Food store accords Essay

More than 5,700 employees of 70 Kroger Co.

supermarkets in Atlanta and elsewhere in Georgia were covered by a 42-month accord thatestablished a two-tier pay system under which employees hired afterSeptember 8, 1984, will start at $4 an hour and progress to a maximum of$7.30. Current employees will continue to progress to their existing$10.

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30 maximum rate, but it will now take longer. After they reach $6.79an hour, they will receive increases of 50 cents an hour at 6-monthintervals until a final 51-cent increase brings them to the $10.

30 toprate. Previously, employees moved to the $10.30 rate 6 months afterreaching $6.79. The agreement, negotiated by Local 1063 of the Ford and CommercialWorkers, did not provide for any general pay increases, but full-timeemployees who were on the payroll and at the top of their pay range onSeptember 8 will receive four bonus payments totaling $1,000 over thecontract term.

The payments are contingent on the employees remainingin the same job classification. The contract, which was retroactive to May 20, 1984, also providedfor an $8 a month increase in Kroger’s financing of health andwelfare benefits in December 1984 and a $9 increase in June 1986,bringing the total contribution to $146. In Ohio, Local 880 of the Food and Commercial Workers negotiated a3-year contract with eight major food store chains that provided for nowage increase in the first year, bonus payments of $500 for full-timeworkers in the second year, and a 27-cent-an-hour pay increase in thefinal year. The accord, covering 14,000 workers in Cleveland, Akron,and Canton, also provided for a 10-cent-an-hour increase in the payprogression rate, with 5 cents subject to use for health and welfarebenefits.


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