Flynn Effect Essay

Do you believe people are really getting smarter? Why or why not? Yes People are getting smarter than before and we all can see that nowadays with all the inventions around us that we all using. It’s all because there are a lot of differences between now and before such as that we are studying more subjects than before (than the old generation already studied) and we have a lot of new subjects even with the teaching methods its changing to be easier and there is a lot of opportunities for studying because new technologies also can help us to study more efficiently.And now in a family you will find that both husband and wife is educated well enough.

They have learned many things through the life experience. Those things can let the new born become smarter and help them in their thinking development. And the languages we are talking more than one language and we all looking to be talking and learning different languages. Plus it is getting so easy to get the information so we are able to get any information anytime anywhere. Which of the factors explaining the Flynn Effect do you accept?They have explained four different factors, which is Education, Smaller Families, Test-talking savvy and Genes. Education has been changed a lot since past years.

Today students use the modern technologies for studying purpose. Internet is one of the most useful things for studying especially to get the information. And in these days students aretaking a lot of tests during the semesters and they become a professional. They know how to take tests and how to do well on them and they are not afraid any more from taking exams. It helps to new generation to do well with IQ .Genes factors, my opinion maybe Genes can affect the new born children to be smart or no but still it will be depending on the willing of that child to learn and to the parents how much attention they are giving to teach the child. About the smaller families it’s not just about that the parents will concentrate on that one child to be smart or if they are able to afford a high quality education it’s still have a lot on that childhimself.

If the Flynn effect is true. Does this undermine the theory that IQ is mostly inherited?Why or why not? It might be inherited but we should take into consideration that Genes contribute about 20-40% of the variance in intelligence in childhood and about 60% in old age. Thus the environment and its interaction with genes account for the remaining approximate 50% of intelligence. There is a lot of issues can affect the intelligence one of it is the Environmental influences which include: Family, having access to resources of the home, and having a home life conducive to learning, definitely affects scores on intelligence tests.

Education, education affects intelligence in that education has a complicated relationship with intelligence. The correlation between IQ and educational attainment is somewhere between . 40 and . 60 Those who did better on intelligence tests in their childhood tend to have a lower drop out rate, and complete more years of school. And Training. We have also the Biological influences which include: Nutrition,Stress,Exposure to toxic chemicals and other substances


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