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This individual assignment on a famous person covers his family, resonantly, motivation, social class and his attitude.Official title : His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales Family A group may be defined as two or more people who interact to accomplish either individual or mutual goals. A group to which a person either belongs or would qualify for membership in is called as membership group. Family is one of the major consumer reference groups which defines as two or more persons related by blood, marriage or adoption who reside together.

Prince William is from the Royal British Family. He is the eldest son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles of Wales and is the next in line to the British throne after his father.He was strongly affected by his parent’s’ divorce in 1996 and his mother’s tragic death in 1997.

Prince William has a younger brother which is Prince Harry. The differences ages between him and his brother is 2 years. His brother has opposite personality than him.

On November 16, 2010, it was announced that Prince William and Kate Middleton were engaged. Prince William had popped the question in October during a holiday A husband and wife is constitute as a nuclear family. This type of family is still commonplace but has been on the decline.Price William only lives with his wife Kate Middleton and this type of family is known as nuclear family. It was also stated that the couple would live in North Wales, where Prince William is stationed with the Royal Air Force. Middleton is not of royal or aristocratic lineage, which is a break from long time royal tradition. With his marriage at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011, the Queen officially conferred her grandson with the title William, Duke of Cambridge, as well as the additional titles Earl of Sweetheart and Baron Carsickness.Personality Personality is defines as the inner psychological characteristics that both determine ND reflect how a person responds to his or her environment.

Under certain circumstances personalities will changes. For instance, an individual’s personality may be altered by major life events, such as the birth of a child, the death of a loved one, a divorce, or a significant career promotion. After his mother’s tragic death in 1997, his personality had changed. From a cheerful person, he turns up to be a shy person.Besides, after the death of his beloved mother, Prince William shied away from his public life and always spent his time at home. William gives the impression of being a well-mannered, responsible and mature nouns man who shows a strong sense of duty and loyalty to the royal family, fully aware of the role he is to play in the future as the King of England.

According sources from palace, William is remarkably mature. He is a serious, thoughtful and cautious person, combining his father’s passions with his mother’s strong will.And yet, there is a calmness about him that neither his mother nor his father had. After he had overcome his sadness, he become a friendly and outgoing and has a great sense of fun and playfulness. He is often a big talker, a big maker of promises, and he is usually pretty convincing. Upon his graduation from Eaton, William took a break from his studies to visit South America and Africa. He visits that country to help the need person and his do charities work there.Along with his military career, William supports numerous charities, including serving as patron to Counterpoint, an organization for homeless youth and Tusk Trust, which is In 2007, Prince William and his brother, Prince Harry hosted a special concert to celebrate their late mother and raise funds for charities than Princess Diana supported during her life as well as charities supported by the princes.

Motivation Motivation can be defined as the driving force within individuals that impels them to action.This driving force is produced by a state of tension, which exist as result of an unfulfilled need. Individuals strive both consciously and subconsciously to reduce this tension through behavior that they anticipate will fulfill their needs and thus relieve them of the stress they feel.

Prince William has motivation to further his study in a high class university which is in University of SST Andrews in Scotland. He took Bachelor in Geography because he really like the subject and he attend the best university for his study.Prince William has powerful emotional attachments to the past, his family, his childhood, places he associates with safety and security, and his beginnings.

High-spirited, enthusiastic, and exuberant, Prince William loves adventure, change and exploring new territory. Prince William of Wales has a strong sense of restlessness and yearning for something greater than anything he has yet experienced, and he often lives in his dreams and visions for the future. Besides, he loves to have a good, something to aim for, but once he achieves it he is on to something else.Freedom loving and independent, Prince William of Wales cannot tolerate being caged in for very long and friends and loved ones must respect his need for freedom of movement. The possibility of discovering something new is what makes life interesting for him. Prince William of Wales has great faith in life and he bounces back quickly from disappointment and failure. Prince William is extremely sensitive, compassionate and giving, often to his own detriment. His ideals and spiritual values motivate Prince William, and he cannot live for personal gain or materialistic concerns alone.

There must be an element of beauty, magic, imagination, inspiration or creativity in what he does. Otherwise Prince William of Wales becomes listless and aimless. The arts, theatre, music and/or charitable work are ideally suited to Prince William. Social class is defined as the division of members of a society into a hierarchy of distinct status class, so that members of each class have relatively the same status and members of all other classes have either more or less status. Each social class by the amount of status the members of that class have in comparison with members of there social class.

In Britain a class distinction is associated with circumcision. Circumcision indicated traditionally that a doctor had attended the birth (a marker of family wealth) rather than a midlife (more likely to be used instead by poorer people). The British Royal Family and the upper classes are circumcised. Prince William who is in the British Royal Family had been categorized in the social class of The Upper-upper Class which is Country Club Establishment.

Social-class categories are usually ranked in a hierarchy, ranging from low to high status.Thus, members of a specific social class perceive members of other social classes as having either more or less status than they do. The hierarchical aspect of social class is important to marketers.

Consumers may purchase certain products because these products are favored by members or either own or a higher social class and consumers may avoid other products because they perceive the products to be ‘lower-class’ products. For example, Prince William is using a high-priced of Omega Smarter Quartz wristwatch.Consumer research has found evidence that within each of the social classes, there is constellation of specific lifestyle factors (shared beliefs, attitudes, activities and behaviors) that tends to distinguish the members of each class from the members of all other social classes. The over-riding reason for William and Skate’s decision to spend their first few years of married life in remote North Wales, instead of in a royal residence, is that it will give them the privacy they will never know again.The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are to make Kensington Palace their family home after the Queen personally intervened to enable them to live in Princess Margarita’s former apartment. About El million will now be spent renovating the lavish four-storey, 20-room Apartment IA – which comes complete with its own private walled garden – to make it fit for William and Kate. William and Skate’s private offices will also move from SST Sesame’s Palace to Kensington Palace in mid 2012.

This is the lifestyle of The Upper- Upper Class people.Marketers are interested in the social class structures of communities that are potential markets for their products and in the specific social class level of their potential customers. Attitude is a learned predisposition to behave in a consistently favorable or unfavorable way with respect to a given object. Prince William has specific consumption of his products used. He has positive attitude toward a quality branded goods. He prefers to wear shirt by Turnbuckle and Easer who is a well-known with high quality of shirt. Attitudes are learned predispositions.

This meaner that attitudes relevant to purchase behavior are formed as a result of direct experience with the product, word-of- mouth information acquired from others, or exposure to mass-media advertising. Prince William prefers to use Rolls-Royce Phantom VI. This is because he had experienced in using it and satisfy with it. Attitudes have consistency. This is another characteristic of attitudes which they are relatively consistent with the behavior they reflect.

Normally, we expect consumers’ behavior to correspond with their attitudes.Prince William prefers high-priced of Omega Smarter Quartz wristwatch. His positive attitude toward this wristwatch is consistent because he trust this brand of wristwatch for it quality and elegance looks. Attitudes occur within a situation. He has negative attitudes towards press and reporters since he child. He dislikes the press for the news and photo that make him far from his late mother. He needs to avoid from going out with his mother in order not to make press pay attention to both of them.


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