How far do these three sources support the view that, in the years 1921-24, Hitler sought control of the Nazi Party only to gain personal power? Essay

Source 1 supports the idea that Hitler sought control of the Nazi party only to gain personal power. The source which is written by they NSDAP says that Hitler “simply used the nationalist socialist party as spring board for his own immoral purpose”, this shows that Hitler may not have had the party’s interest at hear, merely just his own selfish motives. The source also says that ” this is clearly shown by an ultimatum that he sent to party leaders which he demands that he shall have a sole absolute dictatorship of the party”, the worlds, ultimatum, demands, sole and ultimate dictatorship, this strongly shows that Hitler only wanted personal power without anyone intervening .The words dictator and sole suggest one meaning Hitler having sole control.

The source was written by an opponent who would want do discredit him in a bad light, however the source is contempary meaning it is a first account of what truly happened so giving us a good idea whether Hitler sought control of the Nazi party only to gain personal power.Like source 1, source 2 is also contempary. In the source Hitler during his speech ay Munich discredits the government by calling them “November criminals”. Hitler uses the word vengeance which suggests that he wants to seek revenge on the government as he was a solider and many of his comrades had fallen in vein.

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However the speech also suggests that Hitler had good intentions through his bad actions and yes he did want power but not for prestige but for selfless motives, to make Germany great again. In his speech Hitler uses the word “we” a lot, this suggest a Union, as in everyone working collectively with citizens to make Germany great again. Like source 1 it is contempary, so the source would be well informed, but the speech was designed for propaganda purposes to attract support so Hitler is not going to discredit himself and only show him self in a positive light to discredit claims that he sought power of the Nazi party only for personal gain.Like source 1 ; 2, source 3 is also contempary. Like source 2 the source is from Hitler, however the source is taken from Hitler’s closing speech during the end of his trial for his part in the Munich putsch. The source strongly suggests that Hitler sought power of the Nazi party only to gain personal power; Hitler during his speech says that “The man who is born to be a dictator is not compelled, he wills it, and he is not driven forward but drives himself”. This source shows that he wants power for himself and that he believes that he was born into the role and that he didn’t choose to be the leader of Germany, but the role choose him.

And it is in his nature to be a leader.Hitler also says that “is it modest for a worker to drive himself toward heavy labour? The man who feels called upon to govern a people has no right to say if you wants me summons me, I will co- operate, no it is his duty to step forward and overthrow the corrupt system”. This suggests that a worker drives himself to do heavy labour just as a leader pushes him to govern the person who calls upon him. It shows that Hitler only did his bad actions to rescue Germany for honourable motives and that his intentions were good for Germany.As source 2, source 3 discredits the government. Hitler says that is was his duty to over throw the corrupt government, this shows Hitler in a favourable light as he suggests his actions was purely for the good of Germany.

Like source 1 and 2 it is contempary so the source would be well informed but like source 2, source 3 is taking from 1 of Hitler’s speeches. As he was on trial during source 3 he is going to want to make himself look honourable and he won’t discredit himself. As he was on trial, this trial would have gained a lot of media coverage giving Hitler a chance to show His intentions as good and without anyone realising, using the trial as a stage for national propaganda for the Nazi party and for his own personal gain.All 3 of the sources agree that Hitler sought out control of the Nazi party only to gain personal power. All 3 suggest that Hitler was only interested in his personal agendas and that he did not have Germany at heart, for instance, his demand to be the sole dictator in source 1 and Hitler says that he was born to be a dictator. Even though all 3 source agree that Hitler did have his own intentions at heart, source 2 and 3 also agree that yes Hitler may have had his own intentions to gain personal power of the Nazi party but he also had Germany at heart. Hitler’s views of nationalism came across strongly.

Source 2 and 3 both suggest that Hitler’s actions were honourable and that he did what he did to make Germany better.


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