Five seasons in America Sample Essay

We count five seasons in America. Summer is one of them. It is the hot season. It regulations over June. July. and August.

How it is caused

The Earth moves round the Sun. The portion of it. which comes nearer the Sun. gets the summer season. Because here the sun’s beams are consecutive and direct.

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In summer. everything is orderly and clean. The Earth is dry. Hence. there is no clay or fen. Wayss and waies are unfastened to really topographic point. Mangoes ripe in summer. We get plenty of Mangifera indicas. we get jack-fruits and Ananas comosuss. The fly-by-night Grovess of Mangifera indica and thenar trees are cool and beautiful. The fathead has non yet ceased to sing her music. The grass-hoppers make their merry dance on the cool blades of grass.

In Summer. the yearss are long. Hence we get more times to work. Even in summer comes last. So. the school-children got more times to play. The Summer flowers bloom in the eventide. All the dark they speared their Sweet odor. The summer sky is clear and bluish. Hence. the Moon beams bright. Summer causes the showery seasons. Because it evaporated H2O and shops the bluess in the ambiance. These bluess turn into clouds and autumn every bit rain.


At mid-day in summer. people suffer from a awful heat. The weak and the old adult male dice of sun-strokes. Peoples feel tired and thirsty. There organic structures perspire. Sweat comes out and flows down their organic structures. They feel ungratified. Summer-boils problem the kids. Water armored combat vehicles and Wellss go dry ; so besides river and canals. Peoples do non acquire H2O to imbibe. Dogs pant with their linguas fluxing. Trees go bald and creepers fade off. grasses dry off. So. cattles do non acquire the grazing land. All suffer from scarceness of H2O. Mid-day is really hot. The dense cowss lie in Grovess. The soundless birds fell in their nests. They weary travellers are parched by the searing beams of the Sun. They rest under the roadside trees.


Summer is the first in order of the seasons. It gives rise to four months of rain. Hence. we can non fault it. Let us pay our due court to summer.


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