Facts about Civil War 1

Facts about Civil War
1. Civil War was the war between the USA and the Confederate States of America.
2. Eleven states left the union and decided to form their own country. These states were called the Southern States. The war as initiated by the Northern States.
3. The Civil War was fought between 1861 and 1865.
4. The war began on April 12, 1861, when Southerners fired at Fort Sumter in South Carolina.
5. Approximately 3 million people fought in the war.
6. 640,000 people died during in the Civil War.
7. It was the bloodiest war in the history of US wars.
8. South Carolina was the first state to leave the Union.
9. ‘The War Battle Between Two States’ was the other name given to the Civil War.
10. The 9-year old boy was the youngest to serve in the war.
11. Abraham Lincoln was the elected president during the Civil war.
12. During the war, infection in wounds was the chief killer.
13. One out of every 65 Northern people and one in every 45 Southern people killed during the war.
14. Amputation of limbs was the most common operation performed by surgeons during the war.
15. Survival chances of soldiers during the war was 1 in 4.
16. Civil War is known by 25 different names, the famous names are- “The Brothers War”, “The War of the Rebellion” etc.
17. The first time National Draft was used in America was during the Civil War.
18. In Civil War only 1% was an army, 9% were drafted and rest were volunteers.
19. Soldiers used to walk for 15 to 20 miles a day during the war.
20. More soldiers died of diarrhea then soldiers killed in the war.
21. The war continued for 1,396 days and soldiers fought approximately every day.
22. 300,000 horses died in the civil war.
23. During the Civil War, the number of orphans was doubled in the US.
24. 470,000 soldiers were prisoners during the war.
25. On May 26, 1865, the Southern soldiers surrendered to the Northern.
26. In 1860, Mississippi and South Carolina had more slaves than the free people.
27. 2,625 soldiers and sailors were awarded medals during the war.
28. Famous poet Walt Whitman served as a nurse during the Civil War.
29. Walt Whitman also wrote countless letters for illiterate and dying soldiers to their family.
30. Northern wanted the war to unite the United States, to make it undivided country.
31. Southern wanted the war to protect the rights to own slaves.
32. The end result of the Civil War was the abolition of slavery.
33. In 1863, Lincoln declared a holiday on Thanksgiving to keep the country together.
34. Photographer Mathew Brady clicked about 7,000 photographs of US Civil War, it was an important visual document of the war but the government did not buy it.
35. Approximately the full staff and all students of the University of Mississippi participated in Civil War.
36. Sgt. William Harvey Carney received the Medal of Honor. He was the first African-American to receive it.
37. Sgt. William Harvey Carney was shot in the face, legs, arms, and shoulders but he didn’t let the American Flag touch the ground.
38. There is a colony in Brazil of more than 2,000 Confederate refugees who left the US after they lost the Civil War.
39. To avoid being drafted, a man Cooter Brown remained drunk during the whole time of Civil War.
40. In the war, the Southern lost so much, half of its wealth was gone, lost so many military men and also influenced the political stature.
41. Lemuel Cook was the last surviving veteran of the Civil War and died at the age of 106.
42. In 1866, the government of Mississippi spent more than half of yearly budget to provide prosthetics to veterans of Civil War.
43. Floating containers with explosives, designed submarines were used even during the American Revolution.
44. For the surgeries, chloroform, ether, a glass of whiskey was given as an anesthetic.
45. Women were not allowed to fight in the war, but about 400 women served during the war in the clothes of men.
46. About 10,500 battles were fought in the Civil War.
47. At the time of Civil War, the former US President John Tyler became the Confederate.
48. Robert E. Lee is said to be the Bloodiest General of Civil War.
49. former President Franklin Pierce tried to end the war by assembling all the former US Presidents.
50. The US Postal Service started delivering mails at home after seeing women standing in cold and waiting for letters from the Civil War.
51. 40% of dead bodies of soldiers were never found or identified.
52. Fountain Hughes was born as a slave, freed after the Civil war, he faced WW1, WW2, and beginning of Cold War.
53. During the Civil War, if any rich person got drafted they can pay a substitute to go to the war at his place.
54. There are many other famous Civil Wars that are written in the pages of history like- Spanish Civil War, Chinese Civil War, Russian Civil War, etc.
55. The number of people died in Civil War is more than deaths in any American conflicts.
56. The Battle of Antietam was fought for just one day but about 12,401 soldiers were killed and wounded.
57. In prison camp, more than 56,000 soldiers died due to hunger, diseases, and lack of resources.
58. Due to use of advanced machines and techniques for the first time in the Civil War, it is considered as First Modern War.
59. The Civil War ended in Virginia.
60. 28 May is celebrated as Memorial Day by USA.


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