Explain why the Nazis promoted membership of their youth organisations after 1933 Essay

The Nazis did many things in order to gain control of the youth as by getting control of the minds of young people and by doing so take control of the people living under the dictatorship. The main purpose behind instilling such values in these youth was to make them fascist and loyally jingoistic. It was extremely vital for them to gain control as a means of suppressing freedom and elongating Hitler’s vision of tyranny.The Hitler Youth group was an extremely military-styled youth group. The members were indoctrinated to accept discipline as soldiers would and as they would do in a tyranny. This would have therefore allowed Hitler to take control of these vulnerable minds and impose from the offset their message and tasks.

Hitler was trying to create an order within these people, and so for their generation and those thereafter would learn to accept what they were given and in order to allow the Nazi regime to survive for a long period of time. It was made compulsory to join the HJ for all persons aged 14-18 in 1933, this shows that Hitler was preparing for a War on a big scale; thus this very anti-Semitic paramilitary style group would prepare all for this.Many youth were against being controlled by this despotic rule and being forced into joining something they regard as drivel; this created different groups such as the Edelweiss Pirates. As the tyranny was not advocating or promoting the youth to find them or create their own beliefs/thoughts/feelings, many people who were forced into attending the HJ naturally became extremely aggressive, nationalistic. This very much goes along with the idea of Gleichshaltung meaning that everyone should fall into line, and this was the way of imposing it onto the youth, who are the future of the regime.Other ways of indoctrinating the youth such as by means of education, which taught that the blood of the German people was all-pure and this was a motto for the HJ (Blut und ehre).

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History taught that Germans were all-superior throughout history, all this succeeded in creating a sense of pride by the youth for what Hitler is doing and again falling into line.


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