Fiib Project – Study on Training & Development Essay

It is also felt that the expanded capabilities and opportunity for people at work will lead directly to improvement in operating effectiveness. The human resources approach meaner that better people achieve better results. So if the current or potential Job occupant can meet this requirement, training is not important. But when this is not the case, it is necessary to raise the skill levels an increase the versatility and adaptability of employees. Inadequate Job performance or a decline in productivity or changes resulting out of Job redesigning or a technological break -through require some type of training and development effort.

As the Jobs become more complex, the importance of employee development through training also increases. In a rapidly changing society, employees training and development is not only an activity that is desirable but also an activity that an organization must commit resources to if, it is to maintain a viable and knowledgeable work force. In fact industrial to, if is to maintain a viable and knowledgeable work force. In fact industrial growth cannot take place properly without trained manpower.

The technological advancement is taking place at such a rapid speed that the knowledge and skill required become obsolete at much faster rate. In order to cope up with the fast changes in acquirement of skill and knowledge due to advancement of technology the need for systematic training has been felt in almost all organizations. Having selected most suitable persons for various Jobs in the organization through the application of scientific techniques, the next function of personnel management is to arrange for their training.

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All types of Jobs in the organization usually require some type of training for their efficient performance. Employees talent are not fully productive without a systematic training programmer. Moreover, big organization hires a large number of young people every year. Because the vat majority of these do not know how to perform Jobs assigned to them in work at some college or institution, must receive some initial training in the form of orientation to the policies, practices and ways of their employing organization.

The need for a systematic training has increased because of rapid technological changes, which create new Jobs and eliminate old ones. New Jobs require some of special skills which may be developed in old workforce only by giving them necessary training. The employees try to train themselves by trial and error or by observing other if no training programmer exists in he organization. But it is an established fact that the absence of systematic training programmer will result in higher training costs.

The employee will take much longer time in learning the skills. He may not be able to learn the best operating methods. Thus, adequate training is equally desirable for the organization and the employee. INTRODUCTION COMPANY PROFILE The Hem Group of Industries, a 590 core (107 Millions in $ FYI (2011-12) Conglomerate, is a Leading MEMO (Original Equipment Manufacturer) catering to leading automobile manufacturers of India. The Group has varied Diversified Operations, which is presently propelling it to New Heights.

The Groups present position have been made possible, due to the Group’s futuristic vision of “Attaining leadership through Engineering Excellence” and the stress on the mantra of “Perfection in Quality, Cost and Delivery. ” Established in 1984 under the visionary leadership of Shari K. K. Joy, Chairman, Hem Group of Industries has positioned itself as one of the leading original equipment manufacturer for major two wheeler and four wheeler manufacturing giants of the country. With an annual turnover of more than RSI. 0 core (FYI 2011-12), Hem Group dominates in the field of design, mass production of sheet metal and tubular fabricated components, aluminum high pressure die casting with a virtual unbeatable leadership in all types of surface treatment solutions, like electro plating (In-Cry ; Zinc), powder coating, liquid painting and heat resistance painting. The group companies hold -RSI 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SHOOS 18001 as well as Design Capability and NAB Certification. In 2006, Hem Group was awarded “Research & Development” certificate by the Government of India.

The group has umber of units in India covering from Harridan in Attractant to House in Thumbnail with its corporate office in Surgeon. Chandlers Joy, Managing Director, Hem Engineering Industries is son of Shari K. K. Joy. Under the stewardship of the father-son duo, Hem Group has expanded its footprint beyond India and diversified into other specialized hi-end products and components. Hem Group has the distinction of being the first Indian company to start a Greenfield manufacturing facility in Bosnia and Herringbone. KEY PERSONNEL Team Hem is Lead by SSH. K. K.

Joy, an Engineer from BITS Plain, who crystallized he VISION to make the Group a 590 core (107 Millions in $ ) Conglomerate. Is the Torch Bearer. Mr.. Chandlers Joy, an Engineer, with over 20 years of Experience, is presently the Steering and Guiding Force to Propel the Group to its Next Big Level of Achievement. Dry. Adult Sorrow, Director (Operations), an Engineer with more than 25 years of Experience. Has been a Specialist in the Automotive Industry, with remarkable achievements under his sleeves. For Hem Group: It’s n TEAM that plays the Game, an SOON is each Teams Confidence to Conquer the Unconquerable!

VISION The vision of the company stands as under: Reach out for the Complete Customer Delight through Engineering Excellence, Effective Costing and Commitment towards Customer”


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