Flaky pillows stuffed with cheese Essay

Flaky pillows stuffed with cheese You make these cheese-stuffed appetizers much like ravioli, byenclosing dollops of filling in puff pastry sheets. Appetizer Cheese Puffs 1 package (17 1/4 oz.) frozen puff pastry sheets, thawed Cheese-and-chili or caraway-cheese filling (recipes follow) 1 egg, beaten 2 tablespoons sesame or caraway seed On a floured board, roll each pastry sheet into a 12-by 15-inchrectangle. On half of each sheet, drop filling by the rounded teaspoon,making 3 rows of 5 dollops each, spaced about 3/4 inch apart and 1/2inch from edges and center. Brush egg on pastry between dollops and around edges. Foldunfilled side of pastry over so edges meet; with a fork, prick severaltimes on each filling mound.

Press firmly around each mound to sealwell. With a ravioli cutter or knife, cut between mounds. Place puffs,slightly apart, on 2 ungreased 10- by 15-inch baking pans. Cover andchill until cold, at least 30 minutes or up to overnight. Cut a 1/2-inch-long slash on top of each puff.

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Brush withremaining egg and sprinkle with sesame or caraway seed. Bake,uncovered, in a 400| oven until golden, 15 to 20 minutes. Serve hot orwarm. Makes 30 puffs. Cheese-and-chili filling. Mix together 2 small packages (3 oz.

each) cream cheese at room temperature, 1 3/4 cups (6 oz.) shreddedsharp Cheddar cheese, and 1/3 cup drained diced canned green chilies. Caraway-cheese filling. Mix together 2 small packages (3 oz. each)cream cheese at room temperature and 2 cups (1/2 lb.) shredded kuminostor noekkelost cheese. Photo: Flaky, caraway-seeded pastry puff holds a pocket of kuminostcheese


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