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Iriga or besides known as Mt. Asog. a 1. 470 metres high vent is one of the major mountains in the Bicol Region. Liing near the City of Iriga in Camarines Sur. this inactive vent offers a breath-taking position of the southern mountains including Mt Isarog on the northern side of the mountain.

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Mt. Mayon. Mt. Malinao and Mt. Masaraga on the southern side.

And if the conditions is clear. you can besides see Catanduanes and the Lagonoy Gulf farther South. The well renowned Buhi Lake is besides located at the pes of this mountain.

Buhi Lake is home to the autochthonal “Sinarapan” or “Tabios” the world’s smallest commercial fish. But because of the debut of other assortments of fishes peculiarly the Tilapia. the Sinarapan presently faces dainties of extinction.

This in-active vent. in ancient times was known as Mt. Asog after an Agta captain that ruled the part.The local people besides call this vent Mt. Sumagang which means “Mountain of the Rising Sun.

” On the Buhi side. Mt. Iriga appears scarred because of a cavernous gully. which is really a collapsed crater left after a violent eruption in 1641. The trek to the mountain is non that strenuous and can be made in one twenty-four hours. But the trek can be wash uping one time the Sun is up since the trails are exposed. Be prepared for the tall grasses like that of Talamitam. Sembrano & A ; Kalisungan.

From the checkpoint at Brgy. Ilian. the trek to the campground can take around 2 to 2? hours.

and from the campground. it will merely be approximately 20 to 30 proceedingss to one of the extremums of Asog. The position of the crater and the knife-edges are a banquet to one’s oculus. At dark. the position of the metropolis visible radiations below is glorious.


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