Finding Happiness in the Great Gatsby Sample Essay

The American Dream has been and will ever be pursued by infinite persons in hunt for felicity. For some. felicity comes from holding a loving household. a stable occupation.

and nutrient on the tabular array. For others. it is through going progressively affluent and holding a high societal position. F. Scott Fitzgerald explores. in his novel. The Great Gatsby. a male protagonist’s futile efforts at accomplishing the American Dream to go happy.

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Jay Gatsby. a freshly rich adult male. is depicted as person that will travel to any lengths to accomplish his dream of winning back the love of Daisy Buchanan. Basically.

she is Gatsby’s American Dream. Fitzgerald develops the thought that an draw a bead oning person. when endeavoring to accomplish his/her dream. may take to lose his/her moral values in an effort to derive power so he/she can animate the yesteryear.Jay Gatsby.

a cardinal figure in this novel. turns to illegal activities as a manner to derive wealth and win back the love of Daisy Buchanan. This is supported by the undermentioned quotation mark by Tom Buchanan: “…He and this Wolfshiem bought up a batch of side-street drug-stores here and in Chicago and sold grain intoxicant over the counter. That’s one of his small stunts. I picked him for a moonshiner the first clip I saw him. and I wasn’t far wrong” ( Fitzgerald. pp. 127 ) .

Gatsby decided that Daisy would go forth her hubby and return to him if he became a affluent adult male. The lone solution for Gatsby to go rich fast was to sell alcohol even though it was illegal to sell it. Gatsby besides lied and deceived people as a manner to keep an air of regard around himself.

This is supported by the quotation mark: “I am the boy of some affluent people in the Mid West- all dead now. ” ( Fitzgerald. pp. 64 ) .

This little sentence entirely is a blazing prevarication as Gatsby’s male parent appears at the terminal of the novel and is clearly non dead.In add-on. Nick discovers subsequently in the novel that “his parents were shiftless and unsuccessful farm people…” ( Fitzgerald. pp. 95 ) . As good. when prompted as to where in the mid West he replies San Francisco.

This is non a metropolis of the Mid West United States. He tells these prevarications so people assume his household has ever been rich. Newly rich people do non hold a good repute because people assume they got their wealth from illegal activities. He doesn’t want to rick losing Daisy because of his repute. so he says all these prevarications for her to be impressed from him. At this point. all Gatsby is interested in is Daisy and the felicity he will hold when she returns to him. Gatsby was so goaded to accomplish his felicity that this dream caused him to overmaster the exercising of morality.

This lead the dreamer ( Gatsby ) and the dream to go corrupt. Gatsby lost all his moral values for the interest of love. He besides wants to make an air of influence and power about himself as another agency of accomplishing felicity in his alone life.Having power was another manner Gatsby pursued felicity in his life. In The Great Gatsby.

Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby were on their manner to run into Jay’s concern spouse. Wolfshiem. when they were stopped by a police officer. “All right. old athletics. ” called Gatsby. We slowed down. Taking a white card from his billfold.

he waved it before the man’s eyes. “Right you are. ” agreed the police officer. tipping his cap. “Know you following clip.

Mr. Gatsby. Excuse me ( Fitzgerald.

pp. 66-67 ) ! ” This shows that Gatsby was above the jurisprudence and had power over people. Before he was rich. he would hold gotten a ticket for rushing. However. now he is in his ain conference. Gatsby gained power merely so he could affect Daisy. Gatsby changed his full life about merely so he could win back the love of Daisy.

Having power means that you are rich and other people are under you. It besides means that you have a high societal position. This would certainly affect Daisy and assist Gatsby recover felicity in his life. However. he had to happen a manner to turn back clip so things could travel back to the manner they were earlier.

Jay Gatsby is one character who longs for the yesteryear. He has spent five old ages of his life seeking to recapture it and. eventually.

dies in its chase. In the yesteryear. Gatsby had a love matter with the flush Daisy.

However. due to the difference in their societal position. she left him for person wealthier. At this point. he loses his love and his felicity. As a consequence. he devotes the remainder of his life to holding his felicity return to him.

He additions wealth and buys a house right across from Daisy’s house. This is apparent in the quotation mark: “Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be merely across the bay. ” ( Fitzgerald. pp. 76 ) .Gatsby fails to recognize that the yesteryear can non be repeated. When Nick tells Gatsby. “You can’t repetition the yesteryear.

” Gatsby answers. “Why of class you can. ” ( Fitzgerald. pp. 106 ) . This shows how confident Gatsby is that his show of wealth will do Daisy to return to him. He tries to throw excessive parties and ain expensive stuffs as a manner to recapture the love of Daisy. Gatsby has done everything merely so things can travel back to what they used to be.

He is basically seeking to animate the yesteryear as a agency to derive felicity in his universe.In the 1920’s. a adult male without money wasn’t a adult male at all. Devastated by the loss of Daisy. Gatsby does everything to delight and affect her as a manner to win her love back. In the chase of his felicity. he turns to bootlegging to gain fast money and addition power in his universe. He hosts impressive parties to derive position among his equals.

Gatsby feels optimistic that he can live over a past when Daisy loved him. He wants to derive felicity by accomplishing the American Dream. He has an “extraordinary gift of hope“ ( Fitzgerald. pp. 8 ) . and he sacrifices himself to carry through his dream.

The desire for something can take an single to be person they are non. Fitzgerald develops a character with a dream and his black hunt to happen felicity in his life.


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