First of all let’s look at some facts that we have managed to accomplished with digital technology

First of all let’s look at some facts that we have managed to accomplished with digital technology. We have improved magnificially in medical technology by creating vaccines and antibiotics for as many sickness that could of possibly be deadly in the past. Also if not because of Alexander Graham Bell creating the very first telephone we wouldn’t of seen a drastic change of how our communication has changed, such as having Mobile cell phones to call friends and family members also by having the new popular apps such as Snapchat, Instagrams and Twitter and so on. Although technology won’t stop improving anytime soon, in present time we are starting to see that most people are starting to get frightened with the realization that one day we will have Artificial Robots walking upon us in the streets and being our next door neighbors. What most people are mostly getting worried about is that having too much technology will affect the mind of our children by the way they think, concentrate and read. Personally I would have too disagree that digital technology is making us dumber, if anything its improving our way of thinking, increasing our brain intelligence and way we invents things.
Our way of thinking has been improving as long as before our first ancestors started to walk this earth, with them inventing the fire so they wouldn’t of been eating raw foods and also, so they could keep warm due to the cruel winters they faced, they also created tools, so they could defend themselves when other tribes came too attack them but most importantly they made the tools so they would be able to hunt more easily. Most importantly they created something in which we always wear at all times, which is clothes, they created clothes with the fur of the animals that they killed so they never let anything go to waste from the animal. At the same time there are still people who don’t seem too care about this and just seem to care on how digital technology is changing the way we think. For example, the number one thing most people have complained about has been about television is Changing our way we think and act. Too explain this Brooke Gladstone and Josh Neufeld in ” The Influencing Machines” say ” study after study has found strong links between excessive T.V exposure and childhood obesity, smoking and sexual activity” (325). What I think they both are talking about is that watching way too much t.v can affect our minds and the way that we act and this seems too have a mental block in our way we say things. No matter what the occasion is, watching television shouldn’t change the way we do things, since in the 1920’s when the television was barely starting too become popular and until now that pretty much everyone in the United States has about two too three televisions in their homes. Not only that it has also been proven that watching television can calm down the mind and lower stress. So precisely having a calm minds means better grab of information and better storing of information.
Which brings me to my second topic, about how digital technology is actually increasing our brain intelligence. One of the most compelling evidence there is that thanks to the advancing of internet connection it has actually made scholars life more easier due to the fact that it has helped them find sources quicker than what it would of taken people back in the day, days upon weeks to find in books. According to Nicholas Carr “the web has been godsend to me as a writer research that once required days in the stacks or periodical rooms of libraries can now be done in minutes” ( 314). Carr speaks his way of how he once used to find his information in the libraries but, as soon as internet was created all the information that he worked so hard to find he could easily find it in mere seconds. In Carr’s view ” a few google searches, some quick clicks on hyperlinks, and I got the telltale fact or pithy quote I was after” (314). This quote that Carr speaks about is powerful because it has a positive and negative effect, one being that he hates the fact that having advanced technology is causing him not too obtain the information as he once did when he read a book in the other hand it’s a great form to find data much more efficiency.
In the continuation to the invention of the internet and television, brings me to the the last topic which having technology is an has been one of the best inventions ever created. Technology can be a friend an or an enemy because everything you do with it depends on you. For example, the right way to use it would be to do work and too get as much information you need, the reason I say this is because my little nephew first toy was a tablet he was aware what it was knowing how to unlock it and turn it off. Personally I was a little skeptical that my brother would buy this for his son and a couple of years later he was already learning the alphabet, sea creatures, land creature an so on. This has brought to my attention that he was just gaining more intelligence every single day and someday he would invent things that would help mankind. Of course lets not forget the bad choices which means you are constantly just browsing Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or any other type of Social media when you need to complete very important assignment for school, a resume for a Job or anything else in particular. The best invention has been created by those who know what too exactly they are looking more and searching for.
In conclusion, people will not lose the way they think just because they believe technology will take over one day. In reality this is just a beginning of a new era due to the fact that more youngsters will become smarter and will continue to push forward too make the world a better place. Not only that brain intelligence will also increase which means more people will be in college and graduation rates will increase and too top it all of more invention will come our way

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