Family definition Essay

When most people think of the word household. female parent. male parent. kids. and relatives instantly come to mind. If you look up the word in the Oxford English lexicon you would read:

fam·i·ly ( fam’?-le . fam’le ) n. – the group of individuals dwelling of the parents and their kids. whether really populating together or non ; in wider sense. the integrity formed by those who are about connected by blood or affinity. While all this can be true of a household. it is non the merely or the right manner that household can be defined. Family is more accurately described as a group of people who might non be related by blood or matrimony but who unfeignedly attention and love each other. They are at that place for you every measure of the manner and supply support you could ne’er acquire anyplace else.

Since the beginning. households have been the edifice blocks of any society. Almost every facet of our lives involves the term household. In our faith we are portion of a “family” of trusters. At Penn State we are portion of one large “family” of pupils and module. One individual unites our state as a “family” whom we all look towards for counsel. While these illustrations might be accepted by society today. it merely describes household in wide footings. Family love is much deeper than all of that and is the love you portion with your friends and relations.

One really common misconception about household. as seen in the Oxford definition. is that its members about ever have to be related by blood. matrimony. or acceptance. In truth. household is anyone you love and care about and who besides feels the same manner about you. German poet Johann Schiller described household absolutely when he said ; “It is non flesh and blood but the bosom which makes us male parents and boies. ” I believe that my household is non merely my parents. my small brother and my other relations. but besides my best friends. My grandaunt is my blood relation but she knows every bit much about me as the following individual. For illustration. my friend Caitlin can state you anything you would of all time desire to cognize refering me and we can practically read each other’s head. I am non stating that my grandaunt is non considered portion of my household but Caitlin is merely every bit much as my aunt.

Family goes hand-in-hand with friendly relationship. In order to hold a household you need friendship. My household and I do non acquire along merely because we are forced to populate together. My household are my best friends and we get along because we truly love each other and want to be with each other. Every household is traveling to hold its jobs. but in the terminal no 1 can deny the love they have for each other.

In today’s society most people consider household to be merely blood dealingss but in world household is made of the bonds you portion with those you care for the most. Family is a wholly necessary constituent of anyone’s life. Your household helps you through the tough times. They provide the needful support to acquire you through life. Family cares about what happens to you. are ever at that place for you. and above all. they love you no affair what.


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