Fears of a College Student Essay

Everyone have fears in life. No man in this world can easily just say that they have nothing to be afraid of. Fear is a basic part of human nature, of even life itself for all creatures. We are not born with fear, though. It is something we learn very quickly. Fear is a safety mechanism to keep us from putting ourselves in danger, from causing ourselves pain.

And I am sure after you have graduated highschool, you are hesitant, nervous, or you have so many thoughts about the idea of becoming a college student that might fear you. Being nervous about starting college is probably the most normal thing you can do.Though you are excited you can’t ignore the fact that still, you have fears about so many things. The idea that you will enter into your room and you don’t know anyone there plus the fact that you are shy or having hard times mingling with new people is really awkward. It is in every man’s nature that we stereotype people and judge them for the first time, and as students enter the room and meet their new classmates, there is a tendency that they would judge based on the first look and some might be afraid that their classmates are awful and others are weird like that.

They are afraid that they are not making friends, and going to college on their own. Some misses their high school life or their high school friends. Some students are concerned about their finances because they are aware that college is expensive and they are afraid to lose money in times of needs so they need to be tight and budget their money. Time management is also one of the fears of the college students for the reason that they have to meet a lot of requirements and submit all at the same time.Some college students were having regrets that there were a number of things which they wish to know ahead of the peak time, so one must know how to balance things.

Others are being intimidated by their professors especially their classmates. And almost college students are anxious about the thought that they may not find a job after they graduate or not getting anywhere after college. Life in college is really complex.It is way much harder than high school so if you want to become successful and find a good job that really suits to what you have studied, you have to be focus on your goals. Take your fears as a challenge and not as a hindrance to your dreams. Once you failed, don’t easily give up and be upset. Lack of success simply means you are not successful yet. Don’t think of a setback as failure.

Instead, think of the inevitable setbacks you will face as learning experiences or signals to change direction. And most especially, know your priorities.


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