parts of speech.

Before the end of the lesson, lecturer gave us homework that is identify parts of speech from one article. This is to confirm whether we can accurately identify the parts of speech or not.Next class, lecturer taught us about nouns. Nouns can be divided into many parts. Although this is very simple,but also very easy to make us confused especially abstract nouns and gerunds. But, in the interpretation of lecturer.

I can understood the condition to form abstract nouns and gerunds. I can tried to complete the sentences with gerunds and also can change the words to abstract nouns. In addition, I feel interested in topic of gender because gender can be divided into four parts.

Parts of gender that I really interested are masculine gender and feminine gender. Although this two types of gender is used to denotes the mae sex and female sex. This topic let me know that the way to identify the male and female not just using man or woman, but in different occasions have different nouns in masculine and feminine genders. Lecturer also gave us some exercise to do for the purpose of know that our ability to master this knowledge.

In the past few weeks, I think my foundation English made progress. I was able to used the knowledge that lecturer instruct although not very flexible, but at least I tried. I hope I can learn more and let me able to successfully test to the examination Malaysia University English Test(MUET) in band 3 or above. I am grateful to my lecturer,Madam Elizabeth taught me carefully, I’ll study harder and concentrate on class,so as not disappoint lecturer.


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