Explain how different factors impact on travel to a selected worldwide destination Essay

Thailand/Bangkok: As we know that the countries like Bangkok have a too broadly culture which it is attractive to foreigners and the activities held in the city are really interesting. Therefore people are travelling to see the Asian culture so it is a different compared to your living country and in my view I think this is why people love to travel Thailand/Bangkok. Because, they want to see the different architecture and landscaping in Thailand, also for example; Tourist who travels from state in America where the winters are very cold would love to escape to Thailand and enjoy the warmer climate.But, there are some reasons why I choose here. The first of all as we know Thailand, is a beautiful country and the millions of tourists visit each year but there is a monsoon rains which is really dangerous for everyone which means that the negative side of this country and what the tourist don’t like as well as local people. During the heavy monsoon season rains can be very torrential to the country and the living city also it can affect travel and even cause floods.

In Bangkok the monsoons are sudden very quickly and this means that if it is rain suddenly the rain can catch people unprepared and makes it more difficult to escape, especially for elderly people as well as people who come for a holiday. Overall, this shows that sudden rains can have a detrimental effect on a local people and tourists who come for a holiday for example; people who planning a special holiday, such as a wedding or honeymoon so they would need to take this into consideration when choosing dates and destinations.The monsoon rains can also make major impact on tourists by discourage them to come any more because of monsoons so this will lead to decrease the visitor numbers by a number of different ways such as; when flights delayed, closed hotels, lack of transport system and the most important one is the rains can leads to lack of communication. Additionally, I did not mention before but there is some important factors as well E. g. Media, News, Internet.

For example last year in summer was flooding in Bangkok and we know this from the media sources such as TV, Internet and Newspapers.These media sources can impact people’s ideas about the place they might think of. This means that the media can influence people from both sides such as good or bad way. So this is an important factor for people who travel in terms of knowledge.

Note: The best time to visit Bangkok is between November and February. The time that is more likely for a monsoon to occur is June or July till September. Another travel factor in Thailand is “Sex tourism” Firstly sex tourism takes place in many different parts of the world particularly Brazil, certain African and Thailand.The most widely used definition describes sex tourism as consisting of people from economically developed nations traveling to undeveloped countries specifically to purchase the sexual services of local women and children. Therefore, people who don’t have any partner are more likely to go countries like Thailand. But why people travel thousands of miles to pay for sex, because the low cost of sexual services in Thailand is a factor that draws men to this country.

In fact the Thai men accepted it this and act as if nothing had happened.This situation is actually good for them as well as foreigner tourists because my research shows me that female tourists from Europe are going to the Thailand to find a man. Actually, the Vietnam War (Americans) drove Thai women`s to this situation because the real boost to Thailand’s prostitution occurred during the Vietnam War. Also, the lack of social security programs for women’s plays a big role in this country. The Thai government desperately needs to develop programs for educating women and men in skills that make them productive members of society.Overall, so why did so many men come to Thailand? They came simply because they knew the cost of living was low, the exchange rate was favourable, the people were friendly, and the conditions were favourable.

Thailand is still the most visited country in Southeast Asia, but it attracts the attention of some people even a small amount due to its level of prostitution. Each year, more than eight million foreigners visit Thailand, and who come because they are interested in its history, culture and seeing its remarkable beauty.


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