Eye Donation Essay

Make you cognize that we can illume the life of a unsighted individual by donating our eyes after our decease?In India. we have an estimated 4. 6 million people with corneal sightlessness that is curable through corneal organ transplant made possible by oculus contribution. More than 90 % of the corneal organ transplant is carried out successfully and helps reconstruct vision in people with corneal sightlessness.

Corneal organ transplant in babies born with cloudy cornea can do a large difference to their lives.The C U Shah Eye Bank at SANKARA NETHRALAYA operates 24 hours throughout the twelvemonth. Through our Eye Bank. we obtain. measure and administer eyes received as contributions for usage in corneal organ transplant. research and instruction.

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We do this with extreme attention taking into history patient safety by following rigorous medical criterions. Eyess which can non be used for corneal organ transplant are used for research and instruction intents.Please name the C U Shah Eye Bank. Sankara Nethralaya. Chennai at 28281919 ( Hotline for Eye Donation ) / 28271616 as eyes have to be removed within six hours after decease.Some often asked inquiriesWho can be oculus givers?Anyone from the age of one. There is no age-limit for donating the oculus.

All one demands to make is will his or her eyes by taking a simple pledge to donate the eyes after decease. While taking a pledge during 1s lifetime itself is a baronial title. it requires the support of the relations or friends to transport out the wants of oculus contribution of the asleep. Peoples utilizing eyeglassess and those diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure can donate their eyes.Can the following of blood-related consent to a contribution if the asleep individual has non signed an oculus contribution signifier?Yes. the relations of the deceased can make up one’s mind on donating the eyes of their darling one.

Whom should we reach to donate eyes?Eyess need to be removed within six hours after decease and so it is of import to acquire in touch with your nearest oculus bank at the earliest.Please retrieve the followers after doing the call to the C U Shah Eye Bank at Sankara NethralayaKeep the eyes of the deceased closed and covered with damp cotton. Switch over off the ceiling fan. if any. straight over the asleep individual If possible. use antibiotic oculus beads sporadically in the deceased’s eyes to cut down the opportunity of any infection. Raise the caput of the deceased by about six inches.

if possible. to cut down the opportunities of shed blooding at the clip of remotion of the eyes Who can non donate their eyes?Death due to unknown causes. Peoples who die due to infections such as hydrophobias. pox. infective hepatitis. blood poisoning. and AIDS. can non donate.

What is a cornea?The cornea is the clear. crystalline bed in forepart of the “black portion” of the oculus. It is besides the chief focussing surface. which converges light beams as they enter the oculus to concentrate on the retina.

It is therefore the most of import portion of the optical setup of the Eye. Loss of transparence straight consequences in loss of visionHow does a cornea become opaque?InfectionInjuriesIatrogenic ( Malpractice. Improper Post-operative attention after any oculus surgery )MalnutritionCongenital/Hereditary.What is corneal organ transplant?

A Corneal graft is an operation that replaces the opaque cornea with a clear cornea obtained from a human giver.Are there any spiritual struggles in oculus contribution?There are no spiritual struggles on oculus contribution. Eye contribution gives a gift of sight to others. As such. it is consistent with beliefs and attitudes of all major spiritual and ethical traditions.

Will oculus contribution cause holds in funeral agreement?No. it has to be performed within six hours and leaves no disfiguration that will interfere with common funeral patterns.Is the whole oculus of the giver transplanted?No.

merely the cornea is transplanted. However. the remainder of the oculus is used for research and instruction intents.Can a individual who is blind due to retinal or ocular nervus disease donate his eyes?Yes. provided the cornea of the giver is clear.

Can a populating individual donate his eyes?No. contribution from populating individuals is non accepted.Will the receiver be informed of the donor’s inside informations?No.

the gift of sight is made anonymously.Are there any dedicated telephone Numberss for naming the Eye Bank for oculus contribution?Yes. In Chennai. we have a dedicated 28281919 where we can be contacted any clip. As your call. showing your desire to donate the eyes of a loved 1.

is really of import to us. our Eye Bank works 24 hours a twenty-four hours and 365 yearss a twelvemonth. Family members of the asleep individuals can reach us on this phone figureHow long will you take to make?Our squad is trained to go forth the infirmary within 15 proceedingss from the clip of the call and depending on the distance. will make within a upper limit of one hr.


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