Family also means trust

Family also means trust, which includes being able to call upon someone in time of trouble or pain as well as joy and happiness. For instance, when my husband battled cancer for the second time in his life, I was able to call upon my family and in-laws for emotional support, financial support and physical support. You want family you can count on, tell your deepest secrets too, and be able to confide in everything with. For example, Trust is being able to confide in someone and trust they will hold conversations privately. For instance, when it comes to my relationship with my husband who I was once dating, trust became an essential element to have. When we meet for the first time, I had trust in him because I hadn’t experienced something that test the trust between us both. When getting into a serious relationship, you experience the good times and the bad times. When the tough time comes, you want to be able to confide in that special person to help you through it and to lift you up when you are feeling down. Finally, trust is trusting someone that their going to do the right thing.


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