FMS for tractor engines made in Italy Essay

With the cooperation of our UCIMU hosts, a field trip was arranged to
visit the site of a real live FMS. Guide for the occasion was John
Russo, president of Berardi USA Ltd. That is the Cranston, RI, outpost
for Rino Berardi, an Italian machine-tool builder headquartered in
Brescia, Italy.

Berardi is no small outfit. They have a staff of 700 people at
Brescia. Subsidiary companies include: Ital-planning in Milan–an
engineering service organization of 70 people who “study complete
turnkey equipment for every industrial field all over the world.”
Ceruti in Bollate has 400 people making boring machines and vertical
lathes. Omus in Milas has 200 people making carbide tools with Widia
Krupp material. Francesconi & Terenghi in Brescia has 50 people
making electric and electronic systems. Samo in Brescia has 200 people
making sintered products for the automotive and household-appliance

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About 70 percent of the above companies’ production is for

Russo had arranged for a briefing by Anselmo Lusvardi, director
technical operations of the SAME tractor factory at Treviglio, an hours
drive from Milan.

This plant employs 2000 to make three brand names of tractors. The
FMS is a part of their program of keeping production facilities up to
date. The magnitude of the project was evidence by the presence of a
scale model under glass in the lobby of the office building.

The design is modular and had only six of the eventual eight
machining centers installed at the time of our visit. The computer
controls were by ELSAG, with software by Berardi. The DNC system and
computer-driven inspection station were scheduled to go in after the
last two machining centers.

The product line evident in the yard indicated a mix ideal for
flexible production equipment and a need for more market recovery to buy
the inventory.


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