Famous Thinkers Essay

For this week’s assignment two I will be discussing two famous thinkers from our week four electronic reserve readings. In this paper I will be providing information about the contributions to society, their personal, social, political environments and how these factors contributed to their creativity. I will also address the problems or issues they their ideas sought to solve and description of the solutions and how their ideas were implemented. This paper will also include the creative process of each thinker and how the compared to each other.

I will also attempt to critique of their ideas and what could they have done differently. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born 1929 in a time when white and blacks were segregated meaning blacks could not go to public swimming pools and had to sit in separate areas in the theater. Dr. King grew up in a very religious house hold where his father and grandfather were active members in the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Growing up with all this segregation and the superior attitude of the whites in the south, Dr.

King wanted grow up and change how blacks were treated. At the age of 14 Dr. King entered a speech contest in where he talked about the wrongs of the segregated system, he won the contest but later was harassed by a bus driver because he did not stand up fast enough to give his seat to a white person. Contributions to societyThe biggest contribution to society that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. provided would be his heroic civil rights movement to end segregation and provide equal rights for both whites and blacks.

Dr. King had a very different approach ending segregation compared to many other black leaders, he believed in a nonviolent movement where blacks and whites could coexist peacefully. These peaceful movements did not always end peacefully for example in 1963 Dr. King joined a protest against segregation in Birmingham,Alabama where he encourage children and teens to join the peaceful march.

The march resulted in cop spray the marchers with fire hoses and letting police dogs attack the crowd including teens and kids. Dr. Kings biggest accomplishment was his “I have a dream speech”.

Dr. King’s speech helped create support and the following year Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which outlawed segregation in most public accommodations. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was the biggest contribution to society. Problems and SolutionsThe problems that Dr. King sought to solve was the segregation of blacks and white.

Dr. King felt that segregation was unjust and that federal government needed to take action to abolish the segregation of blacks and whites. There were other black leaders that thought the same way as Dr. King but there solution to the problem included violence such as the Black Muslim group whose leader was Malcom X. Malcom X’s solution was to call for a bloody revolution.

Dr. King felt that such action would result in more violence between the black and white community which hamper resolving the segregation of blacks and whites. Dr. King’s approach was to lead peaceful marches to help gain support to end the segregation and move in the direction of a beloved community. Bill GatesMr.

Gates was born in Seattle Washington to a father that was an attorney and a mother that was a teacher, served on several corporate boards, and a stay at home mom. At the age of 13 Mr. Gates gained an interest in computer programing and went to a private high school where he started to go to computer labs. When Mr. Gates graduated from high school he had a SAT score high enough to get him into Harvard.

Mr. Gates dropped out of Harvard to start a computer company with his best friend Paul Allen, the name of that computer company was Microsoft. Mr. Gates grew in a nice neighborhood with a very successful family but his interest computers led him to revolutionizing personal computers.

Contributions to societyBill Gates biggest contribution to society was the making a computer program that made the personal computer easy to use and made it affordable for people to own computers. While this contribution may not be grand as thecontribution of Dr. King but this contribution allowed for many technological advance in all aspects of people’s lives. Mr. Gates development of programs and software has been contributions to the revolution of computer and computer science. One of the biggest contribution was Mr.

Gates providing broad economic opportunities to everyone across the world using computers. When these same computers were connected to the internet later it allowed for educational opportunities for all learners and ages across the world. These computer programs and internet connections allowed for people all across the world to speak and communicate in real time allowing the sharing of information across the globe. Problems and SolutionsWhile no problem truly presented itself to Bill Gates he did see a way to providing affordable computers to everyone across the world by realizing that by selling the hardware and programs separate they could create a world where computers would in every household. Mr. Gates found that with his idea of separating the software and hardware it made it possible for people who had never had never known computers would. By separating the software and hardware he made it he could sell the computer cheaper than his rivals at Apple. This solution to getting computers in every home made his dream a reality.

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