First Impressions of Renewed Area – Cranmer Street Essay

The first 2 streets that we looked at were Cranmer and Ridley Street. They are both Renewed Area (pre 19th Century Housing). The area overall was around average.

The houses were Terraced housing and are only 2 bedroom houses. The Streets are extremely narrow. This is a big disadvantage to the residents living in the area and here is one major problem; there is no separate driveway for the residents. Cars are parked on both sides of the street. This causes inconvenience for the residents and the cars and other vehicles going through the area, as 2 cars are not able to go through such a narrow space.

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There is no garage for the residents too as car crime and vandalism is on the increase this increases the risk of a car being damages in some way or stolen. There is no front or back garden for the houses on the street. This is when children come to play on the street and if they are not watched on an accident can occur. The overall road conditions were reasonable but in some places it was disappointing. Two ditches were found near at the beginning of the street if a car comes quickly around the bend of that road (approx 15-20 MPH) and children were happening to play in that part of the street a fatal accident is almost likely to occur.This is because of the ditch on the near corner of the street. Lots of traffic noise was noticed. Houses near the beginning of the street had the most traffic noise (main road Hinckley Road).

Houses near the end of the street had reduced traffic noise. Its not just the noise which was noticed but the amount of Carbon-Dioxide and Carbon-Monoxide produce by the amount of cars and other types of vehicles passing by was pretty incredible. Roughly 49 cars passed through out that area in 5 minutes (Excluding Hinckley Road). In our Environmental Survey the street did not do particularly well.In fact a disappointing score of 60 out of a possible 120. One of the Environmental features was Vegetation. Only 5 houses on the street had some sort of vegetation.

Some houses were vandalized. A couple houses had telephone boxed smashed and were poorly maintained. There were some good points. Speed humps have been used on the road to slow down cars and reduce the risk of an accident. The amount of litter on the street was at a very minimal.

The street scored very good marks for litter although there was some litter at one point of the street.The whole street was checked thoroughly when doing the survey and not one piece of dog muck was found. This cored the street very good marks. Dog muck signs have been put around the ends of the street suggesting i??1000 fine if the dog muck is not cleaned up. The lighting used in the street is very modern and up to date. One of the major issues of the road is child safety.

There are so many cars on the street that the child will not be able to see over the other cars and an incoming car can cause a fatal accident. Overall the housing conditions were good, double-glazing has been used and re pointed cement on bricks.So far Renewal has been fairly effective in improving the inner city. First Impressions of Ridley Street: After we had surveyed Cranmer Street we went onto the next renewed area, which was the next street Ridley Street. The houses are Pre 19th Century Housing (1857). But there were a lot of differences and improvements on Ridley Street and it looked more attractive. Land use is the same as Cranmer Street but Ridley Street was Wider and the condition of the street was much better.

First impressions of Dog Litter are very good. Signs showing i??1000 fine if dog owner was found not clearing up after the mess.Another major improvement was a car park for the residents living in the area.

Could fir around 15-20 cars. An advantage for the area’s residents is the local Infants school nearby. For the residents living down the street it’s a 1-minute walk. 2 of the houses on the street ha stone cladding done. This is when the front of the house has been covered coloured stone or some sort of solid material that looks like stone.

In theory this would make the houses value increase but only two of the houses on the street had stone cladding done, it might look nice but it really does not fit in.Lots of Fast-food restaurants are available close by (approximately 6-10 take-away on Hinckley Road). Lots of independent shops on Hinckley Road e. g.

photo copy shops supermarkets, lots of second hand shops and cafes. This is very good for the residents, as they do not have to travel to another area to get some shopping or buy an item. Everything is local. A big disadvantage for both streets Cranmer and Ridley Street was the wheelie bins are right outside their house. This makes the pavements even narrow by reducing space.

This also deducts the value of the house; this is because there is no space available to the homeowners. Around 4 houses on Cranmer Street were for sale and 3 houses in Ridley Street. Looking at the conditions of the houses overall and the amount of independent businesses available close by the houses would get sold extremely fast also there is a local school nearby (1 Infant and 1 Primary school). The houses would probably get sold to young couples because of the local schools nearby or college/university students wanting to rent the house out.The road conditions are better than of Cranmer Street. The road looks as if it has been Re-tarmac. In our Traffic Survey it scored pretty impressive.

In 5 minutes only 11 cars went through. In the Environmental Features survey that was done Ridley Street scored considerably higher than Cranmer Street. Scoring 85 out of a possible 120. My conclusion is that people like me would not mind living in this area because of the amount of Resources available. Renewed area is an effective way of improving the inner city.

First Impressions of Dane Street Redeveloped Area.After we had done the survey on Cranmer and Ridley Street (Renewed Area) we headed off to Dane Street that is a fairly new area (Redeveloped Area). They are Post 1970 houses; this means that the street will have a modern look. A traffic survey was carried out on Andrews Street (Dane Street is off Andrews Street) and unfortunately it was the busiest street in the area. The amount of cars that went through Andrews street was 25 cars. That is roughly 7 cars on average per minute going through Andrews Street. Surprisingly not even 1 car went through Dane Street. The Quietest Street in the area.

The reason why Andrews street was the busiest street is because of the local primary school right next to Dane Street. Teachers and the Students have to come to this school 5 days a week. This is also a big danger to the children, if they were unattended at one moment they could run onto the road and with all those cars going through the street there is a possibility that an accident will occur.

Despite all this traffic from Andrews street Dane street was surprisingly quiet. There is also a main road running next to Dane street and that is Narborough Road. Traffic noise is heard able but not a lot.The real main danger from the main road and Andrews Street is the amount of Air Pollution created from traffic. Here is an example of how much CO2 is being emitted: 1 car goes through Hinckley Road every 5 seconds. So in 5 minutes 60 cars go through. Most of the cars that went through the area were fairly new cars (m – t registration) and the cars that were most popular were Ford Focus and the Vauxhall Vectra. A 2 litre version of both cars would emit roughly 200 g/km of co2 times that by 60 = 12000 grams of Co2 in 1km.

This figure is excluding Vans and HGV Trucks.So this could increase to 20,000’s of grams. I also did a Car type survey seeing what types of cars are in the area. Overall the area is very affluent (well off). In Dane Street 10 out of 25 cars were fairly new cars (M registration to T Registration).

This is showing that the employment in the area is high and the unemployment is fairly low considering that there were 6 older cars (lower wage). The condition of the pavements was very good considering that the area is redeveloped. But there were signs of vandalism. Benches were broken and dustbins with graphite on.Dog litter control was excellent, signs posted on lampposts suggesting fine if not cleared this shows that the residents are taking responsibility to clean up. Lots of lighting on the street this is good especially for elderly people and disabled people who walk at night.

The road had been re-tarmac and there were no signs of extreme wear on the road surface. Each home had their own driveway this means that the residents do not have to walk 15 metres just to get to their car.There is a front yard for the houses on Dane St. unfortunately the front yards have not been look after properly e. .

the grass has turned into mud this can be dangerous as the owner of the house can slip and get hurt. Redevelopment is an effective way of improving the inner city this is because the quality of living is higher than renewal also I would like to live here because of the standard of housing and facilities. First Impressions of Bede Island After we had done the environmental survey and evaluation on Dane street and Andrews street we headed off to Bede Island. This is the completely new housing estate only 4-8 years old.

First impressions are very good.The housing conditions are superb. High standards are kept (considering they are nearly new houses). The houses are available in 2 bedrooms to 4 bedrooms. Each house had its own driveway. This is an advantage, as the renewed area we surveyed did not have driveways for its houses. It looked as if some of the houses on Bede Island were on rent. This is because the doors of some of the houses were the same colour.

In the environmental survey Bede Island did extremely well scoring an impressive 105 out of a possible 120. The condition of the pavements was very good scoring 8 put of 10.The driveway of the houses was a little disappointing; most of them had oil spills from cars and was unpleasant to look at showing that the residents did not exactly take care for their driveways. The condition of the houses was very good. Road surface conditions was very good not one ditch found on the surface. The lighting on the street is very modern powerful and more efficient than the older ones also good for elderly and disabled people at night. Dog litter was also excellent here signs put up suggesting the fine therefore keeping the streets clean.

The amount of parks and free space in Bede Island is the best in Leicester. Scoring 10 out of 10 for parks and other leisure facilities and the amount of greenery in Bede Island is Very good. Unfortunately there was a lot of graphite and vandalism in Bede Island. All benches are covered in offensive material and the dustbins have been vandalized. Another reason why houses will sell very fast is because there is no traffic noise at all. In the traffic survey only 4 cars passed through the street of Bede Island.

And 50 % of which were fairly new cars (M-T) showing that the area is affluent.Less pollution will occur in the area because of the amount of cars going through the area. I had done a questionnaire and asked some people what they think of the area and how they would improve it they replied and were willing to answer my questions, one of the questions asked was “what don’t you like about the area? ” and 9 out of 10 said the amount of rubbish on the pavements. If I had a choice to live in one of the 4 streets surveyed I would like to live in Bede Island this is because of the facilities available.


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