Flipkart Case Study Essay

Flipkart. com is a narrative of the two immature computing machine scientific discipline graduates brothers Sachin Bansal ( 26 ) and Binny Bansal ( 25 ) from IIT-Delhi 2005 batch who left their occupations in virago. com ( an American transnational E-commerce company ) in 2007 with a dream to go India’s top retail Mercantile establishment In E-commerce Industry. They came up with an thought to sell books including novels online.

Flip kart’s timeline shows it was to get down as a monetary value comparing platform. but there weren’t plenty e-commerce sites to compare. So. both the Bansals. who were co-workers at IITDelhi. and so at Amazon.

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com. idea. “why non get down an e-commerce site? ” That was the generation of Flip kart. From an initial investing of Rs. 4 Lakh this So they started to do a web site. although it was a bigger undertaking to make a web site with 50. 000 rubrics but wouldn’t be impossible for IITians… so eventually they created which took about a month and a half to get down a basic working web site with 50. 000 rubrics and turn our catalogue to over 1 Lakh available rubrics.

On 5th September 2007 they launched the company’s URL i. e. Flipkart. com for the first clip in merely an flat room. . The web site was launched on 15th Oct 2007. Flip kart is an Indian ecommerce company headquartered in Bangalore. Karnataka.

From a start-up with an investing of merely four hundred thousand rupees. Flip kart has grown into a 100 million gross on-line retail giant in merely five old ages.Flip kart focused on on-line gross revenues of books ab initio.

The procedure involved in online shopping for books has gone through drastic alterations and is more unafraid right now. A client could utilize our user-friendly web page to put an order. one time the order is placed on-line – the book is taken off the on-line stock list. In instance of inaccessibility – it will be purchased from a provider. The Book will so acquire packed and couriered on the same twenty-four hours.

Flip kart is presently tied up with around 12 courier service suppliers. Flip kart besides use Indian Postal services to make countries without courier suppliers. Logisticss play an of import function in our concern.

But it subsequently expanded to electronic goods and a assortment of other merchandises. The cardinal discriminators are Availability of assortment of goods of assorted classs. on-line shopping experience on the site and station gross revenues experience. Apart from this the Cash on Delivery service is besides one of the chief grounds which keep it apart from other E-commerce portals. The cash-on-delivery theoretical account adopted by Flip kart has proven to be of great significance since recognition card and net banking incursion is really low in India.

. Flip kart offers multiple payment methods like recognition card. debit card. net banking. e-gift verifier. and Cash on Delivery. IdeaBinny Bansal and Sachin Bansal saw a good chance in the market around e-commerce.

Besides. regular occupation was non as disputing. The exhilaration and satisfaction that comes with constructing something of a long lasting value is habit-forming plenty for them to go on this. They started flipkart. com because they themselves felt the demand for a good online book shop. E-commerce sector is one of the toughest to acquire into in India.

They believe that they can do a difference here. They wanted to make something which has a long lasting value and which we can be proud of. An attractive impersonal name is what they looked for. Good sphere names were hard to acquire. They were looking at names that did non merely speak of books entirely. but one that could accommodate any class of Merchandises that we may add in future.

Besides. they wanted to hold a catchy name with high callback potency. Flip kart could in simple footings mean ‘Flipping things into your Kart’ .CURRENT POSITION OF FLIP KARTFlip kart started with selling books. In 2010.

they added to their catalogue media ( including music. films and games ) and nomadic phones and accoutrements. In 2011. merchandise launches included cameras. computing machines. pens & A ; office supplies.

computing machine accoutrements. place and kitchen contraptions. personal attention. wellness attention. bet oning consoles. sound participants and telecastings. In 2012. merchandise launches includes wellness & A ; beauty merchandises.

Life manner merchandises which includes tickers. belts. bags & A ; baggage. In November 2011.

Flip kart launched a new Electronic Wallet characteristic that allows shoppers to buy recognition to their Flip kart history utilizing recognition or debit cards. and can later be utilized to do purchases on the site. as and when required. From June 2012.

Flip kart allowed people to purchase playthings. postings and from October 2012. Flip kart entered into dress retailing.ACQUISITIONS MADE BY FLIPKART. COM2010 “WE READ” . societal book find tool2011 MIME260. a digital content platform com2011 Chakpak. com is a bolly wood intelligence site that offers updates.

intelligence exposures and videos 2012 Letsbuy. com is India’s 2nd largest e-retailer in electronics. Flip kart has bought the company for an estimated US $ 25 million.

Accomplishments MADE BY FLIPKART. COMFlip kart proprietors have been featured in Business Today as one of the top 25 start-ups of 2009. They have been besides nominated for Ernst and immature award for the best enterpriser of 2010. Apart from that they have been featured multiple times in start up intelligence every bit good as mainstream intelligence.

Today. they are recognized as figure one in the industry. As a testimony to the superior client experience. the company has systematically recorded repetition purchase rates of more than 50 % . They have besides managed to acquire a registered purchaser in every little town and metropolis and hope to invariably better their service criterions. Flip kart’s reported gross revenues as follows: -IN FY 2008–2009- & gt ; 40 millionIN FY 2009–2010- & gt ; 200 millionIN FY 2010–2011- & gt ; 750 millionIN FY 2011–2012- & gt ; set to traverse the 5 billionAs Internet use in the state additions and people get accustomed to doing purchases online. Flip kart undertakings its gross revenues to make US $ 1billion by twelvemonth 2014 and is taking at bring forthing a gross of 50 billion ( US $ 1billion ) 2015. Rank among the states top 30 web site.

Customer base of more than 2 million.30 cargo on day-to-day footingDaily gross revenues have increased to 2. 5 crores.


Jeans. Sports Wear. Trousers. etc.

2. Footwear: Casual Shoes. Formal Shoes.

Flats. Heels. etc.3.

Beauty & A ; Personal Care: Pruners. Shavers. Soaps.

Brushes. etc. 4. Mobile rivers& A ; Tablets: Samsung. Micromax. Nokia. Sony.

etc.5. Laptops & A ; Accessories: HP. Dell. Sony. Lenovo.

Pen Drives. etc. 6. Books: Literature & A ; Fiction. Biographies. Novels. EBooks.

etc. 7. Baby Care & A ; Toys: Vehicle & A ; Action Toys. Stuffed Toys. Diapers. etc. 8. Sports & A ; Fitness: Cricket.

Football. Basketball. Badminton. etc.

TOP BRANDS1. Clothing: Adidas. Puma. Reebok. Lee. etc.2.

Footwear: Puma. Adidas. Reebok. Fila. etc.

3. Watchs: Casio. Fastrack. Citizen.

Timex. etc.4. Television: Sony. LG. Samsung. Philips. Panasonic.

etc.5. Sports & A ; Fitness: Speedo. Nivia. Yonex.


Business ModelMaking and keeping a person-to-person trading community Function as a value added facilitatorSupply a supportive substructureZero stock list & A ; without holding traditional gross revenues forceNet income centres:Domestic concernInternational concern andPaymentLargest online trading forumCompelling and entertaining environmentEstablishing trust & A ; safety plansCost effectual and Convenient tradingStrong community affinityAn intuitive user interface

ORDER LIFECYCLEGet the pointProcure from Supplier ( Just-in-time ) ( Supplier choice )Keep Inventory ( Inventory Prediction. Planing )Clean & A ; Check for sanenessPages losing. MRP printed lesser than told to youPack the pointTamper cogent evidence.

conditions cogent evidence. breakage cogent evidenceSelect messenger & A ; hand-overCourier public presentations vary across parts a BatchGet tracking Idaho & A ; communicate to clientFollow-up for seasonably bringingTake attention of returns ( faulty product/user alterations their head ) Minimize returns

Selling SchemeFlip kart has been largely marketed by word of oral cavity advertisement. Customer satisfaction has been their best selling medium. Flipkart really sagely used SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) and Google Ad-words as the selling tools to hold a far range in the on-line universe. Flipkart. com official Face book page has near to 9 hundred thousand ‘likes’ .

Flipkart late launched a series of 3 ads with the ticket line – “No Kidding No worries” Kids were used to make the adverts to direct out the message – if a child can make it. you can besides make it. All in all to make a great client experience.Expansion PlansThey aim at 10 times growing and eyes at $ 1Billion gross revenues by 2015. They will look at bigger investings in their supply concatenation and engineering. Investing will be made in big warehouses and increased mechanization of their procedure.

so that the merchandise is non delayed. They intend to come in in to assorted new classs and spread out their current classs as good. Everything except for food markets and cars will be available on Flipkart in future. To travel further in the value concatenation. Flipkart is looking at associations with a larger figure of providers and spouses. both nationally and internationally.

PERSONEL ANALYSISGreat client serviceEasy to utilize website. hassle free payment systemCash on delivery/Card on bringing manner of paymentFocused on user experience

AdvantageAttract users to the siteProvide choiceMake it easy to Find & A ; Discover merchandisesSupply inside informations to measure a merchandiseDescription. Specifications.

UGC.Price goodHave to be competitory to the most obvious optionsProvide convenient payment optionsOnline. CODConfirm payment

DecisionThey started off in 2007 by puting up three Centres across India without support. Six months ago. they reached figure one position. They are besides four times bigger than their nearest rival.

The company started off little ; today they have grown 10 times over the last one twelvemonth and purpose to touch the Rs 400 crore grade by March 2013.


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