Fantasy Narrative Essay

It was a close to stoping twenty-four hours in Ikebukuro. The Sun was easy get downing to rest on the skyline as the bunco and hustle still continued. It was a really city-like ambiance as ever and though it could be considered as a clump of noises being emanated from autos. people and a batch of other things. to one peculiar source who was walking down the streets of this said metropolis. it was his Eden. This adult male loved worlds. or so he says. so it could merely be logical that in a topographic point such as this he would happen it perfectly fantastic.

As he continued on. he couldn’t aid but smirk to himself. He loved this town and he was in a instead debonair temper. And though it was rather common for him to move this manner. his liquors were much higher than usual and as he walked and sometimes skipped down the cement. he awaited the minute where his twenty-four hours would go perfect. “Izaaaayaaaaaa! ! ! ! ! ” came a rambunctious voice. followed by a stop mark winging through the air and hardly losing the source by a few inches. Well. it seems that he’s right on clip. ”

Said the source while he turned his caput in the way the cry had come from. “You damn flea! I thought I told you to remain out of Ikebukuro! This whole metropolis malodors when you’re about! ” yelled the blonde who was evidently angry as he clenched his fist and gritted his dentition. He glared at the other with fueling hatred. wishing he could plug him right in the olfactory organ. but he knew better than anyone that it would merely stop as a failed effort.

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