Female’s job Essay

A topic in constant debate in today’s society is whether or not women should stay at home. Various points of view keep this topic in ongoing discussion. There is a part of society who thinks that women should stay at home rather than become part of the workforce because they consider it to be the correct way of living for females. On the contrary, another part of society believes women do not have to stay at home since they have the same rights as men. Nowadays people are still not prepared for women to work out of home despite their equal rights, however, a woman’s place is in the home.First and foremost, women are now able to attain the same levels that men are in business as well as other realms previously male dominated. Even though the society may not be completely prepared to include women in the world of jobs, there are some jobs that women can perform as well, if not better than men. This breakthrough in women’s rights has allowed women to achieve that which they fought for for so many years.

However, there are more reasons why women should stay, with the most important being their naturally ability to feed an infant child. Although men are able to feed the babies they are not prepared y nature to carry out this role, and it has been scientifically proven that only a mother’s natural breast milk contains the antibodies necessary to fight many common pediatric infections. Without the female gender, babies would not grow up as healthy had they not been fed by their moms.

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Including the important fact previously mentioned, there are many other reasons that support this topic. One of them is the physical power that men possess. This natural power allows men to work harder and longer in comparison to a female. This can be seen in athletic events, in which women are always behind men.

Moreover, if we want to continue talking about the different aptitudes of each gender, men have a better capacity to carry out jobs where a clear and responsible mind is required. For example, Nobel Prizes are more commonly rewarded to men. It can be seen throughout history that many of the most notable achievements have been acquired by men. For instance, Alexander Fleming discovered the penicillin, the light was invented by the American inventor Thomas Edison, and the most notable of all these achievements was the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus.

These examples show how in the early years men were born to fight for better life for their families. Not to discriminate against women, but they were supposed to stay at home feeding their children and doing all the housework before the men arrived home. Though society has changed from back then, the minds of many men are still the same.

In fact, it is beneficial for women to stay at home because they receive smaller salaries on average. Though many of these jobs outside of the home require the same skills for both genders, women get paid less.This salary, in comparison to all that they accomplish while staying at home, such as the cost of child care and housekeeping, outweighs that which they ould earn outside of the home. Due to this inequality, men are forced to work as well such as women are to stay at home, in order to have the most efficient household possible. To summarize, the society is still very male chauvinistically dominated, refusing to allow women to believe they are as useful as men. Society divides the tasks of life into the different genders and does not let both genders work together.

Therefore, women should have to stay at home while the men are allowed to work outside of the home. The world is changing, but women’s role within the home should not.


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