Following Statement Essay

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Nowadays, it is not important for families to eat meals together regularly.

In the contemporary society, people get busy with work and expanding social network, less significances are attached to family. People,especially the young, even have difficulty in squeezing time to eat meals together with families regularly.Some claims that there is no necessities to accompany families to have meals frequently, whereas, in my perspective, we are supposed to do so as we used to be decades before. ‘ state my points according to three reasons: affectionate tie, low cost, healthy diet.

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First, it is an effective and efficient way for people to strengthen the affectionate ties with family members. As a lyric goes, family is a harbor of heart. A loving word and a supportive hug may heal and bless.One surrounded with families got more powerful spirit to be confronted with formidable challenges. On the table of meal, the major task is talking rather than eating. Children will say something innocent but funny.

Others will laugh and gradually witness the growth years for years. Teenagers may share something interesting happened in school. Adults talk about arduous work and pressure but get relax after family’s pacified word.All in all, on the table, serious topic can be easy, a number of problems will be figured out, and the inevitable generation gap can be shortened.

Second, eating in the home must be cheaper than the outsides. Parent’s always have a strong economy awareness, and they design the best solution to make the luscious meals with least costs,which are based on experience and love, after all, family is not a profit-making institution. A survey from Chinches Social Science Institution reveals that.The average cost for common families to have a meal is 30 Yuan while it will cost much more to go out for meals. Restaurants and cafes, even the dining halls, in order to make a profit to support the management, squeeze consumers. Third, families pay much attention to health and proper diet. Being healthy is the basis of higher life quality, and is a symbol of optimum state for living.

Indisputably, nee without fitness owns nothing;in contrast, one with fitness is able to own everything.Families know well other members’ diseases even small illnesses, which they will make incinerating meals referred to. And family never will make food of cheap but dirty materials. For example, my uncle Yang, who has severe stomachache, always eats spicy and Junk food with his friends for a long period of time. As a result, his diseases deteriorated De Then his mum made a diet tort him which will help. In conclusion, having meals with families regularly bring plenty of pros,physically, psychologically, financially.


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