Explain the Influences of Two Predictable and Two Unpredictable Major Life Events on the Development of an Individual’ Essay

‘Explain the influences of two predictable and two unpredictable major life events on the development of an individual’ In this part of my assignment I will be looking at how both predictable and unpredictable major life events can have an effect on a person’s development. Predictable – A child starting school *I spoke to a person who found the transition from Primary to Secondary school very difficult* Physically- Due to the difficulty she found adjusting to the new school, she began to eat less and less, started making herself sick and began to suffer from panic attacks.These things didn’t help the stress of changing schools because she felt ill and weak and couldn’t function while trying to complete simple tasks.

Intellectually- She took a lot of the first weeks off school meaning she was already falling behind in work, when she did manage to get into school and classes without too much stress or suffering a panic attack, she found it difficult to concentrate on any work which meant she wasn’t working at the same speed as the rest of her classes.This later meant that she had to catch up quickly which then caused her more stress when she was able to attend school full time. Although she faced a lot of problems she spent more time by herself practising her music and is not taking grades in a number of different instruments. Emotionally- She found she was getting moody and angry quickly because she was tired and stressed and it seemed no one could understand how she felt. This whole situation affected her confidence; she thought she was ‘strange’ because she couldn’t go to school like a ‘normal’ person.

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Socially- She found it hard to keep in touch with her friends as they were at school when she had to stay at home. All the friends she had from primary school were meeting new people and forming new relationships, so when she went back to school, she didn’t have many people to talk to. This knocked her confidence further and she became isolated at school, sometimes only having conversations with her family when she got home. Predictable – Parenthood *I spoke to a friend who had a baby at the age of 17*Physical- Her body obviously changed with her pregnancy, and after the baby was born, found it hard to deal with the changes she had after when she didn’t look exactly like she did before. Intellectual- Although she had finished her college course 3 months before the birth of her child, she said she would have like to go on to do another course so that shoe could obtain more qualifications in order to pursue her career choice. She wanted to become a Nursery school supervisor and said that after her childcare course having a baby had taught her a lot of things she didn’t learn in college.She found that being practical by having to look after a baby and have all the responsibilities had taught her a lot more practical things than college could have and still wants to work with children feeling now that she can help, care for, and understand them better now that she has had a child of her own.

Emotional- She found that all the emotional changes during her pregnancy were difficult to deal with, especially when she went through the ‘nesting stage’ where she felt everything had to be perfect before the baby came.She started to feel like her friends didn’t want to spend time with her because she was pregnant which meant her confidence dropped. She became very emotional when she had the worries of developing Post Natal Depression once her child was born which made her stressed. Social- All of her friends were turning 18 and going out partying when all she wanted to do was stay at home and have an early night; Meaning that she lost touch with a number of friends.She felt really tired so even found having friends and family come to her flat to visit her hard because she would keep falling asleep. Because of this she stopped inviting people round with the worry that they would think she was going to be a bad parent because she was tired during her pregnancy. When her baby was born she was ill so whenever they went out, the baby would scream, she felt that people were judging her so she decided to stay in most of the time until her baby was better, this also meant that she was spending even less time with her family and friends.

Unpredictable – Serious Injury *I spoke to someone who damaged their knee* Physical- Whilst playing netball, this girl fell over, this was because he knee had dislocated. Before this happened she would play any sport she could and was very active. The damage to her knee meant she had to have a lot of operations to attempt to fix the problem. This is an on-going problem, she has difficulty walking and cannot use stairs, and because she cannot do much exercise she has gained a lot of weight.Intellectual- As this problem had and still does affect her mobility she had to leave college as it was on two different campuses.

This meant she didn’t get the qualifications she was expected to leave with. This has contributed to the fact she cannot find work because she hasn’t got the basic skills others have who had finished their course at college. As she spent a lot of time at home she took up doing art, which she had never really tried before, and now some of her designs are being used in tattoo parlours, and she hopes to one day, train to be a tattoo artist.Emotional- unfortunately she began to develop a low confidence because of her weight gain, she started to feel depressed because of all the time she had to spend at the hospital, for operations, check-ups and physiotherapy. Her confidence dropped even more after her last6 operation because she now has a large number of bog scars that runs down her leg, this stops her from wanting to wear dresses, and skirts in the summer because she feels really self-conscious.Social- She can’t make plans to go out with her friends very often because off all of her follow up appointments at the hospital, she couldn’t spend as much time standing or walking so she found she was invited out at the weekends less and less meaning the only time she would see friends were if they came to visit her at home, this also limited the friends she would see because some of them were too busy at college to keep visiting her at home or in hospital.

Unpredictable – Birth of a sibling *I spoke to a friend of mine who was 14 when her sister was born*Physical- When the baby was born, the mother suffered from postnatal depression, meaning she found it difficult for her to bond with her new-born baby. My friend helped her mother to look after her sister. This included, nappy changing, bathing, dressing, feeding and playing with the new baby.

This affected her physically because she was a full time student during the day and then looking after a child in the evening, this made her really tired during the day and found she didn’t have a lot of time to herself, so basic needs were put to the side, for example; eating full meals.Intellectual- She started to fall behind in her revision for her A-level exams because her evening time was filled with childcare and looking after her mum. When she had her exams she didn’t reach the grades that were predicted for her. As she spent more of her time with her baby sister she started to think about changing courses to a BTEC in childcare. When she started the course she already had basic knowledge and experience of looking after her child, and found most of the work easy and worked hard.She enjoyed this course more than her last and has been told she is going to pass with high grades if she keeps working hard.

Emotional- After spending the majority of her evening with her baby sister, and having her sleeping in her cot in her bedroom, she found it difficult to be away from her during the day, and would become quite quiet when spending time with her friends. She didn’t want to tell her friends about what she does at home because she thought they would feel negatively towards her mother even though it wasn’t her fault she found it difficult to cope with.Although she had a lot of stress put upon her, she managed to deal with it well and took other things in her stride without them affecting her as much as it did other people. Her mother has also been very thankful for her help and support meaning they now have a closer bond than before, and her mother is starting to deal with her problems through counselling and is taking care of her daughter a lot more each day. Social- The birth of a sibling, and the difficulties her mother has faced has affected my friend socially.

As she does so much for her mother and her sister, it means she has less and less time to spend with her friends. She doesn’t go out much at the weekends and her friends don’t visit her at home because she doesn’t want them to know what great responsibilities she has to deal with. Through her and her mother taking the baby to parenting classes together she has made friends with young mothers even though she is not officially one herself. She and her mother have been spending more time together meaning they have a better relationship and a better understanding of each other problems and personalities.


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