Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence Essay

The book ‘Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence’ that is written by Doris Pilkington is about three Aboriginal half-cast misss that run off from The Moore River Native Settlement.

At the colony Aboriginal half-cast kids are kept and tried to be changed into white people so they can be respected in the community. The book is set in Western Australia in the early 1900’s. ‘This free-Spirited miss knew that she and her sisters must get away from this topographic point. ’ is true.

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she shows her continuity. finding and is toughness. A half-cast kid was an Aboriginal with an Aboriginal female parent but a white male parent.The continuity Molly shows during the book is unbelievable for a 14 twelvemonth old to hold to Acts of the Apostless as the female parent to the other two misss Gracie and Daisy.

The misss were taken from at that place family’s at a cantonment in Jigalong. They were so taken to Moore river were there was a cantonment for half-cast kids like themselves to be trained into retainers and to be turned white. Molly cognizing what will go on to them if they stayed at the cantonment. “Pack up your things we’re go forthing now “said Molly when she was seeking to hotfoot them out the door so they could go forth in a haste so they could acquire a large caput start on the authorities functionaries.Molly shows tonss of continuity during the book which could demo why they were able to hedge gaining control and return place to Jigalong.

The finding of the immature Molly was repeated as she did the same trip once more but this clip with her newborn babe. Molly was ever seeking to look for the bright side on the manner place. ‘My legs hurt’ said Daisy when they were walking in the shrub so Molly decided to transport her sister and Gracie at different times even though her legs were aching to. The finding of Molly was apparent in how she was able to acquire the misss on the move. as most of the clip they were running off.

The stating you’re every bit tough as nails could easy be depicting Molly. The book shows that Molly has tonss of features but finding is one of the of import 1s. The stamina of a 14 twelvemonth old miss could be said to be non-existent as todays misss have a luxury life.

where any stamina is non needed. Molly on the other difficult is every bit tough as a stone and journey she accomplished with two smaller kids who could be really difficult to cover with. to do the narrative better she was sent back to the cantonment after she had an operation and escaped back to her household after utilizing the same path she took nine old ages early.Molly shows her stamina though the book in assisting these two misss get place with her but she had the strength to make it once more with her really immature newborn babe. but she had to do a tough forfeit in her determination to come place as she had to go forth her oldest girl Doris at that place at the cantonment. this “was one of the hardest determination of my life” said Molly while being interviewed for the film. The stamina of Molly is apparent throughout the book demoing one of the qualities that non everyone has.

The book ‘Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence’ is written by Doris Pilkington is about three Aboriginal half-cast misss running off from The Moore River Native Settlement where Aboriginal half-caste kids kept. The book highlights the journey the misss took back to their place in Jigalong in Western Australia. The chief character was Molly who was the oldest out of all three misss. . ‘This free-Spirited miss knew that she and her sisters must get away from this topographic point. ’ is true. she shows her Persistence.

finding and is toughness. This book shows a true and inspiring narrative of kids that wanted to travel place.


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