Field Trip Report to Perwira Residential College Essay

Field Trip Report to Perwira Residential College UTHM Universiti Tun Hussien Onn Malaysia 22 September 2012 Attendee: Muhammad Hafiz Bin Abu Bakar Introduction The trip was held to look at planning activities, condition and facilities provided at Perwira Residential College UTHM. This trip was also to visit the management of student that stay in residential collage out of main campus Universiti Tun Hussien Onn Malaysia. Perwira Residential College is one of the residential college out of main campus Universiti Tun Hussien Onn Malaysia.

This off-campus residence is located 1. 5 kilometres from UTHM’s main campus. The residential college was officially opened as Desasiswa Pangsapuri on June 2004, it was later renamed as Perwira Residential college on June 2006. The college also accommodates Reserve Officer Training Unit (ROTU) as known as PALAPES beginning of 2003/2004 session. The integrity, unity, success and harmony of all the residents are the main thrust of the college success.

Perwira Residential College continuously strives it excellence in all areas that they participate in and on march 2011 Perwira Residential College introduces Perwira Transformation Plan (PTP) to elevate college resources. Main pillars of PTP: 1. Academic excellence; 2. Towering personality; 3. Sustainability residential college. Field Observation The college is the largest residential college among other UTHM’s residential college, The college also consist 13 of block and 1700 student was registered to Perwira Residential College for session 2012/2013.

The principle of this college is Dr. Afandi Bin Ahmad, he help by 7 residential college stuff, 6 felo, 6 assistant felo and 17 Perwira Residential College Committee (PRCC). According to the observation the management team in this college was provide many facilities such as bus services to main campus, cafe, cyber cafe, gymnasium, botanical garden and rabbit breeding centre. However, the facilities that provided in this college sometimes not enough to fullfill all students demand because the number of student in this college is too many compared to other UTHM’s residential college.

The college location is strategic that is near to the public residential so students can easily build cooperate and make social relationship with resident around this college. In addition, to ensure that the relationship between college student and resident around always close the college do activities that mix college student and resident around for example “Jom Jalan” this activity need student to walk around public residential and know each other.

The college also do program such as community service and adoption program to ensure the cooperate and social relationship between college student and resident around continued. The future planning for this college is to have a homestay that is under the program “The Royal Creek Edu-tourism”, actually this program was sponsored by Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman as much as RM 15000, this program is still in progress. The college also planning to have a freshwater fish pond with collaboration from government agency that is MARDI after the rabbit breeding center project was success.

Other than the college also want to conduct a program that involve all malaysian’s university residential college on 2013 the program is call “Lestari 2013” the program is held to exchange the idea on empowered residential college. Conclusion Residential college is second home after real home for university students, Perwira Residential College always ensure that students involvement in order to empowered this residential college and always make student proud to be population that stay in Perwira Residential College. The large number of students in this college is college’s asset to make sure the Perwira Transformation Plan (PTP) successful.


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