Film Review – Mean Girls Essay

The movie Mean Girls is about a girl called Cady (Lindsay Lohan) who was brought up in Africa with her parents who then returned to America. Cady has never been to a regular high school before because she has only been home schooled. So because she is the new girl she doesn’t think she will fit in and on her first day of school she doesn’t seem very welcome as everyone is sitting in they own cliques which leaves Cady nowhere. Cady ends up making friends with the most popular girls in school and so ends up deceiving her unpopular friends for the sake of being popular. In the end she finds out who her real friends. In my opinion I thought that this movie rocked and it is definitely worth watching. The soundtrack features songs from Missy Elliot, Pink and Blondie. The director of this movie also directed the movie Freaky Friday which was another outstanding movie.

Mean Girls is a movie which reflects on high school life. School in this movie is represented as a jungle, where people are struggling to survive. The character Cady Heron here is a prime example because she was home schooled and has never been to a real school before; attending high school for her is like a challenge. Like all schools, the school in this movie reflects on teenage crushes (Cady and Aaron) gossip (‘plastics’ and their burn book) and friendship (‘plastics’ and Cady Janis, Damien and Cady).

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The movie focuses on being under influences of certain people around you and becoming so influenced by them that you become just like them and you don’t even realise what you say or do as long as you yourself as a person look good. The film is filled with plenty of sarcasm between cliques and teachers. In all schools it is always a popularity contest, this film shows this through friends and the people you are around, dress sense the plastics dress more mature for their age and also very revealing, and also they show popularity through putting people down about themselves which in this movie is the burn book. The burn book states bitchy comments about every girl in school, which creates a big uproar in the movie and proves the fact about schools being represented as a jungle.

Teenage girls today have the unhealthy obsession of the way they look, in every school; girls are judged by their friends, the way they look, what they wear etc, fitting in certain groups is like a competition and this is where popularity comes in to view. Every girl wants to be noticed, in this film the soundtrack ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ performed by the ‘plastics’ and Cady at a talent show in the school, here they are shown as sex symbols wearing sexy Santa outfits and doing a very sexy dance with the presence of students, parents and teachers.

This movie is very close to real life experiences. The movie expresses views because it shows lots of unpopular girls obsessed with the most popular girl of the school and they try and copy her style, and in reality more or less the similar things happens everyone just wants to get in with the latest fashion.

This comedy had its funny moments but also it gives up on comedy towards the end. Overall it was just and excellent movie. This movie I think is mainly targeted out to girls and is a chick flick. I thought that Lindsay Lohan is an amazing actress and that she performed her role quite well as the bad girl and as the good girl. I thought that the best part in the movie was when Cady (Lindsay Lohan) was getting her revenge on Regina (Rachel Mcadams) and whenever she did something to Regina it would just backfire however much she tried.


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