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In Oct 2012, the Business Management teacher requested a study on Business Management, It is to be submitted by Monday, 17th 2012. I chose Texaco spar. The Texaco spar is located in Merrion Road Dublin 4, where I did my work experience and was supervised by the store directorMETHOD OF PROCEDUREIn order to obtain relevant information, the undermentioned processs were adopted to get the information in the study:I worked in a Texaco Petrol station from 10th of Oct 2012 to 10th of Dec 2012 as portion of my work experience and Business Management class in Ballsbridge College of Further Education.FINDINGS Section( a ) Description of administrationHistory of the administrationThis store is divided into two parts, one called Texaco gasoline station, other one called Spar Express.Their providers from Texaco Limited Ireland provided Petrol to them and B W J Company provided Daily necessities to them So they are both concatenation of retail merchants from two companies.

And they are all household members run the stores, seven old ages ago, the store proprietor was their parents now, this store to their boy to go on the operate.The store proprietor name is Mr. Shahzad1.2. Chain retail merchants1.3.Type of private economic system, their chief intent is profit foundation. After revenue enhancements the money they earned by their ain domination, each employee can non acquire a fixed wage.

1.4 Type of service provided. In the store, all of their ware from the concatenation ‘s providers, such as the Texaco trade name has marketed high-quality fuels, motor oils automotive gasolene lubricators and service in all autos oil.

and with inexpensive autos wash Free usage of auto tyres pneumatic equipment. In the Spar express, their provider to supply a batch of goods to them, and even newspapers and magazines, etc. They use the merchandises to function all clients and with good service.1.5. For the Texaco gasoline station, they service to all auto user.

For the Spar express, they service to all clients no age bound, no gender differentiation between. But, the chief consumers should be nearby occupants and nearby hotel, the company ‘s officer etc.1.

6.Organisation ChartDirectorStaffStaffStaffStaffMe-Student1.7.

This Administration construction is span of control and everybody study to the store director include me. In the Spar express I and all staff to make the same occupation, such as usage hard currency registry for hard currency, cleaning the shelves, write monetary value hallmark, look into the cogency of goods, auto wash etc.1.8. The store no signifier of departmentalisation, a sum of five people, with a section.1.9.There is no assorted sections, is merely a concatenation of little retail merchants store.

My responsibilities is same work with all staff in the store, such as cleaning the shelves, tidy up newspapers and magazines and look into the cogency of goods and utilize hard currency machine to service clients.( B ) External influence on administration ( P E S T analysis )International elementsAt present, the international market, gasolene monetary values are lifting, furthermore, the growing rate of gasolene monetary values up higher than in old old ages.As gasolene monetary values rise, it does non intend that people ‘s incomes increased at the same clip. Peoples ‘s incomes are still stuck in the original degree. So, for auto families, they cut down the sum of gasolene usage, In general, some people prefer to choose the coach to travel out or take to sit a motorcycle.For the shop-petrol station: Due to lifting gasolene monetary values, but besides affect the income of the store.For the shop-Spar Express: As Ireland ‘s full market recession, taking to lifting monetary values from providers. So the monetary value additions affect people ‘s ingestion, affect the income of the store at the same clip.

For the store, they want to spread out the range of concern and to interrupt the restrictions, such as concatenation direction.Political elementsA authorities can impact concern through its policies in relation to industrial and services developments, revenue enhancement inducements and enlargement strategies So, the policy alteration is a really of import factor for the endeavor and the policy alteration can impact the development of the endeavor. e.g. Tax goes up, The development of the endeavor is restricted or is impeded, Changes in financial and pecuniary policy. World petroleum oil, currency and labour market.

The graduated table of the authorities ‘s budget. etc.The Political Legal Context: This store is run by all household members, so how much of the wage of each staff, there is no fixed criterion. But normally, possibly euro 5 per hr. But sometimes give each staff a little more.For the safety, so for I did non see any for fire protection equipment.For the store, the policy legal does non worksEconomic elementsTax additions, will impact the gross revenues of the endeavor.National economic recession, will necessarily take to the endeavor economic recessionNational macro policy control endeavor ‘s economic development.

Economic diminution will take to lifting unemploymentEconomic recession-Banking crisisFor the store, Gross saless layout and Resources. The degree of economic development and the endeavor economic tendencies of the hereafter are of import.Social ElementssSocial Elements- Technical, Economic, Political, Legal, they affect the endeavor action and determination.For the shop-Texaco gasoline station, The auto cleansing must utilize environmentally friendly cleansing merchandises and recyclingThe store ‘s web media promotionShop ‘s merchandise booklet,Safety and securityTechnological elementsIntroducing new engineering can advance endeavor developmentEducation, skills-It represents the energy of the endeavorFor the store, they use the web engineering to make the merchandise publicity and gross revenues. They besides have a particular professionals killCapital environment factors, can command the invention of the endeavor.Environmental factors, societal force per unit area factors can impact the engineering developmentInventions. New engineerings.

New procedures and its application chances etc.1.6.Forces analysisMenace of New EntrantsFor the shop-Texaco Petrol station, their supplies from Texaco limited Ireland. Texaco is a celebrated trade name in the universe, However Texaco is seen non merely as a gasoline but besides as a trade name. It has a really important market portion for a long clip and loyal clients are non really likely to seek a new trade name gasoline.For the store: Their rivals are adding new retail merchants, which will reassign the client ‘s attending, at least to give clients a new pick.Menace of Substitute Products or ServicessPossibly manufacturers, consumers, companies and developing states to organize their attempts in synchronizing the debut of new energy beginnings to replace oil.

They are new rivals to Texaco.A good service will have a good feedback from clients. Although the merchandises that you sell is a well-known trade name, but your service is the worst, this will do your clients to run away from you.Dickering Power of BuyersFor the shop-Texaco station: The chief rival, other company ‘s new trade name of gasolene and good quality with low monetary value.

For the shop-Spar Express: As a little store, so ware is besides less. They can non be compared with the big retail merchants.The Bargaining Power of SuppliersTheir providers can command their concatenation of retail shops. In the store, their providers does non let the store to sell other trade name of goods.Rivalry Among Existing FirmsBetween makers, each introduced new branded merchandises to pull clients and cut down the monetary value, to spread out their operations forces.Competition between little retail merchants, they need good service, they need to develop a good gross revenues plan to sell their merchandises.( degree Celsius ) Internal influence on administrationResource Based ViewFor the shop-Spar Express:There are two ATMs of the Bank of Ireland, it is convenient for the people ‘s backdown, people do non necessitate to run a long manner to travel to the designated Bankss.

The hard currency machine is set in the store, the resources should be considered a common benefit with the Bank of Ireland. Besides give the store brought a competitory advantage.For the shop-Texaco gasoline station:All gasolene signifier Texaco Company, celebrated trade name with good quality. Texaco company was founded in 1902, their production of gasolene has ever been accepted and default by the people. So this trade name of gasolene is non easy to replaced. This should be considered a resource, because it brings a competitory advantage.

For the store: In add-on, a valuable resource, their parents transferred over to the boy of the store has been runing good.Value concatenation analysisThe store is located on a busy route, in add-on to a few big companies, the remainder belongs to a affluent residential country. So, the stores occupy favorable conditions.A little figure of shop staff, so staff costs and overhead non much.But their concern is busy, particularly the gasoline station, a twenty-four hours a batch of people go at that place, even line uping for vehicle refuelling.These are due to the favorable conditions of the location to convey value to them.

In concern, they control cost of gross revenues and every twelvemonth a new gross revenues plan launched. etc.( vitamin D ) Internal & A ; External influence on administration ( SWOT analysis )1.

1 Strengths:The store on the busy route and with good location.They belong to a well-known endeavors gasoline of concatenation retail merchants.They sell celebrated trade name Texaco gasoline.For Spar Express besides celebrated every bit good in Ireland1.2.

Weaknesses:The Spar Express is non large plenty, they need to spread out the concern.They lack a sense of invention. They need to add new equipment at the gasoline station if so they can pull more clients to see.Opportunities:On the surface, there is no chance to enroll people outside the household to work at that place. ( except voluntaries )Menaces:In the same industry, if more people join the concatenation of retail merchants, they will hold more competition and challenges faced.And merchandise quality, measure, merchandise gross revenues monetary value, these all need competition These are besides the menaces and challenges to the endeavor.What are the deductions of the SWOT analysisSWOT analysis is the analysis the Advantage ( Strength ) and disadvantages ( Weakness ) , Opportunities and Threats.

SWOT analysis is a sum-up of the internal and external conditions for endeavors.The analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of their ain strength versus comparing with rivals.Opportunities and menaces to the analysis, if the external environment alterations, whether it affect the endeavor.

And enterprises must acknowledge its ain resources and the ability to keep a competitory advantage in the procedure.DecisionTo run a good concern, it non merely for monetary value with gross revenues, it needs to carry on a market analysis and PEST analysis and SWOT analysis.RecommendationTo develop new plans and to spread out the range of concern of the store.


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