Fast Food vs Home-Cooked Essay

We usually cook our meals at home, but eating fast food occasionally can be a special treat and is sometimes necessary when we are having an especially busy night. Unfortunately, my family’s eating habits are not the same as those of the typical American family. Americans have become addicted to the highly-processed, over-salted, and excessively sugared products fast food offers. Fast foods are easy to acquire, taste delicious, satisfy hunger, and are relatively low in cost.

The time- oncoming homemade meal is featured less than ever on American dinner tables. Home cooked meals are generally considered healthier than fast food. This is because of the high calorie, sugar, salt, and fat levels in fast food. They differ in terms of serving size and overall nutritional value. Typically, there is not fresh fruit and vegetable options available at fast food restaurants. The processed and microwaves pickle placed on burgers does not count as a fresh vegetable. When home-cooking, people can tailor their meals to the nutritional values their family deeds.

If a family member has a low iron count, they can cook more red meats and green vegetables. Despite the obvious health risks, people continue to eat fast food for many reasons. Fast food is more immediately gratifying and pleasurable to consume than home cooked food. Americans are addicted to instant gratification. One of the easiest things to get in our country is fast food. Many families have sport activities, school functions, or church to attend throughout the week. This makes the readily available sat food chains even more appealing.

There are fast food chains located inside gas stations, airports, attempters, and rest stops. They are even built inside some grocery stores! It does not matter where people are, they are always Just a “drive- thru” away from some artery-clogging, greasy foods. The convenience of being able to drive a vehicle through a line, stop at two windows, and magically have dinner done, is too easy for busy American families to resist. Home-cooking a meal involves much more time, preparation, and energy.

First, you have to plan a meal that will satisfy each family member (this can be the hardest part when your family includes picky eaters), then you have to drive to a grocery store and actually exit your vehicle. Once groceries are purchased, loaded into the car and unloaded in your kitchen, then the real “fun” begins. You now have to prepare a meal. Personally, I enjoy cooking, but I have been frustrated with myself numerous times for making silly mistakes in the kitchen. I suspect that is one of the reasons people opt for fast food.

Meals are easily ruined because of things like being overcooked, undercooked, or misreading a measuring cup or spoon. Instead of learning from their mistakes, many people Just stop trying. Finally, after successfully satisfying your entire family with a healthy dinner, your Job is still not over. Now, there is clean-up of the mess that most certainly will be in your kitchen and dining already exhausted from a long day at work and may have an event to attend that night. The health benefits of homemade cooking over fast food are undoubtedly.

However, the convenience, taste, easily accessible, and low cost of fast foods overwhelm the nutritional value a home cooked meal offers. I believe this is one of the reasons America’s obese population has grown considerably over the past few years. One solution could be the opening of a fast food chain that appeals to children and only offers various styles of delicious fresh salads and Juices. Until then, my family will continue to have most of our meals at home, and use fast food as an occasional treat.


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