Food Addictives Essay

This nutrient additives essay is fundamentally an advantages and disadvantages essay. You need to be careful with the word ‘outweigh’ as this frequently confuses pupils. The word ‘outweigh’ can be placed in different ways in the sentence so instead than work it out. it is better to believe of it merely as ‘are at that place more advantages or disadvantages Decide what you think there are more of and so province this in the thesis statement without adverting the word ‘outweigh’ . For illustration. expression at the thesis statement from the nutrient additives essay theoretical account reply: In my sentiment. the possible dangers from this are greater than the benefits we receive. ‘Outweigh’ inquiries do suggest. though. that there are decidedly both advantages AND disadvantages. so you should discourse both. However. do certain your essay supports your sentiment. For illustration. if you have said there are more disadvantages. it would non do sense to so compose largely about advantages. As you can see from the theoretical account reply. advantages are discussed. but the focal point is on the disadvantages as this is what it is stated are greater in the thesis statement.

Model Essay 15 – Food Additives Essay You should pass about 40 proceedingss on this undertaking. Show a written statement to an educated reader with no specializer cognition of the undermentioned subject. Make the dangers derived from the usage of chemicals in nutrient production and saving outweigh the advantages? Give grounds for your reply and include any relevant illustrations from your ain experience or cognition. You should compose at least 250 words.

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Food Additives Essay Model Answer Most nutrients that are purchased these yearss in little shops and supermarkets have chemicals in them as these are used to better production and guarantee the nutrient lasts for longer. However. there are concerns that these have harmful effects. In my sentiment. the possible dangers from this are greater than the benefits we receive. There are several grounds why chemicals are placed in nutrient. First. it is to better the merchandise to the oculus. and this is achieved via the usage of colorings which encourage people to buy nutrient that may otherwise non look alluring to eat. Another ground is to continue the nutrient.

Much of the nutrient we eat would non really last that long if it were non for chemicals they contain. so once more this is an advantage to the companies that sell nutrient as their merchandises have a longer shelf life. From this grounds. it is clear to me that the chief benefits are. hence. to the companies and non to the client. Although companies claim these nutrient additives are safe and they have research to back up this. the research is rather perchance biased as it comes from their ain companies or people with connexions to these companies. It is common to read studies these yearss in the imperativeness about possible links to assorted wellness issues such as malignant neoplastic disease. Food additives have besides been linked to jobs such as hyperactivity in kids. To reason. despite the fact that there are benefits to puting chemicals in nutrient. I believe that these chiefly help the companies but could be a danger to the populace. It is improbable that this pattern can be stopped. so nutrient must be clearly labeled and it is my hope that organic merchandises will go more readily available at sensible monetary values to all.


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